Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some Thoughts

I have been doing a lot of reading. This summer I participated in the FB Book of Mormon summer reading challenge. Unfortunately I got a little behind when I was in California. In actuality it was a good thing because I ended up having to read several chapters a day during the last few weeks. I loved it--I really got a lot out of those chapters. I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON. I don't care how many times I read it--I always feel good when I read.

I came across this great quote the other day from Elder Maxwell. "Duties are not to be rejected on the basis of I've done all that before, as if God were required to supply us with new thrills. Mortality has been described by the Lord as being like working in a vineyard--never as an afternoon at a carnival."

Don't you just love it.

I found these questions on a piece of paper in a notebook, so I'm not sure where I read them, but they have me thinking:
  • What motivates you spiritually?
  • What is one gospel subject that you enjoy studying?
  • What meaningful activities bring you the most joy?
  • Which of those activities help you feel closer to Christ?
  • What qualities do you have that can help others feel closer to Christ?

How about you?

SIDENOTE: In case you meet or see Allan and/or me in the near future and you wonder if we're a little different than you remember, we'll blame it on this cloud formation that greeted us when we arrived in Banff. (More about the trip later)


Heffalump said...

My best experience reading the Book of Mormon was when I was really sick while pregnant with Baby B. I was stuck in bed and read the whole thing in just over a week. It really had a greater impact on me reading it all at once like that.

ShEiLa said...

Very cool cloud. I love clouds.

I know we all should enjoy Family History... I just have not been that into it. Then last night I watched Who Do You Think You Are? (NBC) The subject was Brooke Shields and her discovering her family history on both sides. I found the show most interesting. I even logged on to I don't think it was 'all that'... but what I would love would be journals of my ancestors and seeing how they lived and what made them... well them.

The thing that makes me feel closest to Christ is... Doing something for somebody else. This past week I found that a friend wanted to make a jeans quilt. Instead of just handing over the used jeans. I contacted her and asked 'what size are your squares'? Then I cut 60+ squares. I felt so good just doing something extra for a friend.

There is an LDS church hymn I am sure you are familiar with. Each Life That Touches Ours For Good #293. Yvonne I want to Thank You for touching my life in such a positive way... and even though we have never met... I love following your example.


PS. Enjoy Banff!

Heidi said...

Wow--great thoughts as always mom!!! You are always sharing awesome things and are a great example of ongoing learning!

Tori said...

That is a wonderful quote!

That cloud looks like something from "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind." You weren't abducted, were you?

Connie said...

Those questions remind me of what our lessons was on today. The scripture was taken from Alma 5:26.

Interesting cloud formation! I hope you're OK! :-)

Natalie said...

Love Elder Maxwell's quote. His grandson is serving in our mission.

I love to look at clouds. Wondering if you were abducted by aliens or poisoned by the "mushroom"?

Really though, you are such a wonderful woman and a great exmple to all, especially me.


Valerie said...

Your cloud dropped its occupants off at our camp site in MT and then travelled up to to Canada to visit you.... (Can you hear the old Twilight Zone theme music here... or X-Files?)

Nancy Face said...

I never get tired of reading The Book of Mormon. As soon as I finish I start reading it again!

That crazy cloud looks like something from a video game!

Garden of Egan said...

I love the Book of Mormon too. I love the quote.

Interesting cloud. I'm sure you were taken up by aliens.