Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Could Have Been A VERY UGLY Lesson

The Lesson: Always ask--What is the cost for having this done?

Allan and I took the recipe book in to be printed. Decided to have each page laminated and spiral bound. We also decided to make a few extra copies to give to those who participated. We needed to have Elder Rob's done by Monday so I could mail it once I got his address.

On Sunday afternoon the place where it was being printed called to give me the total price.

ARE YOU SITTING DOWN? I'm sure glad I was...The little clerk said, "the total is $650.00."

I GASPED and said, "Pardon me?"

Again she said, "$650.00"

I said, "I'm sorry--there is no way I'm paying $650."

She asked, "Didn't anyone tell you what this was going to cost?" I'm thinking, do you think I'm crazy. There is no way I'm going to do something like this for that much money.

She told me she would have the manager call me back. A few minutes later he did. He explained the costs and I said, "I'm sorry. I'm not paying that--I would NEVER have done it if anyone told me it was that much." He told me they had only printed the one for Elder Rob, and he thought they better call to check to make sure I knew the cost involved. He cut the price for the one book which they had already printed and we decided not to laminate the others. Thank goodness the cost was cut significantly.

I picked the books up and put Elder Rob's in the mail yesterday--hopefully he will get it by his birthday tomorrow.


Doran & Jody said...

Smoley Hokes!
Well I hope you can find someone to finish you books for TONS cheaper!

Heffalump said...

Wow! I need to go into the printing and laminating business!
The ones my Mother-in-Law makes for her kids she just puts in page protectors in a big notebook. Then the pages can be taken out if need be.

Lana said...

Disaster averted!o

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I'm always amazed at how out of control the cost of some of those "little" projects can be. Crazy.

Klin said...

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! That is a lot of moolah!

Maybe they can pay for their own coy in advance and then you can afford to do.

Valerie said...



I hope you were sitting down when you got that phone call!

For that price, I hope the laminate was gold flecked! He'll love the book, I'm sure!

Sheri said...

THat is insane!! I can help you make a great book for so much less!! Check it out at www.storybookwithme.com! FAbulous quality and affordable!! Happy birthday to you cute Elder!!

kierste @ brown paper packages said...

HOLY MOLY!!!! I'm so glad you found out before they printed them! I would have DIED.