Thursday, January 13, 2011


Every year the closer it gets to my birthday the more nostalgic I become. (And, maybe this post has something to do with the fact that while making snowflakes last night, i was watching American Graffiti. It always reminds me of high school and cruising the strip. It would be scary to think how many gallons of gas we burned on Friday and Saturday nights driving up and down East 14th Street ; ) And then when I read that David Nelson had passed away, my mind went back to years and years of old TV shows. We don't have Nickelodeon, so I can't watch the old shows, and I don't even know if some of these are even available. Some of my favorites (by the way, all these images from Google images)

Ozzie and Harriet--Had a teenage crush on Ricky, but then again lots of girls did ; )

Father Knows Best--and i loved Robert Young in Marcus Welby, and it was so fun to see Betty years later in Pretty Woman.

Leave It to Beaver--didn't everyone know someone who was like Eddie Haskell????

As well, we always watched Bonanza.
(And so did Allan's family. I bought a DVD set for his sisters for Christmas--was tempted to have them pop it in before I left, so I could see Little Joe ; ) BTW, when i was a young teenager I babysat for Pernell Roberts one time.

One other show that I loved and remember watching with my mother was called "The Loretta Young Show". I remember she would walk down a staircase when she came on screen. She ALWAYS reminded me of my mother.

It seems like only yesterday I was watching these shows. Do you feel like I do--LIFE IS MOVING FAR TOO QUICKLY.


ShEiLa said...

I find it comforting that I am not the only nostalgic one around. It hits me in spurts... everything becomes a trigger of my past.

I enjoyed this post Yvonne. I have done many like this.


ps. None of my kids took my hint and got Thouroughly Modern Millie for me for Christmas... so I guess I will have to buy it for myself.

Cherie said...

Love this post! I am the queen of nostalgia and I really love the old shows. I still watch Leave it to Beaver, I Love Lucy, and Bewtiched if I am flipping channels and see them on somewhere.
I really don't like many of the shows on tv today and I am not a reality show lover.
I guess thats good - I use my time for other things.

kierste @ brown paper packages said...

I totally agree. If only I could slow down time...just a little.

Love the shows you posted about--it's fun to reminisce about the ones you grew up with. We didn't have a tv for a long time, so I remember as a teenager being SO excited when we had a tv, and my parents got cable, lol!

Connie said...

I agree! It seems to be going faster and I'm moving slower!

I vaguely remember the Loretta Young show but I know my Mom loved watching it. Of course, Leave it to Beaver was my favorite along with Andy of Mayberry.

Those were the days!

Natalie said...

I wish time would slow down. It does move way too fast.

I too am nostalgic and I loved every one of the shows you mentioned. I especially loved the Loretta Young Show.

It seems like we have more and more things in common. :)

Nancy Face said...

The only one of these shows I ever watched was Marcus Welby!

My brothers and I ALWAYS watched Gilligan's Island, Star Trek and The Twilight Zone!

Valerie said...

Any time I watch slide shows of us when we were young, or when I look at pictures of my kids when they were babies I end up crying. It's crazy how nostalgia can do that to me.

My favorite old show is the Dick VanDyke show. I watch it almost every night when I go to bed. (It's on Netflix.)

Enjoy this weekend!

Sheri said...

I think I am nostalgic because life seemed so much easier then - at least it did looking back on it now!! I love the simplicity of the 'olden' days - maybe that is why I love living in a small town?!
I hope the reception goes wonderfully!!

aubrey said...

YES. life is moving much too quickly. i am always grateful for your advice to slow down and enjoy each and every moment! happy birthday, yvonne! :)