Monday, November 1, 2010

Gratitude for Missionaries

It's Monday and that means I heard from my little Elder today, so it only makes sense that I would do a post about my gratitude for missionaries. It is always so wonderful to hear from him. HE SOUNDS FABULOUS and is enjoying the work in his new area. It's hard for me to believe that he is already in the 23rd week of his mission. It really is going by so quickly. A picture from his last photo CD. He and his companion didn't go into the museum because it costs $4.00 ; )

Being a convert to the Church, I have such an appreciation for this young men and women who give up time to go out and serve the Lord. It obviously changed my life. (Yes, it was a friend who introduced me to the Church, and I was taught by Ward missionaries, but also full-time missionaries)

I also want to express my gratitude for the families of missionaries who make a sacrifice to send their sons and daughters out. As I wrote on a previous post, I am especially in awe of those who are not members themselves, but yet they support their children.

And, of course, I am truly grateful for the senior missionaries. I have watched as we have had senior sisters in our Ward and I am so impressed when I hear them talk about what it took for many of them to get out on a mission. What love and dedication. We have also had some great senior couples--they are It was so fun for me to read the experiences of my blogging buddy Natalie when she and her husband served their mission. They are home now, and I really am looking forward to having a chance to see her when I'm in Utah for Heidi's wedding.

I know my husband LOVED his mission to Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia and has such great memories. (And we really are looking forward to being able to go on a mission when he retires) And Brent loved serving the people in the Arizona Tempe Mission. When I went to a recent farewell for 9 of our missionaries who were going home, I loved it when one of them said, "It has been the best two years, but I don't want it to be the best two years of my life."

I am also so grateful for the members in the area where Elder Rob is serving--I know the great love they have for him and his companion. It is wonderful to know they are watching out for them. It is such a blessing to have a child on a mission. Do I miss him? Of course, I do, but when I read his e-mails each week and know the growth that is taking place, it is so worth it.

My future son-in-law's younger brother just got his mission call to the Arkansas Little Rock Mission. He reports in February (he doesn't turn 19 until January)

SIDENOTE: Hoping the Giants can win the World Series tonight--that would sure be exciting.


Garden of Egan said...

Yay for Elder Rob! I haven't been to the potato museum either.
Hope he's settling into his new area. It's beautiful there!

aubrey said...

yay for missionaries!! yvonne, did you hear elder holland's talk in general conference about how his parents worked during his mission so he could have his savings when he got home. it was such a beautiful, beautiful talk. this blog post reminded me of it!

Heffalump said...

What area is Elder Rob in now? I have friends that live in Shelley, Idaho, not far from Blackfoot, as well as Arbon, which are both in his Mission boundaries, I think.

ShEiLa said...

The sacrifice of missionaries young or old is certainly appreciated here too. I am glad your Elder is doing so well.


Cherie said...

We have gone by the potato museum so many times and never gone in - Ha ha.
Missionaries are just awesome and I am always so glad to hear your son is doing well and loving his!!


Natalie said...

Yah for Elder Rob. I'm so glad he's doing so great. He is an awesome missionary, I'm sure.

Of course you know how much I love missionaries and missions.

I can't wait to meet you.

Connie said...

That's a great looking potato! Glad that Elder Rob is doing so well!
Missionaries bring such blessings to their families and the people they serve!

Amber said...

I love missionaries. It has been a different experience having my brother serve a mission, watching as he grows in amazing ways.

brown paper packages said...

I'm grateful for missionaries, too. My mother is convert, and my whole life is different because of her, and the elders that taught her.

Nancy Face said...

Haha, I can't believe that crazy museum! :D