Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gratitude for Pictures

When you live so far from your children/grandchildren it makes you appreciate the fact that you can see pictures of how cute they are--especially at Halloween. I appreciate so much my kids e-mailing pics or posting on our family website. I have always enjoyed Halloween and loved watching my kids through the years and now to see my grandchldren is such a treat. Let me just share a few with you.

When Stephen was a little guy, we dressed up as clowns.

A pic and comment that gives you a better knowledge of my little Elder's personality. One year Brent was a robot and Kyle was a spider. When they went trick or treating someone asked Brent if he was a refrigerator--Kyle's comment, "Have you ever seen a refrigerator with arms???"

I made the dinosaur costume and Brent wore it for about 3 years. That was our little bride to be's costume for kindergarten ; )

My easiest Halloween costumes "Men in Black"--the boys just wore their suits and I made black ties and they each carried a business card with MIB on one side and "K" or "B" on the other.

Last year, Jack Sparrow and a geisha.

These next two are two of my favorite costumes--G-Man as an elephant and Drew as an octopus:

And, of course, I wasn't disappointed this year. Neal and Macy and G-Man decided to dress up as a family. Gotta love it:

And little Spiderman:

And finally, Nemo--goodness, she is growing up so fast:

I would love it if these little ones would come knock at my door--I might even share some of my candy with them ; )

I'm getting so excited about seeing them in Utah. It's going to be so fun.

Sidenote: We got back from the temple in time to hand out candy at our Ward trunk or treat. It was a wonderful trip. A couple of hours out of town there was quite a bit of snow on the sides of the road, but we made it in good time. Coming home for three hours there was lots of fog, but other than that the drive was not too bad.


ShEiLa said...

There are certainly some clever Halloween costumes in your family. I love the ones that are original and not overdone. I am so glad we have photos too. Some of my best memories would be gone if it weren't for the photos that keep my memory fresh.

Happy Halloween!!!!


aurora said...

Wow, great costumes! I, too, am sooooo grateful for pictures!

Neal said...

Did you tell everyone just how many pictures you actually have?? It's a good thing they are making bigger hard drives for computers...just for you ; )

Heffalump said...

Great pics. You know how I love pictures!

Chelli said...

How fun!! Love the Halloween costumes!
I'm grateful for pictures and the cameras that take those pictures!!

(LOL to Neal's comment!!!)

Amber said...

OHMYGOSH, aren't those so cute? I absolutely love the little pirate. Thing 1 & 2 aren't too bad, either. :)

aubrey said...

oh i love the nemo costume! and we had a little octopus at our halloween party. so cute! i'm so grateful for pictures too. i am constantly posting pictures and videos on our family blog and paul's parents and my parents are so grateful to have that connection with the kids.

Nancy Face said...

LOVE the costumes!

Melissa said...

Cute costumes!! I love seeing little ones dressed up... but I love it even more when the adults get in on the action :)