Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Great Quote To Ponder

As I was working on my Gospel Doctrine class on Preparing for the Second Coming, I found a wonderful quote by Elder Oaks from a 2004 General Conference talk. This has really made me think.

“What if the day of His coming were tomorrow? If we knew that we would meet the Lord tomorrow—through our premature death or through His unexpected coming—what would we do today? What confessions would we make? What practices would we discontinue? What accounts would we settle? What forgivenesses would we extend? What testimonies would we bear?”

That sure gave me a lot to think about. What are we waiting for? Someone in my class made the comment on Sunday that she needed to remember that the Savior's Coming is a reality.

I was reminded this past week how fragile life is. One of my sisters lost a stepson in a work-related accident. He was only 33 years old and the day after the accident his wife gave birth to their second child.

At the end of our conversation my sister told me to love my family because you just never know.

Sidenote: I am continuing to run at least 5 days a week.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Photo Challenge--Day 12

Now this one has really been kind of tough because I have a few--A picture of something you want to do before you die.

There are lots of lists going around of "thing to do before you die". I have been able to do a great many things, and there are many things I will NEVER DO--Appear on Broadway (yes, I've been but will never APPEAR; Visit a nudist colony--NOPE and can't say I ever want to; Taste the finest wine--will never do that one either. However, I have strolled on the Great Wall of China; been white water rafting (thank goodness it doesn't say it has to be a Grade 6 rapid ; ); been in a TV commercial; and swam with the stingrays.

So, what is it I would LIKE TO DO: See Wild Game on an African Safari.

Many years ago one of Allan's sisters was serving with her husband in Johannesburg. His other sister went to visit and Allan was going to visit. I could have checked this off my list if we had gone. Well, maybe one day I'll get a chance to do this.

But, I have to say, visiting family and attending baptisms, graduations, baby blessings, etc., is a WHOLE LOT MORE IMPORTANT TODAY, so this is way, way, way at the bottom of the LIST OF THINGS I WANT TO DO.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Great Trip

Yes, I wrote about the half-marathon, but my trip to Utah involved so many more GREAT experiences.

The day after I arrived, Brent and I drove down to St. George. Our former Mission President and his wife are serving in the St. George Visitor's Center. It was wonderful to see them and spend time with them. By the way, if you are ever at a Temple Visitors Center, be sure and take the time to see "Our Heavenly Father's Plan" and I can't remember if the rest of the title is "for His Children" or "for our Happiness". Whichever, It is wonderful. Brent and I also went to the temple. I had to make sure we got this picture--and I wanted to put it with this one taken of the two of us during our Spring Break trip in 1994.

The next day Brent and I went to see The Diary of Anne Frank. Brent has enjoyed his work on the set of the play and it was so fun to see the production that he had worked on. Earlier that same day we had lunch with Macy, G-Man, and little L.

Heidi and Daniel had been in Disneyland and I was glad when the four of us could go out to dinner. We went to Zupas--I love their salads. After dinner, we went to see X-Men. (I had already seen it, but none of them had seen it, and I enjoyed it so didn't mind seeing it again.

On Friday Heidi and I went to the temple. It was lovely to have time with her there. The she took me to meet up with a couple of friends for lunch at Applebee's. I always have such a great time when I get to spend time with these ladies--Connie and Natalie. I have grown to love them and appreciate so much their testimonies and their great examples.

On my half-marathon blog post I posted pictures of our dinner at Zupas and ice cream at Coldstone, but I didn't post this picture of G-Man. He is such a cutie. I have a collection of pictures of this boy that I'm saving for a slideshow one day ; ) I also didn't write about going to Deseret Book with Neal, Macy, and Baby L. I love going there, but always buy too much and that makes it tough when I go to head back across the border ; ) One of the books that I bought on this trip was one by Wendy Watson Nelson entitled, "Change Your Questions Change Your Life" It is a powerful book and I have shared many parts with Allan.

On Sunday, I was so glad that Neal and Macy and the kids came over to Bev's and we were able to have dinner together. The highlight for me was sitting on the swing and rocking little baby L to sleep. Oh I could have kept her and snuggled her all night.

I also laughed when Brent and G-Man were in the basement playing. Brent was so cute with him, and when I saw them playing in this little truck, I had to grab my camera.

On Monday I kind of hung around the house. Monday night Bev, Brent and I went to see 17 Miracles. I loved it. I was so glad I had a chance to see it. I love the stories of the pioneers and this one was so beautifully done. I don't know how many tissues I used.

Tuesday Bev and I went to the temple and then I headed to Salt Lake to meet up with my friends the W's who are serving a mission at the Family History Center. I love these two. Pat is one of my best friends. She and Dennis took Stephen and I under their wing when we were new to the Church. Dennis was SP and Allan was one of his counselors. Dennis was the one Allan told when he was going to ask me out on our first date, and he responded, "I think that will make Pat very happy."

We went to lunch and then I walked around the grounds for awhile and then met up with some other friends. I haven't seen these two ladies for awhile and love when I come to Utah and have a chance to see them.

