Sunday, May 29, 2011

Photo Challenge--Day 7

I'm having a lot of fun doing these little posts.


I would love to have one of these

And, of course, if money wasn't a problem, I would assume I would have the money for fuel and a pilot ; ) It would make living so far away from family much easier, because then I could take off and go see them WHENEVER. Could have been in Texas yesterday to babysit for Neal and Macy when they went out to celebrate their anniversary or could take off and go to California to celebrate Stephen's birthday tomrorow. It would be fun to go and watch the little ones in their soccer games or baseball games, go on a field trip with one of them, be there when they give a talk at Church, go with them to the Mall, or just hang out. (And I could carry as many bags as I wanted ; )

And I could even have my little jet go pick them up and bring them here for Sunday dinner--WOULDN'T THAT BE FUN ; )

Sidenote #1: Because our temple in Regina is closed, Allan and I went to the temple in St Paul, Minnesota. I picked him up at the airport because he had been gone all week and then we headed off for Minnesota. The drive wasn't bad--we hit rain a couple of times. The temple was lovely. Probably next month we'll go to Bismarck, North Dakota.

BTW, had to laugh as we drove past this exit--not sure I'd want to live there.

Sidenote #2: One of the problems with doing long runs--they can wreak havoc on your toenails. My poor toe is so sore. I'm keeping my eye on it to make sure it doesn't get infected.


Natalie said...

Oh yes! I want to have a little jet too and for the same reasons. Hey, maybe you will share yours.

Poor toe. Sorry

Millie said...

I want to yell "Wahh, Wahhhhh!!" at the Downer sign. ;)

How nice that you have a choice of temples to go to now!

I agree, on the jet. If money were no object, I'd pay all my children to live here in the area. ;)

gigi said...

I am so sad about your toe!
But oh how lovely those temples are. Lucky you. I think we will go with the ward in a few weeks. I miss not going more often but it is so hard on the handicaped Sweetheart.

Jess said...

Love it. That is what I would wish for if I was rich too!!

Carrot Jello said...

Downer sounds a little like Boring, Oregon.

Garden of Egan said...

Ya, I'd like a jet too.
Go anywhere anytime.

Beautiful temple picture. My hubs was there all week last week. (not the temple but St Paul)

Take care of that toe.

Nancy Face said...

If I ever win my own personal jet, I'll be sure to give it to you! ;)

Sheri said...

That would be a perfect thing for you to own!! How neat to go to the different temples, I need to do better at that!

ShEiLa said...

It wouldn't be a DOWNER if you lived there Miss Yvonne. Glad you got to go to the temple... and sorry about the toes... also I just might go in on jet with you if money wasn't a problem cause all of the impromptu plans with family living far away sounds delightful.


Heffalump said...

A jet would be cool if I wasn't afraid to fly!
Ouch on your toe! I hope it feels better soon.

Valerie said...

I'll make you a deal: you buy that airplane and I'll make sure Max is there to fly it for you! :)

That toe looks very scary! Please watch it closely!

Connie said...

Wouldn't that jet be the coolest thing to have? Please be careful with your toe. Andy's brother had an infected toe last month. The infection went in to the bone and it was amputated! Keep an eye on it!