Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm Here!!!

I got to Utah yesterday. So glad I am here. I'm still laughing about my trip yesterday. I had an early flight which meant I had to get up at 4:00 a.m. (Yes, I don't mind getting up early, but THIS WAS RIDICULOUS) Fortunately, I had everything ready so it didn't take long to get ready and out the door by 4:30 with my breakfast. This is one of the first times I flew without a stash of munchies for the flight and layover.

I probably need to back up a little. Back in January I participated in my first challenge. It was great. It went until April and then I participated in my second challenge which ran until June. I also did a challenge which a few friends which kind of fizzled out. Then in October I joined another challenge which has been great fun. We haven't had to do the "one small treat a day" and so it's been a whole lot easier for me, until this week. The wildcard for this week has been "enjoy one small treat a day". So I pick my treat very carefully and usually either divide it up and savor it throughout the day or have it at the end of the day. So, of course, I get on the plane yesterday morning and hear the stewardess say something I've not heard very often before, "Would you like a cookie with your beverage?" WHAT--ANY OTHER TIME I WOULD LOVE A COOKIE!!!! Then on my second flight, I'm sitting next to this woman who says, "Hey, I have a sugar cookie, would you like one??????" AGAIN, WHAT. That has never happened to me.

I need to add, I'm pretty glad I am not one who gets terribly nervous on a flight because the descent into Salt Lake was probably one of the bumpiest I have ever had. I was in the back row aisle seat and the stewardess was in her little seat next to me. As we were visiting I had told her when I'm on a flight and it starts getting bumpy, I usually look at the stewardess and if she isn't nervous, I'm not nervous. She said, "Well, don't look at me today, because I feel sick."

My sister-in-law and I stopped at In-N-Out--one of my favorite places to visit, and then we were off to her house. It's always great to have family who'll put up with you when you come to visit ; ) Brent came over. it was so GREAT to see him. Heidi got home from school and I was so happy to see her. I couldn't wait to see how excited she looked--AND SHE DEFINITELY DID. I have NEVER seen her that happy and I LOVED IT.

Brent and I went grocery shopping--I pretty much cleaned out the Ghiradelli supply at Wal-Mart. (Stocking stuffers for Allan ; )
Such a difference in price between them here and Canada. Got back and went to Kneaders for dinner. (I love that place)

It was a great evening. Heidi gave me my list of things to do so I spent most of today running around. It was fun--would have been more fun, but I had a ball anyway. I sure wish I could have been here helping her all along. She has done so much stuff already. I know everything is going to be wonderful.

I met up with her this afternoon at her school. Funny, but when I was walking up to the school, I saw this beautiful woman walking out and I recognized her IMMEDIATELY. It was Connie--so fun to meet her. We had a couple of minutes to talk and she is as lovely and fun as she is on her blog. I'm looking forward to Heidi's shower on Friday, so we'll have a little more time to visit.

Had dinner with Brent tonight.

It's been a great couple of days.

Sidenote #1: Some time ago I had written to Aubrey and asked her for some suggestions on what to do with an area in my house. She sent me some ideas and I found a table and with the help of my friend, Cory, found a great chair. What do you think???

Sidenote #2: I still haven't gotten over Brandy getting kicked off of Dancing With The Stars ; (


Connie said...

I was so surprised to see you today! You are beautiful! I can't wait to visit with you on Friday!
Glad you arrived safely. I hate bumpy descents!
I hope you have a fabulous stay in Utah!

Neal said...

I like the chair and table - good job!

Natalie said...

Glad you are safely in Utah. I heard about your fun, surprise little visit with Connie and wished I had met you too.

I can't wait to meet you in Dec.

Have a wonderful visit with Heidi at this most special time in her life.

Lana said...

yeah!! What an exciting time! I hope everything is just wonderful :)

I am surprised that Brandy got out too! She was really good.

Nancy Face said...

So glad you're there enjoying the preparations! :)

I would have had a heart attack and died or something on that flight! EEEK!

I love what you did to decorate that little area in your house! So pretty!

ShEiLa said...

I am glad you have arrived for the festivities and celebration safely.

Unbelievable! try sticking to a challenge with those kind of temptations... dangle a sugar cookie in my face on a flight and I might succomb. (my willpower hasn't been great lately)

I love the table and chair... perfect!

Enjoy every minute and I can't wait until you tell us more.


Heffalump said...

I live the table and chair! What a great little spot to read your scriptures!
Glad you are there safely and that you got to meet Connie!

Sheri said...

Welcome Back!! I hope everything foes fabulously for you while you are here!!
Love the table and chair with the scriptures and pic.!!

Garden of Egan said...

I hope you had a great time visiting with Connie. She is about the sweetest thing ever!
I happen to be in Utah as well. I love shopping here! I've spent some serious dollars.

I love that little nook in your home.

Have a blast while you are here!

Heidi said...

I am sure soooooooooooooooooo glad you are here mom!!! You are AMAZING AND THE BEST EVER AND I LOVE YOU TONS!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP--I could not do it without you!!!
The table and chair looks really good:)

aurora said...

Fun, fun, fun!!

Love the table and chair. Cozy!

Tori said...

I think Aubrey did a great job with her ideas!!

I've never had anyone offer me a cookie on a flight. haha

Cherie said...

I think it is neat you have gotten to meet Connie. I had dinner with her last April and she is wonderful. I know you are wonderful too so I SOOOO wish I lived closer to Utah. Oh well.
Have a fun fun time seeing everyone and going to the shower etc....
I'll be thinking of you as I watch DWTS (arggghhhh) tomorrow night!

Valerie said...

Heidi looks so happy!! I can't wait to see wedding pictures! Inigo's 1st grade teacher got married last week and the school was so excited. I'm sure Heidi's students are feeling the same way.

I like the table and chair.

JustRandi said...

I love the chair and table! I think it's the perfect thing for that spot!
Aubrey, can you come to my house?

Also I have to say again how much I admire your self restraint! Saying no to cookies is something I don't do very well or very often!

aubrey said...

i love how the table and chair turned out! btw, where did you get that chair? paul needs some similar chairs for his office.

that is terrible that the stewardess was feelin sick! i always look at them too and feel confident that they are just chatting away oblivious to the turbulence. ick. i'm not a fan of flying.

i love how happy heidi looks in all her pictures..she is practically glowing!