On Wednesday Brent had his surgery. He did fine and is recovering nicely. He brought with him a couple of edited versions of some movies, so I got a chance to see "127 Hours"--can I just say I would have died in that hole, "The Fighter"--acting was absolutely superb, and even brought home "The Kings Speech"--what a great movie. Sure glad that boy loves his movies ; )

It's always hard for me to say goodbye to my kids. I love them and enjoy spending time with them. But modern technology sure makes it easier to keep in touch.

I didn't manage to get to all of my favorite restaurants on this trip--never made it to Cafe Rio or Magelby's Fresh (love their Strawberry French Toast and their delicious syrup, but since Macy gave me the recipe for the buttermilk syrup, I didn't feel as bad ; )

Sidenote: While I was in Utah I received a photo CD from our little Elder. I love this picture.
Now, why do I love it??? Because when he was little he had quite the fascination with what he called SSSSSCHNAKES.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I completed the race and am so happy.

It was the perfect day for the race.

Brent and I were up dark and early--2:30 a.m. Yes, that does say 2:30 a.m. I guess they were trying to get people to take the early buses so they were holding a raffle on the first ten buses to leave the mall. Brent really wanted to be on one of those buses so he could have a chance to win the $100 towards a pair of running shoes. We got on the bus at 3:45 and guess what--I WON.

When we got up to the canyon, it was a little cool. They had fires to help us stay warm. We were there a long, long time--about an hour and a half before the race began.

As the time got closer I got more and more nervous--excited but nervous. Brent found his pacing group and I got ready and we were off. I felt pretty good and thought I could maintain a pace that would allow me to cross the finish line at under 3 hours.

The first two miles were okay. At mile 2, I stood in line to use the port-o-potty then grabbed my gatorade and a banana and was on my way. The line at that one wasn't too bad.

I was feeling pretty good and was still ahead of my virtual partner.

The next few miles were good. I was in a groove and doing fine. About an hour into the race I got a text from Brent that he was at Mile 6. I knew he was doing great and was going to hit his goal. Macy got a picture of him as he came through the canyon. Isn't that cute!!!

The scenery was so beautiful. I really need to go up this week and snap a few pictures because I didn't have a camera with me while I was running.

I LOVED having my playlist. As I ran and the different songs that reminded me of different family members were playing it was so helpful. It was like having them with me saying, YOU CAN DO IT.

When I hit mile 6 and saw the port-o-potty I thought I better stop. BIG MISTAKE. The lines were long and I wasted a good 8 minutes there ; ( Had a nice conversation with a lovely girl from Draper who served a mission in Texas.)

Then I was on my way again. When I neared mile 8 I looked over and saw Macy. It was so fun to see her--she snapped some pictures and I gave her a hug. Then I was on my way.

It was so fun to pass people cheering everyone along the way. That felt so good.

When I hit about mile 10 or so--it hit me. I started to tear up and realized I'M GOING TO DO THIS. I WAS SO EXCITED. That may sound so silly, but for me this was a big accomplishment. I told myself DON'T CRY, but I was so happy.

Then I looked up and saw Heidi. She came to run the last mile and a half with me. It was so great to have her there. She kept encouraging me. We looked over and saw Neal, Macy, and G-Man. I was so excited to see G-Man--he had the cutest little grin on his face. It was so funny because shortly before that his little playlist song from High School Musical came on.

We could see the finish line but it sure seemed like it was not getting any closer. I was pretty tired. Heidi left the course and I ran in alone. They gave me my little medal and I headed off to get some powerade and a cremesicle. Then it hit me--I started to get a tad shaky and felt a little sick. I headed for the grass and sat down--I really couldn't stretch because I was afraid I was going to get sick or pass out. As I sat there I looked up and saw a friendly face--my bloggy friend, Jody. So GREAT to see her. She was supposed to run the race but had hurt her foot.

And here is a picture of Brent and I with our medals. Yeah, I look sweaty and yucky, but WHO CARES. Brent had set a goal to finish in 2 hours and 10 minutes and he completed it in 2 hours. I wanted to do it in under 3 and had hoped for 2 hours and 45 minutes--did it in 3 hours.

Came home and showered and tried to take a little nap, but I couldn't get to sleep.

That night we went out to Zupas for dinner. So fun. Neal treated us all to dinner--I have such sweet kids ; ) Yes, I wore my medal. Randi had sent me a text earlier telling me I could wear it for 24 hours and it wouldn't be at all weird. Thanks, Randi; )
It was so fun to see her at the Marriott on Friday when we went to pick up our race packets. (I even had a chance to meet some of the other ladies from my fitness challenge.)

I was so excited to reward myself with Cold Stone. Thank you to Heidi and Daniel who treated us to Cold Stone.

And cute Brent had some, too.

So, would I do it again???? YOU BET I WOULD.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Photo Challenge--Day 11

Now that I'm in Utah, I can do this one--A PICTURE OF YOUR FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOP. I took my camera with me when Heidi and I went here to shop, but I forgot to take a picture, so I will just take a picture of the bags ; )

Soon I won't have to wait until I'm in the States because guess what WINNIPEG IS GETTING A TARGET. Let's see: They are remodeling our airport, we're getting a temple, we're getting an NHL team, an Ikea, and now a Target.

