Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Things, as in possessions, and Miscellaneous Stuff

My husband has a birthday coming in a little over a week. I have been wanting to get him an iPad. For awhile when he would travel he had to take two laptops because he couldn't get into his regular mail using his company computer. Although he packs lighter than I do, he still carries a lot of stuff. I wanted to try and lighten the load and thought an iPad was the answer. (I didn't realize that he solved the problem with needing to take the second computer)

We went to Best Buy and looked at the iPad. Yeah, he thought it was cool but then he broke the news to me--he really didn't want one. The most shocking news of all, when he said, "When you get to my age you realize you really don't need all those little toys". WHAT!!!! I don't think I'll ever get THAT old. I love toys. And fortunately for me, he knows I love them. When Elder Rob left on his mission he left his iPod touch with me to use. One night when I was coming upstairs it fell out of my hands and dropped onto the kitchen floor--and I was shocked because the screen cracked. I was sick. When I came home from California, I found a dozen red roses, a beautiful card and a new iPod touch.

I am happy to report that I did find a great perfect birthday present for him. I booked us a trip to Banff. Allan loves the mountains (and we live in the flattest places on the planet), so going to the Canadian Rockies is the perfect spot. When we lived in Toronto, we took our first trip to Western Canada about 6 weeks after Kyle was born--that was 19 years ago. It was wonderful. The kids loved riding the tram up to Sulphur Mountain--goodness could these two already be in their 20's??? We flew to Calgary, went to Banff and Lake Louise, drove to Jasper and ended up in Edmonton--spending time at the West Endmonton Mall. (That's when my little kids learned how cool I am--they were in awe when their mom got on the upside down rollercoaster. (I'm happy to report that today they all love (well, tolerate is a more appropriate word) rollercoasters)

It was a great trip--in fact, we took a similar one a few years later with Allan's folks--no West Edmonton Mall ; )

Tomorrow, my 5 year old grandson, Drew, starts Kindergarten. I can't wait to hear how he does. His mom and dad are just hoping he doesn't yell at the teacher ; ) Can you imagine that cute little boy yelling at anyone--YES, I CAN.

In other news:

Elder Rob is doing great. I love Mondays and getting my e-mails from him. It is so touching to hear him talk about the people he is teaching and serving. Missions are great--they grow so much. I'm so grateful he is having this opportunity. I know it will bless his life FOREVER. I have to admit it is still so hard for me to imagine him teaching--this is what I see in my head when I imagine him out there. (Perhaps it is because he will always be my little boy ; )

And speaking of little boys--Very hard for me to imagine this little boy is the father of 6--two of those 6 in college. In honor of football season fast approaching--a little video clip from 20+ years ago when he played high school football. (His wife was a cheerleader) I miss those days. His second boy is playing varsity football this year--maybe I'll get out to California to see him in a game ; ).

And, I bet you thought there wouldn't be a picture of Georgia here--GUESS AGAIN. Her big sister is moving to Utah and so Georgia, Ki, and their mom made a trip out there a couple of weeks ago. I know Ki will miss her.

I have said it many times--wish I could visit with my family more often. On our way home from the temple this last weekend Allan and I were talking about a road trip after he retires. We will get in the car and go all around the country visiting our kids and grandkids. (Yeah, we make plans WELL IN ADVANCE ; ) In between missions we will be doing lots and lots of visiting.

Of course, Neal is making it a little easier since he and his family are moving to Texas--so we won't have to go so far East and it will be a bonus to get to see Chris and Heather, too. I know that when the baby comes in January we'll have a chance to see them again.


Cherie said...

I love your travel plans! Those are the same types of things I see my husband and I doing in the years to come :D
I cannot believe your hubby didn't want an Ipad - that is #1 on my list too but a trip to Banff sounds awfully relaxing and nice.
The pictures of your kids as little ones are so cute and your grandson looks like an angel! I definately cannot imagine him yelling at a teacher.

glittersmama said...

My husband and I keep our iphones in otter boxes. It's a case that increases the bulk somewhat, but we have each dropped our phones multiple times with no breakage or scratching.

Connie said...

Too bad you didn't buy the iPad before you found out he doesn't want one! You could have kept it! I hope you have fun on your trip to Banff.
Where does the time go? How can kids grow up and have kids of their own and we don't age at all?

JustRandi said...

road trips are the BEST!

And I had the same thought as Connie. You could have made good use of that ipad I'm sure!

Heffalump said...

Have a great trip! I am sure it will be wonderful!

Sheri said...

Your hubby deserves a nice trip with you!! What a great gift!! You are so cute! You always make me smile! I think your future plans sound fab!!

Macy said...

Oh, I just love Banff. What a fun gift!! (I'd rather have the iPad too, though...)

Roxanne said...

I am thinking of getting Mike an Ipad for anniversary/birthday, he's pretty techy. But I know he would love to see the mountains as well. Have you gone to waterton, I like it better than Banff.

Natalie said...

Your kids and grandkids are so cute.

Kindergarteners are the best. That was my favorite year to teach. They are so enthusiastic and cute and soooooo much fun.

Your trip sounds great and all of your travel plans sound wonderful.

What is it with these kids of ours? We teach them to be independent and self reliant and then they take us up on it and move away.

I want an iphone. Don't know if I would know how to use it though.

I just know that Elder Rob is teaching well. The missionaries never cease to amaze me with how well they teach and how much the have the spirit. After all, they are representatives of Jesus Christ, so if they are following the rules, they do have His spirit.

Melissa said...

I just read a blog article about "stuff". She asked if you could remember what you got for Christmas or your birthday last year... or the year before that. Then she talked about how she and her husband decided to give their kids "experiences" rather than stuff. If you ask her kids what they got last year for Christmas they will tell you about ice skating in Central Park under the HUGE Christmas tree. The year before that - Tahiti. So, I love, love, LOVE that you gave your husband a trip for his birthday! This is what we are going to start to do too! My youngest's birthday is in October and she wants to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific. So, off we go... hopefully it will be something she loves and will remember!!

Heidi said...

Oh yeah--I remember that tram;) Good times! Banff is a beautiful place and I am glad you and dad will get a nice vacation--you soooooo deserve it! Love ya!

Nancy Face said...

Kris Face and I are kinda opposites of you two...he likes the toys and I don't care about them at all! I'm still on just my second cell phone ever, and I've never had an iPod! :D

I love the mountains! It makes me so happy to see them in all their glory!

I have pictures of Ty Face at Jasper and at the Edmonton Mall! :)

ShEiLa said...

Yvonne I missed you while I was gone. I love your blog and getting to hear about all the fun you are having and what you have been up to lately.

I bet the Banff trip will be the perfect gift. My sweetheart loves the mountains too. It was amazing driving through Idaho he secretly had been wishing and hoping that he could see the Tetons on the horizon... when we were in about the right spot... the clouds parted and the sun shown down right on the peaks of the mountains. It was a beautiful sight and my husband got his wish.

I hope Allan has the best b.day ever. I know he has the best wifey ever.



Valerie said...

I love my iPad, but I think I would love a trip to Banff even more! You know me and my love for beautiful scenery/mountains!!

I went to Pocatello the other day and saw 6 missionaries riding bikes. I know one of them probably wasn't Elder Rob, but it would have been fun if it was!