Sunday, June 5, 2011

Photo Challenge--Day 9

Today's challenge: A picture of your favorite flower. Now I have lots of favorites, but my all-time favorite is a rose. I love roses. They always remind me of when Allan and I were dating--he sent me roses all the time. I worked with a man who told me that would all end once we got married--sorry to disappoint you, Lou, but it hasn't ended ; ) When we lived in the Sacramento area I had beautiful rosebushes in my yard. I also love tulips. Many, many years ago Stephen came into the house with a little bouquet of tulips--I was pretty upset at him because I assumed he had gone into a neighbor's yard and picked them. I didn't realize we had tulips in our backyard. I have wanted to plant tulips in my yard here but didn't know where to plant them and the other day I was walking around my neighborhood and noticed that someone had a few tulips under their pine tree and thought I should try that. So this year before the snow comes I will plant some bulbs--and hopefully next year I'll have something to show for it. And I love daisies--they always make me smile.

But this time of year I love lilacs. Now, I know I am taking liberty with this because technically this is not a flower but a flowering bush ; ) Who cares!!! I love them--the smell is just incredible. I pass this little bush when I do my runs--unfortunately, I usually breathe wrong when I am running, so I don't really get to smell them ; )

At the Seminary Graduation last night, someone told me about this bush--notice the little dragonfly--you may have to click on it to see it. It is so vibrant.

How about you? Do you have a favorite flower?

Sidenote: It was fun to see two of my former students graduate from Seminary last night. I'm very proud of them. These youth are incredible.


Cherie said...

I am loving lilacs this year too! But all the different flowers are so pretty - I am just happy to finally see some after the long winter and barely there spring!

Isn't that happy that your husband has not stopped sending you roses - ahhhhhh true romance!

gigi said...

I love your roses and other flower pictures.
My favorite flower is Lilies of the Valley.

Garden of Egan said...

The flowers are so beautiful that I could almost smell them. I love the lilacs.
We are finally blooming things here and I'm in LOVE with it.

Connie said...

I don't know that I have a favorite flower. I enjoy all of them! I love daffodils because they're the first promise of spring. Roses and Lilacs because they smell so good and are so beautiful.

Right now I'm enjoying the irises. Love their smell and their unique design.

I guess I'm kind of fickle.

Nancy Face said...

Wow, those hot pink flowers are gorgeous!

Roses are one of my favorites, but I prefer getting daisies because they last so much longer in the vase!

Tulips are Sierra's favorites!

Valerie said...

Definitely Lilacs! They are finally blooming here... I better go out and cut a bouquet so I can make my house smell good!

Heffalump said...

I like roses and carnations. Carnations especially because they last a long time after they are cut.
I love lilacs but am very allergic, so I can't be around them.