Wednesday, March 30, 2011


When Brent was on his mission we put together a family recipe book for his birthday. Everyone contributed an easy-to-make recipe. This was the cover

As you can see so much of what our family does REVOLVES AROUND FOOD.

So now I'm working to put one together for our little Elder. His birthday is in a few weeks, so it looks like I will have to get into overdrive to get it ready. I have asked each member of our family to submit a recipe--some have, and well, some haven't. The deadline has come and gone. I guess I may have to use some of the old recipes that were submitted for Brent--the important thing to me is to have Elder Rob have a recipe from everyone in the family. So now I have to get it ready to go to the printers, but because I want to have it to him by his birthday I'll probably have to have it delivered by those guys in the brown trucks ; )

I have a ton of pictures of us eating so I guess I just have to decide which ones to use--OBVIOUSLY, THIS ONE WILL MAKE HIS COVER.

And so will this one:

And, believe me I have lots of everyone else.

One of our favorite places to eat--In-N-Out

And speaking of In-N-Out, this one was taken there just about 30 minutes before we took him to the MTC

With everyone who participates recipe, I include their picture, and it usually is of them eating. This one will definitely go with Kiah's recipe

This one from Brent's mission always makes me laugh

I think that ice cream is almost as big as Miss Hannah

One of our favorite places to eat LaCaille at Quail Run--we were there to celebrate Neal's graduation from BYU. Here he is explaining something very important about the Banana Fosters to Heather ; )

Not sure if Amanda wanted to take a bite of my lobster tail, but she sure looks ready to take a bite right along with me ; )

I know he hasn't had to cook too much on his mission, but you never know, so I'm pretty sure it will come in handy.


Connie said...

Love those pictures! What a great idea to have a recipe book for Elder Robb. I think I'd want a bite of the lobster tail too!

ShEiLa said...

Nothing wrong with good food and great company.

What a neat idea... I bet your Elder loves it.


Garden of Egan said...

Those are some awesome pictures!
Elder Rob will love it.
I keep hoping that we'll get to run into him.

Lana said...

what a fun idea! I love the photos:)

Heffalump said...

My Mother-in-Law puts together a recipe book for each of her daughters (or daughters-in-law as they marry into the family) full of recipes from various sources, including Grandmothers and such. I still use mine 15 years later!

Natalie said...

What a great idea! The pictures are so much fun too. Not much better than good company and good food.