Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have been thinking about the last year--IT HAS BEEN AN INCREDIBLE ONE.

A few weeks ago I wrote about my Christmas cards--well, Christmas came and went and no cards. I actually have a New Years card on order. I will address and mail them in a week. So even though they are New Years cards they will be more like Valentine's Cards, but I guess, why should i do anything different ; )

When I was putting together pictures for the card, I was reminded of what an amazing year it has been:

January--Celebrated my birthday--the last one as a 50 something year old woman. In a little over a week I WILL BE 60. When I was young, I always thought of 60 year old women as old, wrinkly and using a cane. Well, I'm old and wrinkly but fortunately don't need a cane ; )

The beginning of the month brought the Olympic torch to Winnipeg--such an exciting time.

February--For me, it was all about the Olympics. I LOVED watching it all. And, of course, laughed at this pic of the kids in their Olympic gear (which by the way was such a hit at our Missionary Christmas celebration.

March--Elder Robison got his mission call. Such an exciting day.

April--Allan went to Utah for General Conference and had a chance to spend Easter with the kids.

We celebrated the NCAA Championship game--numbers may be few but it's all about TRADITION ; )

Kyle celebrated his 19th Birthday

At the end of the month he came home. I have a feeling his dad is saying, "Hey, first thing we're doing is GETTING YOU A HAIRCUT!!!"

May--Kyle and I ran a 10K on Mother's Day weekend. I still laugh when I think about him making the comment after the race, "I think I know what it's like now to be 80"

Heidi and Kyle receive their endowment in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and Allan and I look at each other and ask, "DOES LIFE GET MUCH BETTER????"

Elder Rob is set apart and enters the MTC.

Interesting to note: Elder Rob had an instructor in the MTC who served his mission to Winnipeg--LOVE IT.
June--At the end of the month, went to California and had a chance to see 5 of my sisters and to celebrate my niece Kelly's graduation from College.

July--Waited and waited for new little granddaughter. She was definitely worth the wait. Baby Georgia Capri joins the Rob gang on July 18th--the first anniversary of her cousin Amanda and Darren.

Met my mom's brother--my Uncle Jerry and a couple of weeks later had lunch with him and his two daughters. Such a fun time.
Received a wonderful book with all kinds of family history--such a treasure.

Had a chance to go to Candlestick Park and watch the SF Giants play. So many memories--tear in my eye as i walked around the park and saw statues of Willie Mays and Juan Marichal.

August--After being gone pretty much all of July, it was great to be home in August.

September--Allan and I travel to Banff to celebrate his birthday. Wonderful trip--gorgeous scenery.

October--Elder F returns home. Miss Heidi THRILLED.

Heidi and Daniel announce engagement and the plans begin.

November--Off to Utah for showers, wedding and celebrations.

Such a great month. So wonderful to be with everyone.

I loved all the pictures that Macy took of Heidi and Daniel, and I'm so grateful she took this one of Heidi and her dad. I LOVE IT.

December--Christmas. Great to spend time with a couple of the kids, as well, as be with other members of the family,
and obviously have a chance to talk with our Elder.

Of course, 2011 began with the birth of my newest granddaughter, little Lauren Kaye--can't wait to meet her. With such a wonderful start to the year, I just know it's going to be another GREAT YEAR.

I decided to start a picture a day blog--it's been fun. i decided to do it for a couple of reasons. With just Allan and I at home, I realized I only pulled my camera out when we were traveling or when someone came to visit. This way, I'm forced to look for opportunities to capture a special moment. IT'S GREAT. Maybe I'll share some of them when I do 2011 in review ; ) No I didn't capture a picture of Allan out in the forest cutting down branches--my fingers were far too cold to snap a picture.

Sidenote: Plans are in full swing for the upcoming reception Saturday, January 15th. Sure grateful for many creative friends who are helping--actually, coming up with all the ideas. I LOVE IT. I know it is going to be a beautiful reception.


Garden of Egan said...

Such a full and blessed year.

Sheri said...

What a fabulously full year!! THanks for sharing it with us!! Happy New Year!

Randi said...

WHat a wonderful year! I love all the pictures! Next year it will be hard to choose only 12!

Nancy Face said...

What a great year in pictures! :)

Connie said...

You really have had a wonderful year! I still can't believe you'll be 60! I'd like to know where those wrinkles are! Speaking of 10K, I have about talked myself in to running one in April! I think I am, anyway!

Good luck and have fun with the reception on Saturday!

ShEiLa said...

Miss Yvonne, you had a busy year. I can hardly believe that time passes so quickly. Some of the things seemed so recent and it was over six months ago. I look forward to the photo blog.


Cherie said...

Yvonne I love your year in review. I remember when you blogged about most of those things. You have a lovely family and you had a great year!
Congratulations on your newest granddaughter - What a wonderful blessing to start off a new year.
I also love your word of the year "Recognize" that is a good one and I really like the things you have applied it too.
Good luck with the reception!

Heffalump said...

I have loved keeping up with your adventures this last year!

Valerie said...

What a wonderful year!! I hope 2011 will be just a great, if not better!!

Good luck this weekend!

Natalie said...

What a great year and wonderful pictures.
Happy Birthday coming up. You look beautiful and I see no wrinkles.
Hope this coming year is wonderful too.

Super Happy Girl said...

Babies, weddings, Elders, trips, families, smiles!!! Really awesome year :)