Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's Been Awhile

I realize that I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, but when I got home from California I felt lousy, ended up going to the doctor and found out I had pneumonia so have been pretty much laying low. I'm feeling better now and decided to do a bit of an update on things that have been going on:

  • We played Wii a lot--Just Dance was a hit. I did the Wii fit and LOVED IT. When I came home I got one and one of the first things I did was create Mii's for everyone in the family--they are hysterical. I love it when I go out for a run and little Georgia runs by me (I know considering she isn't even a month old that's impossible but I love it anyway) I love when I get done with a part of the obstacle course and G-man or Drew are there cheering me on.
  • We played lots of games--one of my favorite was one called Snorta. I loved it because little Drew could be right there playing with us (and he had a ball). It is such a fun game--each player has a little barn and selects an animal and hides it in his barn. All the cards (which are different animals) are passed out and then you go around the circle and each player flips over one of their cards. When someone matches one of the cards already up on the table, those two players have to try and remember what animal the other one has in their barn and makes that sound. For instance, if Drew and I match cards--and I have a cat and he has a dog--he has to meow and I have to bark and whoever does so first gets to give up their cards to the other one. May sound easy but believe me for an old woman who is slowly losing her memory remembering what everyone has in their barn IS TOUGH but tons of fun.
We also played a lot of Yahtzee, Apples to Apples, and Scrabble. (BTW, I'm lost without the Scrabble dictionary. (They don't use it and whenever we play we use it ; (
  • It was great just hanging out with them. We had lots of great meals together--because of the heat we had a lot of barbeque--which I love. We saw a few movies at the theater and watched a couple.
  • Little Georgia is growing and changing. I can't wait to see her again. I have to post this picture of her--it looks like she's thinking--"No, not another bow" ; )
  • I did run about 4 or 5 times a week when I was there. It was hot--a little too hot for me, but it always felt good to get out there and run. The hills were hard, but I know it was good for me.
  • Unfortunately, since I've been home and dealing with this bug, I haven't been able to run. There must be something to this endorphin thing because not running is definitely effecting my mood. I'm going to try and get back to running next Monday.
  • Allan had a speaking assignment out at Girls Camp last week, so I made the 3 hour drive with him and it was beautiful. This year the girls went to a new camp and it was beautiful. I was so glad I had a chance to go with him and his talk was GREAT.
  • I sure miss my family. After the whole experience with my Uncle and seeing the results of family not keeping in touch, I realize how very important it is to. My mom had 8 brothers and two sisters and apparently no one knew where one of the brothers was. I did some checking and found out he died in Florida several years ago. It broke my heart to think this man died and no one in his family even knew. I love my children and grandchildren (and my little great grandson) so much. I'm so grateful we have opportunities to get together--I just wish it was more often. I've been trying to figure out a time to go to Boston to see Neal and Macy--now they are moving to Texas--so I guess I'll just wait until they get there. By the way, they have some other BIG news--check this out, and be sure and watch until the end. think I'm do for a hug from their little G-man. The other day I had a long phone conversation with my oldest grandson and IT WAS FABULOUS. In my mind this very tall young man is still a little boy (goodness I have tons of memories of him). He has grown into such a great young man and I'm so proud of him. And since he and his wife are in Texas I may even get to see them a little more often.
  • Allan and I had every intention of going to Utah--we had some friends who were celebrating their 50th anniversary and we wanted to be there, but it didn't work out. Then I thought we'd go for Allan and Brent's birthday, but I don't think we can. I'm missing Heidi and Brent, but I know we'll see them soon ; )

  • Before I give you an update on our little Elder, I wanted to tell you about something that happened shortly before I left for California. Allan set apart a young man who was going on a mission to Missouri. This man joined the Church a few years ago and is the only member in his family and is an only child. I watched as this mom sat there listening to my husband speak and then watched her after her son was set apart. I was so humbled--I can't even imagine what it would be like to send a child off when you do not have an understanding of what he is doing or why he is doing it. He is a wonderful young man and will be a great missionary.
  • I so look forward to Mondays when I get my e-mails from Elder Rob. He sounds FABULOUS. Allan and I each write him and he responds via e-mail to each of us, and rarely does he tell each of us the same thing. He is loving his mission and I'm humbled by his desire to be in tune. He sent a photo CD and I'm happy to see that he continues to have fun--he understands that being a missionary doesn't mean you can't have fun. Please don't get me wrong he's very dedicated and striving to always be obedient. As I read his e-mails I know he is growing in many ways. A few weeks ago he had a problem with allergies and I guess it got so bad that he resorted to a neti pot. Now, I have to tell you I was shocked that he would use one, but he did ; ) I

    Now a couple of pictures from his time in the MTC.

    He loved his MTC companion and wrote that he was the funniest guy he had ever met. It's amazing to me how close these guys become in three short weeks--I LOVE IT.

    I always love the pictures of missionaries at the temple.


Nancy Face said...

