Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gratitude for Preparation Days

I love getting weekly e-mails from my Elder, so I am so grateful for Preparation Days. I'm so glad we get to keep in touch via e-mail. It would be so hard if it was via snail mail. But I love that he can sit down at the computer read my e-mail and write me back and then read his dad's and write him back, too. He is definitely learning and growing and enjoying the mission.

Transfers are this week and he will be serving in a new area. I'm sure he will adjust, but I think it's probably hard to leave your first area.

I was holding off posting this in hopes that I would have received a photo CD so I could add some pictures, but I'll have to add those later.


ShEiLa said...

When my husband was on his mission... snail mail was the only option. I guess it didn't matter since we didn't know anything else.

I am glad for p-day and that Mother's of missionaries everywhere get to hear from their kids on that day via e.mail.

My sister forwards my nephews e.mails each p.day. Yes that was plural...she has brothers out on a mission at the same time.


mindyluwho said...

Only 6 more months and then I get to join the "Mom of Missionary" club!

Corrine said...

isn't modern technology amazing! Contact is so wonderful. Eric and I were talking about how we don't know how the earlier saints were able to go out for two to three years with out much contact at all. And just so grateful that we can skype, or text or phone daily to make sure we are ok.

Garden of Egan said...

Awesome for your missionary.
I'm VERY acquainted with his new area.
He's going to love it.

Brent said...

I remember when I was first transferred from my first area. It was a big change. I think the biggest change that was harder to deal with was when I was with my second companion and had to deal with the differences between him and my first.

Sheri said...

I cannot imagine having a missionary out... mixture of pride, happiness and nervousness I would imagine! I think that is a great act of faith to let them go and trust in the Lord that they will be watched over!! I too only had snail mail, so everything was 3 weeks off, but it was always great to hear from home!!

Cherie said...

Those letters are priceless!!!! I love that they can e-mail although I have heard of a few missions that don't let them and that would be a bummer.
Having a missionary is such a blessing and I am glad he is enjoying where he is!! (wink)

Natalie said...

I think email is just great. Lucky for you.
When one of our sons was part way done on his mission permission to use email was finally given. It was wonderful.
Enjoy your time with your Elder on his mission. It will go by quickly.

Nancy Face said...

I'm weird - I enjoy snail mail so much more than e-mails! I love to see the person's handwriting and little mistakes crossed out...it all makes the person seem so much closer! But I sure did look forward to my weekly e-mails when Ty was in Edmonton! They were always such a treat!