Monday, January 24, 2011

Some Things I've Learned In Texas

  • Things aren't always as you think they will be. Ever since I arrived here there has been a lot of sickness here. I haven't been able to take as many pictures of my cute little grandkids as I'd like (glazed faces do not make for very good pics) In spite of being sick, this little guy was still as cute as can be.
  • I sure miss my hubby when I travel. When I go someplace that we've been before it's not a big thing, but when I'm seeing new things, I'd really rather have him with me.
  • I do not like driving in an area that I'm not familiar with, but thank goodness for gps that guides me. I haven't even heard "RE-CALCULATING" very often. (BTW, they do attach much better to their little mounting bracket than they do to the rear-view mirror.
  • Google is even more helpful than I thought--it sure helped me figure out how to get blue marker off a little boy who decided he wanted to be a faster runner so he tried to color a costume on himself--starting with his hands. I really blew it not taking a picture but not sure his parents would appreciate may having it for the world to see ; ) I did capture this picture of him and his dad at the hospital in his baby sister Lauren's room. She has an eye-infection and had to be admitted to the children's hospital. G-Man did not like wearing the mask.
  • Doing challenges when you travel stink. I've lost more points than I had hoped, but I know some things are more important than points--like enjoying birthday cake.
  • Glad baby Lauren will be home later today.


Garden of Egan said...

Such great pictures of some very sweet kiddos! That little newborn is as precious as can be!

I hope you got to enjoy them when they were feeling better.

I miss when I am not with my husband either. I know you mean.

Neal said...

Great pics, mom. We're SO GLAD that you're hear...much more than usual ; ) Here's to getting healthy!

Heffalump said...

I hope everyone gets well soon so you can all enjoy each other more!

Natalie said...

So glad precious baby Lauren is coming home. It's scary to have babies in the hospital.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your visit.

Connie said...

You look so pretty! It is hard to do a challenge while traveling but you know you'll be able to get right back to it!

What a cute baby! I hope you can sit and hold her and enjoy and let someone else run after the marker wielding costume boy!

Hope everyone gets better soon.

Isn't it fun to be a grandma?

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

I have a question for you- what was it you used to make those columns for your daughter's reception- are they newspaper rolls or something else?

(frequent lurker- seldom comment)

Abaker said...

Yay, thanks for posting pics!a

Yvonne said...

Head Nurse: I tried to see if you had an e-mail, but I didn't see one. I hope you check back: The columns were cardboard cement forms for pouring concrete for columns. They are very sturdy but very light. I hope that helps.

Thanks for stopping by.

ShEiLa said...

Thank heavens for GPS. (we don't have one yet but we are getting one) Especially helpful when you don't know the area you are in. My kids having one for the move to Portland area was most helpful. That is why we are gettin one.

Also I love that your family keeps expanding.

Happy Belated Birthday! (or did I already say Happy - my mind) Hugs to you Miss Yvonne.


Super Happy Girl said...

Babies + cakes = Always awesome.

Head Nurse or Patient- you be the judge said...

Thanks- That does help- I was thinking maybe paper rolls from a printer or something-

My email isn't posted because it contains my name-

Corrine said...

birthday cake is by far better than any points!

Valerie said...

How did people travel without GPS? I would be paralyzed with fear if I didn't have someone using a calm voice saying, "In .5 miles turn left on Jefferson Avenue." Of course, I sometimes yell at that calm voice when she says, "Recalculating." We always figure she really means, "Recalculating you idiot." But we love her anyway. :)

Valerie said...

P.S. Your birthday cake looks sooo yummy!!