Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Race Day Music

I feel like Race Day is fast approaching. My training is going pretty well. The foot/knee is getting better. I will be getting orthotics next week and hopefully that will help me get to 100%. The longer runs are getting longer and frankly I'm so incredibly surprised I can run 7.2 miles--and a little proud of myself ; )

My iPod is an important part of my running. I have been working on a playlist and decided that if I had a little bit of music from everyone in the family that might help to keep me going.

I have just about everyone's, but there are a couple of members of the family that I can't come up with music for--not sure what will help me to think of them.

But here's what I have so far:
  • Allan--YMCA: This will definitely make me smile during the race. I will remember he and Heidi doing their dance at her wedding reception.
  • Elder Rob--Viva La Vida: This always reminds me of my little Elder.
  • Heidi--Everybody Dance Now: I don’t know ANYONE who loves to dance as much as my little Heidi.
  • Stephen--Let's Get It Started Again: I know Stephen loves the Black Eyed Peas, and this is one of the songs of theirs that I really love.
  • Daphne--Cotton Eye Joe: Oh my, I will never forget Daph at 9+ months pregnant doing Just Dance on the Wii ; )
  • Georgia--Georgia On My Mind: Yeah, it might have me going a little slow, but at least I will be smiling thinking of my little Georgia ; )
  • Drew--Eye of the Tiger: He was so intense as he did this on the Wii.
  • Hannah--Hey Mickey: That song always reminds me of cheerleading and Hannah is a little cheerleader.
  • Brandon--We Are The Champions: When B was a little boy he would do the “loser” sign on his forehead whenever they would play this song at a game.
  • Kiah--Brown-Eyed Girl: When I did her CD for her Grad this was one of the songs on it and she is the brown eyed girl ; )
  • Jason--I Just Can't Wait to be King: Lion King came out on J’s 6th birthday and he was so excited to go see it—wow, that was years ago.
  • Wendy--Thriller: When we went to see 13 going on 30, Wendy laughed so hard during the scene where they do the Thriller dance.
  • Nancy--1999 (We’re Gonna Party Like it’s 1999): She loved the artist formerly known as Prince.
  • Neal--Beautiful Day: I think he is U2’s biggest fan
  • G-Man--We're All In This Together: When I was visiting this little guy in Texas, he was SHOCKED to learn I hadn’t seen High School Musical. In fact, he was ready to give me his DVD because he just knew I needed to see it ; )
I really don't need music for Brent and Macy--they will both be running the race with me. Wait a minute, that isn't right--they will be running the same race I'm running, but there is no way we are running together--I'm sure they will be running well ahead of me.

So now I just need to come up with music for: Daniel, Darren, Amanda, Christopher, Heather, Tony, Josh, Xander, Evan, Scarlett, and Lauren. I seriously thought of something from Mary Poppins for Christopher--that would really make me smile; for Amanda something I thought of Kung Fun Fighting because for some reason it reminds me of Kung Fu Panda-which makes me think of her; for Lauren maybe "Isn't She Lovely"--she is a real cutie; but I'll have to give it all a little more thought.

Sidenote: Poor Brent called last night from the Medical Center--he hit his head and ended up having to get staples in his head. He's okay and I'm so glad.


Neal said...

AWESOME! What a cute post...

Heffalump said...

Are you going for the version of Kung Fu Fighting that Jack Black sings in Kung Fu Panda?
I think your family playlist is a great idea!

Doran & Jody said...

Oh so excited for you!!
I am still in stand-still getting therapy. I am stretching and icing and crossing my fingers that I can START training soon.

But I am thinking I will be more likely to take the pictures that day....sigh

I use to listen to music while I ran and now it just bothers me if I listen for very long. Last year I ran the Top of Utah without music.

carolyne b said...

I saw Brent's picture of his head; wow he sure knocked it something good....staples in the head too. What a brave kid.

Natalie said...

WOW!!!!!! You are a great runner. I think that is so awesome. You are inspiring me to go and walk. I guess that's a good start.

Love the play list.

Randi said...

You're so smart. I can't do a long run without music.

I am always tweaking my playlist, and I love the idea of having a song for everyone! What a fun thing to do.

ShEiLa said...

I bet you are thankful for your ipod... and that Brent is ok.

Run Yvonne Run!


Sheri said...

Great idea as usual!! Motivation and some great tunes!!

Valerie said...

I love your playlist and that everyone's song fits each person perfectly!! What a great idea!!

(I just bought the Mary Poppins soundtrack. I LOVE IT!!)

Glad Brent's okay!

Cherie said...

I love the way you decided and did your playlist - very creative!!

Connie said...

The songs need to have some emotional tie and you have definitely done it! What a great idea to have one from each member of your family.
7.2 miles! You are truly an inspiration!
Too bad about Brent. Glad he's alright.

gigi said...

Such a great idea!! I know my Ipod helps with the gardening :-) But I can't hardly keep it charged because of the GRANDgirls, they love my music too!

Garden of Egan said...

How exciting for your raceday.
I can't run without my iPod either. My music is like my battery. If it stops I loose my mojo.
Cute songs!

Nancy Face said...

That's a great idea, making a family playlist!