Monday, January 31, 2011

Miss Them Already

I had such a great time being with these guys. It's hard when you live so far away and your grandchildren don't know you very well, but I think little G-Man and I became pretty good buds. Yesterday we had a fun time playing with his Mr. Potato Heads.
Appropriately enough, mine is the one with what looks like a cruise hat ; )

Leaving this morning was a little easier, because I know Allan and I will be going back in a month for the baby's blessing. By the way, I LOVE this picture of little Lauren looking at her mama before we left for Church. It's almost like she is REALLY listening to her mama.

BTW, for those of you in the Ogden area, Macy will be performing this Friday at Time Out for Women. She has a CD which is available for pre-order at Deseret Book.

I love my family. Soon we'll go out to Cali for this little girl's blessing. (Hard to believe, but she is 6 months old ALREADY.

And, just in case you need a laugh--Let me share...

Whenever I get on the plane and they go through the "how to put on your seatbelt" I laugh and think, "Seriously, if you don't know how to buckle a seatbelt, you shouldn't be allowed to leave your house." Well, that was until Saturday. We were out and I was in between the two carseats in the backseat of the car. When we stopped at Costco and I went to get out--I couldn't unbuckle the seatbelt. Neal tried to help me and he couldn't figure out. It took Macy to look and say, "You're trying to unbuckle it from the wrong side" Nothing like feeling like an idiot.


Cherie said...

You are so blessed with all of these beautiful grandchildren Yvonne. That is what I am afraid of - that I'll have grandchildren all over the place, but I guess it gives you a very good reason to travel...and to fight with seatbelts (wink)!

Cherie said...

Also FIRST!! This is the first time I've beaten Egan all day!!! Ha Ha

Garden of Egan said...

Ha, Cherie is just so competitive!!!!!

It looks like you had such a great trip! What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL baby!
She does look like she's telling mama a thing or two.

Hope your trip home was safe and easy.
Fun stuff to look forward to over the next few months! TRAVEL!

Nancy Face said...

Feeling like an idiot is a regular occurrence in my life! :D

Randi said...

That's funny! And I think that same thing on the airplane!

So glad you made it home safe!

Neal said...

I showed G-Man the pictures. When he saw the Potato Head pic, he started was really fun.

ShEiLa said...

I bet you do miss them... terribly.

As far as the seatbelt story... I do stuff like that on a regular basis.


Heffalump said...

I'm so glad you are able to visit family even though you live far away from them. Your grandkids are lucky!
My kids only see their grandma (D's Mom) once a year and usually it is only a one day, few hour visit.

Natalie said...

Grandkids are the best and your are so cute. Glad you had a great visit. I wish all of my grandchildren lived right around the corner instead of all over the place where I can't see them. Nice that you can see them again soon.

Funny about the seat belts. :)

kierste @ brown paper packages said...

It sounds like a wonderful visit. I love the potato heads. :)

Amber said...

Ha! I did laugh!!

This is delightful and I can only imagine how difficult it is to live so far from you beautiful grandkids and children.

Connie said...

So, you going to stop leaving the house? Pretty funny about the seatbelt.
Wish I could go to Ogden this weekend and hear Macy. She really is a talented woman - photography, music, adorable kids.
You're quite the traveler! I love it!

Valerie said...

Do you Skype? That's a great way for the grandkids to see you on a regular basis.
I'm glad you made it home... traveling is tricky this week!! Stay warm!!