Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Final Wedding Reception

It has been a crazy week of getting everything ready for the reception.

On Wednesday, I dropped some things off at the Church so the work could begin.

On Thursday night, a few of my friends met at the Church and we got to work. Of course, that day i had to snow like crazy--I really didn't want to get out in the snow, but I DID.

Friday afternoon Allan arrived home and ran a couple of errands and then picked me up and away we went to run more. And then Heidi and Daniel arrived very late that night. There connection in Minneapolis was too tight and unfortunately their bags didn't arrive.

Allan and i were up bright and early on Saturday and headed out to see if we could pick up some of the last minute stuff. I had cheesecakes to make and

The cultural hall looked beautiful--Allan and I laughed that if we were doing the decorating on our own, their would have been just a tablecloth with a flower in a vase, but these were so beautiful.

I thought the favors were really cute. No, I didn't have them in a box--this is just how I transported them to the Church.

When I first talked to our friends, the B's, they had these INCREDIBLE ideas to use columns and do a photo display--WOW was I ever amazed. I was so grateful that Macy had done such an amazing job with the photos. Of course, it didn't hurt one big that Heidi and Daniel are just so cute ; )

I know Heidi and Daniel were VERY IMPRESSED

Lots of time and lots of work (a whole lot more for the B's.) So grateful for friends that were there to help And when it was time to clean up--OH MY GOODNESS. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I wouldn't have thought the decorations could have come down that quickly.

The food was delicious. Sister D. did empanadas, spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce and stir fry vegetables with ride noodles--YUM, YUM, YUM.

It was fun having everyone have a chance to see the little video presentation with a slideshow of each of them and then the video of the Daddy-Daughter Dance ; )

the evening was lovely. So fun to see these three together again. They have shared many fun times together.


ShEiLa said...

It sure looks like a whole lot of fun. (work too... until everything is decorated... been there) I love all of the photos that Macy took. She is an awesome photographer and you will have those memory reminders to last forever.


Natalie said...

Congratulations again. What a lovely wedding. Everything looks just perfect. How could it not with such a cute bride and groom and awesome you!

Heffalump said...

The reception looks like it was lovely! I bet Heidi and Daniel are happy to be done with receptions though!

carolyne b said...

Everything looks absolutly stunning... and the happy couple look just that. Sorry I was unable to make it but traveling into the city just wasn't an option. The weather the night before was terrible, and going home was a feat in itself. Glad to hear you all had a wonderful, fun filled evening. And Happy Birthday today, Yvonne.

Randi said...

How beautiful! I will be calling your for ideas in a few years, I'm sure! What a wonderful, magical time! <3

Garden of Egan said...
A big job but so beautiful.

I bet you are in for a rest now!

Carrot Jello said...

Happy Birthday!
The reception looks like it was really nice. :)

Randi said...


Connie said...

WOW! I am in awe at how dang cute it turned out! The favors, the pictures and columns, the centerpieces, the strands of lights...just gorgeous!
Then of course, Heidi looks adorable too! It looks like it was lots of fun! Isn't it wonderful to have such good friends who help put up and take down?
Are you heading out to see your new grandbaby soon? Hope all goes well.

Connie said...

Wait! Am I reading Happy Birthday? I know it's in January. Is it today?


Valerie said...

What a beautiful reception!! And I agree with everyone... the bride and groom were just too cute!!

Now that all the wedding festivities are finished, you should treat yourself...manicure, pedicure, or a nice relaxing massage! You deserve it!!

Super Happy Girl said...

Lots of fun work :) Looked happy and great!

Heidi said...

It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO INCREDIBLE AND PERFECT MOM---YOU ALWAYS WORK SO HARD AND MAKE EVERYTHING THAT WAY!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! It was AMAZING and was wonderful seeing you and daddy again and showing my fabulous husband off to everyone;) I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH MOM!!!

aubrey said...

yvonne, i'm loving the columns and photo display. tell me more about it. what are the columns? where did they print the photos? is that fishing wire suspending the photos between the columns. it all looks very classy!

aubrey said...

what a wonderful celebration..congratulations to both of them and you! :)

Nancy Face said...

The reception looks wonderful! I love the pretty wedding favors, and I've never seen a photo display done that way! What a cool idea! :)