Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh Please, Say It Isn't So???

Over the last few days I have been looking EVERYWHERE for Clodhoppers--and they have been nowhere to be found. Whenever I go into the U.S. to visit my children/grandchildren, they all want me to bring Clodhoppers. Imagine my sadness when I went to one of the stores and was told "I think the company went out of business". WHAT!!!!!!

Allan and I drove all over town and finally found some at a video store. So today I went to another one and bought what they had. (And didn't even rent a video ; ) He is doing a little traveling over the next couple of weeks and has specific instructions to buy all he can at the airport. I can't imagine going to see my children EMPTY-HANDED. Frankly, I think I would be greeted by faces like this one:

SIDENOTE #1: We had such a great dinner with 4 of the missionaries last night. It was so fun to sit and visit with them. They are such fabulous young men. After they left I realized I really should have taken a picture and e-mailed it to their folks. Two of them are from Utah, one from Las Vegas, and one from England.

Can I say I am so incredibly frustrated with the Post Office. Elder Rob is asthmatic and our Prescription coverage will cover medicine purchased in Canada, and when I send his medication it is a big production because they want to be sure you're not selling it--so you have to include a lot of paperwork. On August 10th I mailed via expresspost his medicine. In his e-mail today he told me it finally got there TODAY--I CANNOT believe it took so long.

SIDENOTE #2: Found out this morning our newest grandchild (coming in January) is a girl. That will make 5 girls and 7 boys. I'm very excited. As you can know from the pics I have posted of Georgia, I really like those headband/bow/flower combinations. Of course, Georgia's mom and I have similar taste. I remember when Kiah (who is holding her little sister in the above pic) was born and Daphne went to town making tons of bows. We'll have to see about Macy--not sure if she is a bow person. I'm sure Garrett will be very happy to have a little sister.


Carrot Jello said...

Garden of Egan said...

She's so pretty. Congrats on the increasing numbers of grandkids.

Glad Elder Rob got his meds. What a pain.
The fudge looks so nummy!

Melissa said...

So... Clodhoppers looks like an absolutely delightful treat!! I wonder if you could figure out how to make it??

Heffalump said...
I don't know if $4.99 Canadian is a good price...but they have them online!

Corrine said...

never heard of clodhoppers, glad you have found some....

cute hair bows! and i think little girls look cute with them. fun that your are getting close to a tie with the grandkids!

Natalie said...

Congrats on a new baby coming. Babies are the best.

I love hairbows in little girls. They look so cute. Your little Georgia is adorable.

Glad Elder Rob got his meds. When our son was in Brazil, we had to send his meds in an empty potato chip tube and glue pictures of crosses and Mary all over the package or else the package would somehow "disappear".

Yvonne said...

Carrot: I love my family and Clodhoppers, but I won't pay quite as much as they are selling for on Ebay ; ) Thanks for the link though--I hadn't even thought of checking there.

Tauna: Thanks. The Clodhoppers are yummy.

Melissa: They are. Maybe I'll have to go on-line and see if someone has a copy-cat recipe. Good idea.

Heff: Hey thanks. That's about $1.50 more than their regular price.

Corrine: They are so good. We all love them--they are HIGHLY ADDICTIVE so I would try not to buy them very often

I agree about the bows.

Natalie: It is so fun--she is losing her hair in different spots, so the bows are a must right now ; )

Customs people are very thorough here--I don't think that potato chip trick would work. We have never had a problem with the meds disappearing (thank goodness) it just takes FOREVER.

brown paper packages said...

Clodhoppers sound DELICIOUS!! Canadians have the best treats!

Carrot Jello said...

Homemade Clodhoppers

1 box of Golden Grahams
4 cups white chocolate
1 1/2 cups cashews
1 1/2 cups coconut (optional)

Melt chocolate in microwave in 2 min increments, stirring between.

Bash cashews in ziplock to crush, or use food processor.

Mix together quickly (chocolate hardens fast) and put on wax paper lined cookie sheet.




Servings Size

* 4 cups Golden Grahams cereal (crushed)
* 2 cups white chocolate, for melting
* 1 cup unsalted cashews (chopped)


Prep Time: 10 mins

Total Time: 25 mins

1. 1 melt chocolate: pour over the cereal and cashew mixture.
2. 2 when cooled and hard break into bite size pieces.
3. 3 store in airtight container.


Tastes Like Clodhoppers
Recipe #577616 ratings
A 3 ingredient wonder! Easy to make and makes a perfect gift.

1 batch 10 min 5 min prep
Change to: batch US Metric
4 cups Honey Graham cereal (Golden Grahams)
2 cups white chocolate, not melting wafers
1 cup unsalted cashews

Melt chocolate.
Pour over cereal and nuts.
Break into pieces.

ShEiLa said...

The whole meds thing would be so frustrating. I can't imagine not having my meds for breathing. I once had a pharmacist tell me that my inhaler was not a life saving medication... hello I bet he has never had an asthma attack.

As for the Clodhoppers... why do they do that??? I hope you find enough to build a stash. They sound yummy and I guess I won't get the pleasure of trying them either.


Cherie said...

I have never ever heard of Clodhoppers but they sure look mighty tasty :-)
Congratualations !!! Whoo Hoo another grandchild - your blessings are coming to you fast and furious! That is exciting news.

So glad your missionary got his meds. The paperwork you have to fill out sometimes is so dumb.

Have a Happy Day!

Nancy Face said...

Those Clodhoppers look SCRUMPTIOUS! And you have the cutest grandkids! :)

Yvonne said...

brown paper packages: Yes, they are.

Carrot: Thanks sooooooooo much. I'm going to have to give those a try. I don't know where you found them, but I'm so glad you did.

sheila: Kyle doesn't need his inhaler too often, but when he does HE NEEDS IT.

I wonder if your hubby has ever had them???

cherie: Yes, I am VERY blessed. Babies truly are a miracle.

I'm having a great day--hope you do, too.

Nancyface: They are delicious.

Yes, my grandkids are pretty cute--all of them have some pretty cute parents.

carolyne b said...

I just had Clopperhoppers 2 weeks ago. I went to Walmart....I can check to see if I can find some at the Walmart in the south end for you. Boo sad to hear that they went out of buiness cause they were good.

Life is good! said...

congrats on a new granddaughter. what i really want to know is this- did you share your clodhoppers with the elders? or did you hide them like i would have done in case you can't find anymore?

Valerie said...

Clodhoppers. LOVE the name. We always said Clodhoppers were big clunky boots we wore when we went hiking. I like your kind better. I wonder if Max ever had any when he lived in Canada...?
Congrats on the new baby! Your family keeps growing!

Doran & Jody said...

I feel the same about Alphabets cereal. I can't find it anywhere. I have seen some that doesn't have the coating on it but PSHA, I want the sugar kind.

Same thing with buying Doran "stink pretty". Pierre Cardin is hard to find.

I also had to start shopping online for Charlie (blue) until I found some in K-mart that is not in town. I bought a couple of bottles.

Good luck with the meds and congrats on the baby!!

aurora said...

Never heard of Clodhoppers, and I was born and raised in Canada. Maybe they are a West Coast thing, or newer than 1991?

Let us know if the recipe works! They sounds divine. ;-)