I loved your update! So good to hear from you! :)

I'm glad you're feeling better. It's so frustrating to get sick like that and then try to get back into running...just don't push yourself too hard!

Little Georgia is so precious! And I love the pictures of your Elder Rob! :)

Connie said...

What a summer you've had! Sorry it had to include pneumonia! I hope you can get back into running but not too soon! That's quite a production to make the announcement! So cute!! There's one more baby for you to love...and miss!
Little Georgia is absolutely adorable. I just want to kiss that cute little face!

Take care. Glad Elder Rob is doing well. I always love those MTC pictures!

Doran & Jody said...

I've missed your posts. Glad to have you back.

Sounds like tons of good stuff happening all around you...well maybe not the illness.

I hope you can get up and "running" soon!

carolyne b said...

Shane came to our ward a couple months back,he is such an inspiration to the youth. About how you can overcome things in your life and make a difference. who knows if his mother will be baptised but Shanes dedication to serve a mission is a testiment to the church.

Heffalump said...

Awesome news! A new grandbaby!
Love all the pics as usual.

Chantel said...

Sounds like you are enjoying life (minus the bought with a bug). My kids love making up mii's. We have ones that they made up names for.

Garden of Egan said...

It sounds like you have been so dang busy!
Sorry about the pneumonia thing. That's no good.
That little Georgia that is so darling! Ahhhhhh!

Your Elder is cute and I am looking for him. Let me know what town he is serving in!
The missionaries were next door yesterday having dinner in my neighbor's yard.
I thought about your son.

txmommy said...

glad you are feeling better, sorry you were sick :(

Kyle looks great! Love mission updates!

JanuskieZ said...

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Sheri said...

So sorry you were feeling yucky! Hope you are so much better! Little Georgia is so beautiful! Texas is a fun place to visit... I hope they love living there!! I am sure Allan is so glad to have you home! Your missionary looks great! I love that all missionaries take the same pics!! I am going to follow your example and start running... okay, maybe fast walking, but still!!

PJ said...

Glad you are feeling better.
I'm in love with little Georgia, I can't imagine you'll be able to stay away from her too long :)

Love the mission photo's!

Cherie said...

Good to see your update Yvonne but not so good to hear you have pnemonia - UGH!!
At least you have had a wonderful summer with your family and your new grandbaby - She is SO beautiful!!!
Love the pictures of your missionary - I am going to be looking for him when I go to East!!
The story of the mom who sent her son off to Missouri was beautiful - it is hard enough sending them off when you have a testimony of what they are doing much less when you know nothing.

Get better soon!!!

brown paper packages said...

I've missed you, I'm so glad for the update!

I'm glad you're feeling better--it's awful to feel lousy.

Heidi said...

Glad you are doing better mom! Glad you have had so many adventures this summer, but I know you are glad to be home;) I sure miss ya and love ya! I always look forward to hearing from Elder Rob too--so glad he is doing so well and keeping his great sense of humor! So glad you are learning more about your family--that is awesome!!!

Natalie said...

It was good to hear from you.

I'm glad you've had a great summer and that you are feeling better. I hope you will be fully recovered soon.

I love little Georgia. She is just a doll.

Of course I love the pictures of Kyle. What a handsome missionary. Missionaries are awesome!

We have served with 2 missionaries who have been baptized just barely a year prior to coming out on their missions. It is so inspiring to hear their testimonies and to see them experience the love of the gospel.

Valerie said...

Congratulations, Grandma! Loved the slideshow! I wish I knew how to make them like that
I can't believe you had to drive 3 hours to go to girls camp! ButI'm glad you got to go. Camp is awesome and a wonderful part of the YW program.
I keep looking in the faces of missionaries as I see them. One day I might recognize one! You'll keep me posted, won't you if he ends up in an area close?
Glad you're feeling better! You'll be running soon! Just take care until you're all healed!

Melissa said...

I'm sorry you got sick!! Nasty horrible stuff... and to be in the summer time just seems like a double whammy! I'm glad you're doing better though...

Sounds like you've had a great summer! Visiting family is always a good thing. We've got family coming in October and we're all excited!!

Elder Rob looks like he's doing great! That Idaho air must agree with him ;)

JustRandi said...

Hey -Good to see you back!
I'm so sorry you've been sick, but it sounds like you're on the road to recovery!

I'm so glad to hear Elder Rob is well and happy. It always makes moms feel better to see the smiling pictures, doesn't it?

aubrey said...

we love just dance, too!! i want to buy it so bad. also snorta..i'm so glad you mentioned it because i've been wanting to get the kids that game {they played it with grandma and grandpa last summer} but couldn't remember what it was called!!

Tori said...

LOVED the video!! YAY!! Congrats!!
You've had a busy summer and a little crazy too.

Take care Yvonne!! xoxo

Super Happy Girl said...

I love missionary pictures. Yay Elder Rob and Co.!

That's one tiny baby :D