Thursday, June 9, 2011

Photo Challenge--Day 11

Now that I'm in Utah, I can do this one--A PICTURE OF YOUR FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOP. I took my camera with me when Heidi and I went here to shop, but I forgot to take a picture, so I will just take a picture of the bags ; )

Soon I won't have to wait until I'm in the States because guess what WINNIPEG IS GETTING A TARGET. Let's see: They are remodeling our airport, we're getting a temple, we're getting an NHL team, an Ikea, and now a Target.

SIDENOTE #1: Yesterday I went with these guys to have lunch at BYU. Such little cuties. I also had a chance to see where Brent works. Last night we went to see The Diary of Anne Frank--Brent had worked on the set. It was a wonderful play. I will always remember when I first read the book when I was a young girl.

SIDENOTE #2: I have been trying to adapt to the altitude here in Utah. I ran 5 miles the other day. IT IS DEFINITELY DIFFERENT. I can't believe the race is Saturday. I keep reminding myself, "If you are prepared, ye shall not fear." I have done the training, and at this point, there is nothing else I can do, so I guess I shouldn't be afraid.

SIDENOTE #3: I'm loving my letters from Allan. They are so fun. Each one starts with a quote regarding running:

Monday: "Remember, the second most important thing to choosing the right shoe, is choosing the left one."--high school coach to his runners

Tuesday: "It's unnatural for people to run around the city streets unless they are thieves or victims. It makes people nervous to see someone running. I know that when I see someone running on my street, my instincts tell me to let the dog go after him."--Mike Royko

Wednesday: "I go running when I have to. When the ice cream truck is doing sixty."--Wendy Liebman

Thursday: "Long distance running is 90% mental and the other half is physical."--Rich Davis. I loved Allan's comment that my math is definitely better than that ; )


ShEiLa said...

I LOVE Target too! I am happy you will be getting one soon.

I hope you can get all adjusted to the altitude and that the run goes as well as you would like... Good Luck!


Connie said...

Love the quotes! I'm sure the letters make you smile. Hooray for Target, IKEA and double hooray for the temple!
Can't wait to see you.

Heffalump said...

Sounds like Canada must want to keep you around!
Good luck with your race, I'm sure you'll do fine!

kierste @ brown paper packages said...

Wahoo for getting a Target!!! My favorite store. Sometimes I think it would be better if we didn't have one. At least for our budget. :)

Valerie said...

I love Target too. I guess it's my lot in life to have to drive to get to one. Florin doesn't have one, and New Florin DEFINITELY doesn't have one.... *sigh*

Ikea rocks too.

So does a new Temple! We'll have to come up and go to the open house!