Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The training is going well--we are now 45 days away from the race. Can I just say I'M STARTING TO REALLY GET NERVOUS.

There is a lot going on to keep me busy, but I have managed to get my scheduled runs in. I've decided that I will just forge ahead and see what happens. I have to admit when I have to do the long runs I'm pretty sore. So I've decided to run my 10 miles tomorrow because I am doing a lot of prep work for a dinner I am making for 11 on Saturday and on Sunday. I have to add that I'm lovin my Garmin. Allan gave it to me for Christmas and I have really struggled with figuring it out. Now that I know how to use it IT IS SO MUCH FUN. I love that it will show me exactly where I ran on google map. (The little controlling me wonders if a parent could put it on a child you were a little worried about and know exactly where they had been ; )

Running the hills continues to be tough--I managed to get in 6 hills yesterday. The goal is to try to run each one pretty close to the same speed and most of mine were the same--I think one was about 20 seconds slower (and the funny thing was, it wasn't the last one ; )

I went today and finally got fitted for my orthotics. Sure hope they help with the foot and knee pain--otherwise that was a big expense down the drain.

Sidenote: We have Stake Conference this weekend, and the funny thing is the GA we are having is the same one that Elder Rob is having at his Stake Conference in a couple of weeks ; )


Connie said...

I'm running a 5K, just a 5K on Saturday and I'm nervous! Again, you inspire me...but maybe not enough to sign up for a half marathon!

Garden of Egan said...

Good luck on the run. You'll do great.

Where is Elder Rob having his Stake Conference. If it's ours (which is in a few weeks) I'm going to search him out!

Cherie said...

I read your posts and my head hangs in shame - I so want to run. I wish I lived near you I need some guidance!

YOU are AmAzInG!! Seriously - I can't wait to hear how you do on your race - I know it will be fab!!

kierste @ brown paper packages said...

You are going to be GREAT!!!

I'm glad you're loving you Garmin--I'm totally jealous. :)

Heffalump said...

New technology is always fun to figure out...glad you have it worked out and are enjoying your Garmin!

Melissa said...

Go! Go! GOOOOOO!!! :) You are awesome!! Just keep um... running ;)

Natalie said...

Good luck on the run. You are amazing!

I loved my Garmin in Europe. I always said it took 3 of us to drive there: John, me, and the Garmin.

I love Stake Conf. Which GA do you get to hear?

Sheri said...

You amaze me!! I know that you will do great!! Good luck and I hope the shoes help!!

ShEiLa said...

Good Luck with the race!


ps. I hope you have better luck with your orthotics than I had with mine.

Randi said...

I'm afraid to buy that new garmin. I have the one just older and I love it.
I'm so impressed with your hill training. You are going to do great!

Valerie said...

I have no doubt in my mind that you'll be ready for your big race. You've got the determination to succeed! Good job!

Nancy Face said...

Your Garmin thingy is cool!