Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Great Collaboration

Elder Rob has been transferred and I cannot mail his recipe book until I get his new address. I am so pleased with how it's turned out. I had to share with you, this page which includes the recipe from my adorable little soon to be 6 year old grandson, D. I chuckled when I read his cute little "recipe" ; )

It has been so fun to have all the recipes. I have loved looking for all the pictures--I found some really cute ones:

This one from our Thanksgiving in California--Elder Rob is a real "drumstick" person and I think it was almost too much for him to see B enjoying the drumstick as much as he would ; ) I think that explains the look on his face.

He will be a little jealous when he realizes Brent enjoyed one of those drumsticks at Christmas

I loved this one of J and K many, many years ago--

And in 1994 these kids enjoying a meal together.

And I love this one of my beautiful daughter, Heidi, and beautiful granddaughter, Amanda.

This one made me smile--as Stephen is teaching is little D how to eat those little "Fun Dips"--I think years ago they were called Lick It Sticks ; )

But the one that really touched my heart has to be THIS one taken in 1996. It was the celebration of several birthdays--we were celebrating Grandma and Grandpa's birthdays as well as Uncle Homer's and Daphne and Jason.

I know he will enjoy having the recipes, and will absolutely love all the pictures.

Sidenote #1: I decided to make these little temple candies to share with my Class on Sunday, and for Allan to take when he goes to visit an outlying Branch, and, of course, for the Primary children. We are all so very excited.

Sidenote #2: One of the things I heard over and over again during Conference was the word "patterns"--I've decided to spend more time as I study the scriptures looking for the patterns. It has made my scripture reading even better.


gigi said...

Your recipe book turned out really cute! I know he is gonna love it. I love all your family pictures.
They are so fun to look at. I guess the temple chocolates are my favorite! They will be a big hit. I wish I was in your class :-)

Garden of Egan said...

That is darling. Elder Rob is going to love it!!!

Where did he get transferred to?
I keep hoping I'm going to run into him.
We have Stake Conference next month and they often have as many missionaries as they can come to it.

Love the pictures. Wow, times fly fast don't they?

The temple candies are awesome. They will be enjoyed for sure.

ShEiLa said...

I bet your missionary will love the cookbook... wonderful idea.

Also love your candies.


Abaker said...

Thanks for showing us some of the book! Show us the candies when you finish!

Klin said...

Candie look yumm-o!

What a fun book! Sure to be cherished. I think the McDonald's idea is right up this working mom's alley. Maybe a little to often at times.

You have the best pictures. I have got to get better at remembering to take the pictures.

Catherine said...

I couldn't just lurk this time, but had to comment - I love being old enough to have attended many Utah receptions with "Temple mints." And since last week I've been thinking I need a "Temple cutter" to use for Primary. So glad to see someone has one, meaning they do exist.....I am sure the Dauphin Branch was very excited to have you share your culinary talents with them. Can you make enough for Stake Conference? (Just kidding....)

Heffalump said...

I'm sure Elder Rob will love it!

Valerie said...

I wish I was in your class too!!!

I'm always excited to hear that Elder R. has been transferred. I swear I saw missionaries in a car today and I wish I would have looked a little closer! Hopefully he serves here before I take off!

Love the recipe book! He will treasure it!