SIDENOTE #1: Yesterday I went with these guys to have lunch at BYU. Such little cuties. I also had a chance to see where Brent works. Last night we went to see The Diary of Anne Frank--Brent had worked on the set. It was a wonderful play. I will always remember when I first read the book when I was a young girl.

SIDENOTE #2: I have been trying to adapt to the altitude here in Utah. I ran 5 miles the other day. IT IS DEFINITELY DIFFERENT. I can't believe the race is Saturday. I keep reminding myself, "If you are prepared, ye shall not fear." I have done the training, and at this point, there is nothing else I can do, so I guess I shouldn't be afraid.

SIDENOTE #3: I'm loving my letters from Allan. They are so fun. Each one starts with a quote regarding running:

Monday: "Remember, the second most important thing to choosing the right shoe, is choosing the left one."--high school coach to his runners

Tuesday: "It's unnatural for people to run around the city streets unless they are thieves or victims. It makes people nervous to see someone running. I know that when I see someone running on my street, my instincts tell me to let the dog go after him."--Mike Royko

Wednesday: "I go running when I have to. When the ice cream truck is doing sixty."--Wendy Liebman

Thursday: "Long distance running is 90% mental and the other half is physical."--Rich Davis. I loved Allan's comment that my math is definitely better than that ; )

Monday, June 6, 2011

Photo Challenge--Day 10


I'm on my way to Utah, and I will miss Allan while I'm gone. It's funny, he travels quite a bit so there are lots of times when we are not together, but it is so much easier for me when we're apart because he's out of town. I'm in my own bed, my own house, doing my regular routine. But it's very different if I'm doing the traveling--I don't really enjoy traveling without him. It's just so much more fun when he's there with me. When I see something beautiful--like a sunrise, sunset, mountain, whatever, and he's not there to share it with me, it's very disappointing. As much as I'm going to enjoy seeing the kids when I'm in Utah, it would be more fun with him, but I know that if he wasn't the one going to work and earning the money, I couldn't take any of these trips ; )

He gave me these to pack in my suitcase

a letter for every day I'm gone. SO SWEEET. And, of course, I left this for him

a card for every day I'm gone.

We kind of love each other ; ) I know how richly blessed I am--HE IS AMAZING. As I sat at the Seminary Graduation and listened to him speak I couldn't help think--HE IS SO CUTE ; ) I am so grateful that our love will last forever.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Photo Challenge--Day 9

Today's challenge: A picture of your favorite flower. Now I have lots of favorites, but my all-time favorite is a rose. I love roses. They always remind me of when Allan and I were dating--he sent me roses all the time. I worked with a man who told me that would all end once we got married--sorry to disappoint you, Lou, but it hasn't ended ; ) When we lived in the Sacramento area I had beautiful rosebushes in my yard. I also love tulips. Many, many years ago Stephen came into the house with a little bouquet of tulips--I was pretty upset at him because I assumed he had gone into a neighbor's yard and picked them. I didn't realize we had tulips in our backyard. I have wanted to plant tulips in my yard here but didn't know where to plant them and the other day I was walking around my neighborhood and noticed that someone had a few tulips under their pine tree and thought I should try that. So this year before the snow comes I will plant some bulbs--and hopefully next year I'll have something to show for it. And I love daisies--they always make me smile.

But this time of year I love lilacs. Now, I know I am taking liberty with this because technically this is not a flower but a flowering bush ; ) Who cares!!! I love them--the smell is just incredible. I pass this little bush when I do my runs--unfortunately, I usually breathe wrong when I am running, so I don't really get to smell them ; )

At the Seminary Graduation last night, someone told me about this bush--notice the little dragonfly--you may have to click on it to see it. It is so vibrant.

How about you? Do you have a favorite flower?

Sidenote: It was fun to see two of my former students graduate from Seminary last night. I'm very proud of them. These youth are incredible.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Photo Challenge--Day 8

Today's Challenge: A PICTURE OF YOUR FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT. Okay, let's be honest: I LOVE TO EAT and there are lots of different places that are favorites. But, I have to say this is one that is a favorite because it holds so many wonderful memories. It is Swan Court at the Hyatt Regency on Maui. This is when the whole family was here to celebrate my Mother-In-Law's 90th Birthday.

It is such a beautiful place.

When you are there, you usually have to wait, but it is so worth the wait. I have memories of eating there with Allan on our honeymoon, and a couple of years later with Nancy and Stephen when we were there when Heidi was 6 months old. It is a buffet and one of my favorite things to eat when we're there: Macadamia Nut Pancakes.

Sidenote #1: Can't believe it's already June 1st. Sure am looking forward to my trip to Utah next week. Brent and I have planned a few things to do, and I'm excited to see what Heidi and Daniel have done with their apartment. I just wish I was flying "the jet" rather than flying commercial--I can never get all of my stuff in one stupid bag ; (

Sidenote #2: Allan and I went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 last night--cute movie. We went on Tuesday because we thought it was "cheap Tuesday", well, what happens now is you pay the same admission but you get a regular popcorn and a drink. I didn't care about the popcorn and drink because I'm still doing my "fitness challenge".