Saturday, September 11, 2010

Needs vs. Wants

I am still working on my traveling part II post. But because I've been thinking a lot about this I wanted to post it.

I've been thinking about lyrics to The Rolling Stones song "You Can't Always Get What You Want"

"No, you can't always get what you want,
No, you can't always get what you want
But if you try sometime,
You just might find
You get what you need."

I've probably been thinking about this because of Allan's comment about how the older he gets the more he realizes he doesn't need all the toys. Not me--I love the toys. Do I NEED the toys? No. But then again what do any of us really "need"? Food, shelter, and clothes on our back. But then I think about how much I am so enjoying my new camera--did I really need it? No, my "old" one was fine, but I'm enjoying this one so much. On our recent trip, I captured some great shots.

Neither Allan nor I spend a lot of money on clothes--they are just not that important to us. I have the same living room couch that I bought when we moved to North Carolina some 20 years ago. In fact, when I wrote on FB recently about wondering whether I needed at Interior decorator or a wardrobe consultant, someone commented how my house looks exactly the same as it did the first time she visited over a decade ago--actually it looks very much like it did when we moved in 14 years ago. (We have painted a little, but for the most part, she is right!!!) And, as I sit here today, I wonder--knowing that in 4 or 5 years we'll be serving missions, do I really need to go out and buy a new couch? Is that a want or a need?

My 60th birthday is coming up in January--it's hard for me to even think about it. Not because I mind turning 60, but I just can't believe I'm going to be that old. (In my mind, I'm maybe 40, but CERTAINLY not any older than that ; ) Anyway, Allan wants to take me on a trip--perhaps it will be some place warm that we both love and where we went on our honeymoon. I'd love to go, but then I think--you know what: we could take that money and buy a nice new couch and even do some other things with the house.

I suppose I'm rambling, but I really am a little perplexed. I guess I'll have to give it a lot of thought. But then again, maybe that's my problem--I think too much ; ) I guess the key is what is mentioned in recent Mormon Message to listen to the "Voice of the Spirit".

I just need to focus on listening. And, obviously, with the listening--comes the DOING.

SIDENOTE: Heidi and Brent are running a 5K this morning and I can't wait to hear how they did. Wish I was there to run with them--maybe one day ; )

***Just heard from them they both BEAT BEETHOVEN. Way to go guys!!!! They both ran it in about 25 minutes.


Heffalump said...

I often have the want/need struggle. It often involves food! But also other worldly things. I am working on it.
We would probably keep a couch for 20 years. We have never had a new one. In fact, just this week we took our couch out because it was so worn out, so now we don't have one at all. We are using camp chairs, and that is okay for now. Another couch will come along.

Neal said...

60?!? Impossible...

brown paper packages said...

This is a struggle for me, too. I wonder about taking vacations with the kids vs. finishing the basement, or buying new couches (I hear ya on that one!). There are just so many things to spend money on, that deciding where it should go is difficult. One of my friends told me that she would rather have memories than things. I liked that, and I've tried to remember it. I think there is a balance, though--sometimes you do need the things. Go with your gut--you'll know what to do.

ShEiLa said...

I am kind of like Allan... I don't need toys. I need a happy healthy family and that is about it. The rest is just a bonus.


Amber said...

It's funny how alike we are. The majority of our discretionary income goes to travel. The material stuff definitely comes in second. It's tough to think about sacrificing a great trip for an inanimate object. But in a few years when our furniture starts wearing thin, we'll be there, too!

Sheri said...

I cannot believe you will be 60!! You are doing things that I can only hope to be doing soon!! Anyway... good luck on decideing what you really want or need!! :)

Klin said...

I am a wants more than needs gal. I have been working on it and doing better, but I've got a long way to go.

I'm pretty sure you've got your math wrong on your age. It's not possible for you to be that age. YOU are TOO young for that # ;)

Corrine said...

needs and wants i think is an infinite battle and finding the fine line that divides them...i say hold off on couches unless they are buggin you especially if you are going on a mission...go on the vacation, thats way more fun than new couches, though you could really enjoy the couches for a long another 40 years

Heidi said...

Thanks mom:) We sure felt like champs! So what if the house looks the same??? It looks nice--always has!!! You have had some painting and things added. There is no rule that says you have to change the way your house looks! I say go for a trip--you both enjoy that so much and can get away from things and enjoy being together!

Tori said...

Great post. I often catch myself saying, "You know what we need...??" And it's never anything we actually NEED.