Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reasons I Hate Living Far Away From Family

First and foremost--Obviously, it's hard being away from home during the holidays--I miss all of our kids. I am grateful that I will get to be with a couple of my kids for Christmas and, of course, get to talk on the phone with the youngest.

As well, there are a couple of things going on in my family that make it particularly hard to be away:
  • Last week was the funeral of one of my former brothers-in-law. I felt so bad that I couldn't be there for the funeral. He died after a short battle with skin cancer. He left behind 3 children and 6 grandchildren. One of his sons spoke at the service and said this, and I just laughed. When he started talking about his dad he said: " For those of you who took today off from work…I’m not sure what he would have to say about that. The man who never missed a day of work for anything. I think he would let it slide…just this once." I'm so glad Stephen and Daphne were at the service to represent our family. I know my sisters always enjoy seeing them.
  • Tomorrow my youngest sister is going in for a biopsy. They found a mass on her spleen and several enlarged lymph nodes in her chest cavity. I really wish I was there. I know there is nothing I could do except be there to support her. The doctors are going to have to go through her throat to do the biopsy. She told me they basically have to slit her throat which sounds very frightening to me. It's times like this that I am so grateful for the power of prayer and the peace that comes.

    Linda is 4 years younger than me, and I remember what a tough time she had when my mom died. She was just 9. It was only a couple of weeks before Christmas, and I was so worried because I didn't know what she was going to do when she got up Christmas morning and there was nothing from Santa. I was so relieved when there were presents for her ; ) I really don't know what happened after that, but she had a really difficult time and basically stopped eating. I know Helen and Les and the doctors were very worried. I was quite scared. But somehow she turned around and did fine. I have always felt bad that she really doesn't have any memories of our parents. To her, Helen and Les are her parents. I would appreciate your prayers for her.
  • UPDATE: I just got off the phone with my BIL--the biopsy shows the enlarged lymph nodes ARE NOT cancer. Still not sure about the spleen, but we are relieved.

    SIDENOTE #1: After our dinner on Saturday, we got lots of great notes from missionary parents--it was so fun. In fact, one of them lives in Elder Rob's mission and his folks wrote: "We would love to reciprocate your kindness and treat him to a favorite goodie or meal. Keep us posted as to where he is serving."

    SIDENOTE #2: Loved this picture from Elder Rob. I remember when he sent the e-mail and wrote about the picture. He wrote: "You'll find one of my pics in the next CD quite disgusting, because it's a dead deer one of the youth killed earlier that day, and all the meat was put up in bags, but it was still a little bloody on the inside... well you'll just have to wait and see it, it's gnarly" Now you have to keep in mind, this young man has never been hunting so I'm surprised he was able to be near the deer ; ) I think he's trying to mimic "THE MIGHTY HUNTER".


Melissa said...

I'm sorry you're not able to be there with family right now. I know how you feel. I'll keep your sister in my prayers!

Heffalump said...

It's hard to be away from family. I feel very blessed to be only a couple of hours from a lot of our family.
Prayers for your sister!

Connie said...

What a relief that there is no cancer! It is hard to be away from family. You feel so helpless. Prayer is the only way to get through it!

Just a few more days until you get to talk to your Elder! That was always my favorite thing to do on Christmas!
Are you in town yet?

kierste @ brown paper packages said...

I understand completely. ((((hugs))))

Prayers for your sister...

Valerie said...

Glad there is some good news regarding your sister!! Crossing my fingers for more! Sorry to hear about your Bro-in-Law. I am also glad for the peace that prayer brings to us in trying times.

That is a funny picture of Elder Rob... yet kind of gross too. I too would love to take him a plate of yummies or have him over for dinner.

Super Happy Girl said...

Oh I see, Mighty Hunter slayed the deer with that rock? HAHAHAHAHA!

I hear you about living away form family. Good thing you have a huge family.
My best wishes for your sister.