Monday, September 13, 2010


When we were driving around, Allan said, "For a guy that loves mountains, THIS IS IT!!!!"

When we were at Church, Allan heard a man talk about a place to go to see bears. So we made the drive over a gravel road--AND I SHOULD ADD IT WAS VERY BUMPY!!!! On the drive we saw this and this, but never saw a bear. I had anticipated seeing a bear so I was disappointed, but it passed quickly because how can you be disappointed when you're surrounded by such beauty.

We did see this guy

And these guys.

On Monday morning, we headed to Lake Louise. The temperatures had dropped and it was fairly cool. The drive was spectacular. And the Lake was BEAUTIFUL. But then again, there was not much on this trip that wasn't beautiful.

We spent a little time there and then headed to the Columbia Icefields. On our way we passed several glaciers like this one.

When we got to Columbia we realized it had changed a great deal since we were there back in 1991. Look at this--the sign reads 1975--you can see where the glacier was when we were there.

Now look at this--the sign Allan is standing near reads 1992. I really couldn't capture how much it has receded.

We continued on toward Jasper--one of our favorite spots had to be here at Athabasca Falls. It was AMAZING. But, first of all, here are the kids when we were here in 91--I don't think we went way into the falls.

Here's Allan at a similar spot to where the kids were.

Now this is obviously from a different spot.

They were pretty amazing.

When we got to Jasper, we decided to just turn around and head back.

On Tuesday, first order of business was to go ride the tram to the top of Sulphur Mountain. You have to know how much I hate riding gondolas, chair lifts, anything like that. Now I have no trouble riding a rollercoaster that goes upside down--flies through the air, etc., but those lifts are a whole different story. My palms were sweating like crazy. Allan's hands were cold so he was more than happy for my sweaty hands ; ) Hey, it's a long way down.

But when you get up at the top and this is the view of Banff, how can you resist????

When we got up to the top, we took the trail that goes to the Cosmic Ray Station. It was quite the hike. In case you are wondering what a "cosmic ray station is, the Parks Canada website says: "Canada was one of the countries to participate in the "International Geophysical Year" and made its greatest contribution in the study of cosmic rays...The station's high altitude paired with its high geomagnetic latitude made it particularly sensitive to the low energy end of the cosmic ray energy spectrum. This was important for understanding the magnetic behaviour of the sun by studying its effect on cosmic rays."

It has been a number of years since we had been here with the kids--actually, this picture was taken the first time--the unhappy baby is our little Elder.

And me and my sweetie at the top.

SIDENOTE #1: I hadn't run in what felt like forever, but ran today and I'm so glad I did. Now I just have to keep it up--at least until the snow falls. My tree in front of my house was just beautiful today.

SIDENOTE #2: I have my first Spanish class the end of this week. I'm excited, but a little nervous, too.


Valerie said...

After seeing your beautiful pictures I told Max that next year (or sometime soon) we DEFINITELY have to take a trip to Banff. Your pics are GORGEOUS!! Thanks for sharing!
(Sorry you didn't see a bear.)

ShEiLa said...

Absolutely wonderful photos... whether they were taken on this last trip or another trip.

Sad to see just how much the glacier has receded over time.

I think when you travel on a gravel bumpy road to see a bear... you should be able to see a bear. At least there were other awesome sights to see.

Have a wonderful day... and Thank you for sharing Yvonne.


JustRandi said...

I grew up driving on those kinds of "washboard" roads. No fun!

I LOVE the waterfall picture with the whirlpool at the bottom! I can not for the life of me capture water on film like that. (or digitally, or whatever...)

I am so excited you got to go on such a fun trip! It is intensely beautiful.

Sheri said...

Love the pictures! I love the natural beauty we can find! I am totally with you on the chairlift thing... I took my boys to Lagoon and rode every crazy ride with them... but I was having a heart attck riding the stupid chairlift thing across the park!! Good luck with the Spanish... yet another thing I keep planning on learning someday!!

Lei said...

Gorgeous, just gorgeous photos! I've alwasy wanted to go to banff.

Heffalump said...

I don't think I could do a gondola ride like that. I can't handle heights!
Beautiful pics though!

Natalie said...

Your photos are so beautiful. It's so nice that you have been able to travel so much. It looks like a lot of fun. You look great too.

Thanks for your nice comments and encouragement on my blog. I really do appreciate it.

I especially like your comments on wants and needs. You are right on.


Connie said...

Wow! You're keeping busy with running, traveling, spanish class!

Absolutely beautiful scenery!

Super Happy Girl said...

Oh wow, beautiful pictures!

Aww and look at your little baby Elder :D

Heidi said...

Wow--so beautiful--great pics mom!!! Glad you and daddy are in a pic together:)
I am jealous you get those beautiful trees now---hopefully we get some good ones soon.
That is so awesome you are taking a Spanish class--way to go:)

Nancy Face said...

Wow! The scenery is just gorgeous!

I wish you could have seen a family of bears! Hey! Remember that song from the 70's - "Family Affair" by Sly and the Family Stone? Well, I never knew they were singing the words "It's a family affair". I was absolutely convinced they were singing "It's a family of bears"! Just listen to it and think of bears, and it will never be the same again! :D