Monday, July 25, 2011

Family History and Other Things

I have been having a great time doing family history. I have been using and am so excited because I connected with a 2nd cousin. As a child growing up, our family did get together with my dad's brother that lived in SF. He and my aunt had three children--all of them a few years older than me and I really didn't know them very well. When my dad died, we never heard from them again. It has been so wonderful to read the stories and see the photos this 2nd cousin has sent me. She is the granddaughter of my grandfather's brother. We are about the same age and I hope one day to have a chance to meet her.

SIDENOTE #1: 28 years ago when I was pregnant with Heidi we took a trip to fantastic trip to Europe. We just booked our airplane tickets to go back to one of our favorite places during that trip--SWITZERLAND. A few weeks ago I was looking for tickets to go to California for a birthday celebration for Daph's 40th birthday. They were too expensive. If you can believe it, these tickets for Switzerland were cheaper, which is why we couldn't pass them up. We are so excited to go and see Amanda and Darren. Amanda has had numerous opportunities recently to play tour guide and can't wait for her to show us around.

SIDENOTE #2: Allan and I were in Minot over the weekend. I am trying to put together a post about the whole experience. So much devastation. This picture shows where the water level was on some of the homes. Some of the people had a day's notice to get as much out of their homes as they could. Not sure what I would grab if I had a day's notice. We are so glad we went.

SIDENOTE #3: I am not a prairie girl, but the scenery on our drive home was so beautiful. I love seeing the canola fields. Usually there is a whole lot of flax, but we saw a little on our way down and I thought I'd get a picture on our way back, but didn't see one ; (

SIDENOTE #4: A couple of the cutest babies.Look at this little angel sleeping.

And this little one is growing up way too fast.


Garden of Egan said...

You do get to travel a lot!

I love the canola fields. They are in bloom here too.

Love those pictures.l

Melissa said...

The canola was in bloom while we were in Idaho! So pretty!

You have gotten to do some amazing things in your life! Someday I hope we get to travel!! :)

I need to get into family history... I just have a hard time getting my head into it right now...

Heffalump said...

Family History is my Mom's arena. I can't keep up with everything she has, so I'm waiting for her to get me the info so I know where to continue to look.
Sounds like a great deal on going to Switzerland! Have fun when you go!

Cherie said...

I love the picture of you in Switzerland - that will be so fun for you to go back!!

The canola fields are beautiful - I tend to take pictures like this too - we have such a beautiful earth!!

Natalie said...

subilHow wonderful that you can go on such a fun trip. It will be great. When do you go? Any room in your luggage for a stowaway? Ha

I've never seen canola fields that I know of anyway. Don't always know what I'm looking at.

Neal said...

Love that Switzerland're going to LOVE that rip.

As to what you would grab, if given short notice. I would suggest that you actually think about the answer - in addition to your 72 hour kits ; )

Valerie said...

I'm so excited that you get to go to Switzerland.... ahhh!! I can't wait to see the pictures you'll come back with!

I like Neal's suggestion that we actually THINK ahead of time what we should grab if we were given a short amount of time. I think I'd grab photos, but these days, that means grabbing the whole computer!

Glad you guys could go to Minot to help! My dad did that in '76 when the dam broke and Florin flooded. It was a good experience for him (and a good example for us!)

Connie said...

I can't wait to hear about your service trip to Minot. Isn't it wonderful to learn more about family? It's an added bonus to meet relatives on this side of the veil too! Beautiful canola field, darling children. You were a cute pregnant Mom!

gigi said...

Awesome tickets to Switzerland!!! Love the yellow fields and such precious babies! Lucky you!

Lana said...

how fun! you are such travelers! I am jealous.