Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'll Be Thinking of Elder Rob

When I go to see Happy Potter, I will be thinking of Elder Rob. He was a big Harry Potter fan--in fact, I started reading the books because I wanted to make sure they were appropriate. I'm not sure when he first started reading them, but my guess would be about 1999, when he was 8.

To get ready for the new movie, I spent a couple of days watching the Harry Potter movies again. Allan was traveling, and it was great to watch them and be reminded of why I enjoyed them so much. I haven't finished all of them, but I'm getting there.

Some things that have gone through my mind:

*Those early movies really were scary.

*Wow, they were so little in the first movie.

*I forgot about when Hermoine and Harry are watching themselves and Hermoine says, "Is that really what my hair looks like from the back???" CLASSIC LINE.

*I laughed when poor Ron gets the HOWLER from his mom--those would have come in handy when my kids were young ; )

*Kenneth Branagh was GREAT as Professor Lockhart.

*I love the line Dumbledore delivers to Harry: "Dark and difficult times lie ahead. Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy." Yes, we do.

*They sure did a great job making Voldemort truly creepy--such a great job on the make-up.

*I love Molly Weasley. I know there are parts in this last movie that are going to be painful to watch, but I'm excited to see it anyway.

It's really been fun to watch them. I'm trying to convince Allan to go with me to the midnight showing.

SIDENOTE #1: We've been working on our big service project. Have gone out a couple of times this week to distribute door hangars requesting food for Winnipeg Harvest. We'll be collecting food on Saturday.

SIDENOTE #2: I needed to go in and renew Elder Rob's driver's license. I laughed when the clerk said, "Oh, you need to have your picture taken, too" (I guess she hadn't noticed the name, but I thought that would be a surprise to him, if he got HIS driver's license with MY picture ; )


ShEiLa said...

I bet you wish you could see it together... I bet you will just as soon as he gets home.



Garden of Egan said...

He will have something to do when he gets if an RM doesn't already have a full plate.

Enjoy the show. I only watched the first three. Need to get into them.

Lana said...

that was a great line...can't wait for the movie!

Brent said...

What I think you should do is just buy the tickets to the midnight showing and tell dad that you have the tickets and just go. I mean come on, this is the last movie of an 8 movie saga. Well anyway, I really enjoyed the points you put up. I finished the second one last night, and will be watching the third this morning.

Melissa said...

I really can't wait to see the new movie! We watched part of the Chamber of Secrets last night and I had the same thought about Kenneth Branagh! PERFECT for that role!

Heffalump said...

We always wait for movies to come out on DVD. Boy I hope the time goes fast!
Just out of curiosity...what did they do about the picture for his lisence?

Heidi said...
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Heidi said...

yeah such good times--what will we look forward to know;p I know Elder Rob will enjoy them when he gets back!

kierste @ brown paper packages said...

Did you go at midnight??

We did, and LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!!

Connie said...

I'm sure he's feeling the hype and thinking of how he's going to watch it when he gets home.

Yes, he would be surprised to see how much he looks like him Mom on his license.

I went in and renewed my license. I, too am surprised how much I look like MY mom in my picture!

gigi said...

Hope you enjoy the new movie!

We did the same thing for our ward service project in April. Big success! Good luck.

Valerie said...

I hope you enjoyed the movie. I'm still waiting to see it. I guess after the play ends and life gets back to "normal." Whatever that is!

aubrey said...

*sigh* i loved all your thoughts and favorite things about the hp movies. i am still in mourning about it all being over. but my plan is to start rereading and rewatching them all. i totally agree with you about kenneth brannagh. he was fantastic!

Nancy Face said...

Lauren's work reserved a theater, so we got to see an early showing at 6:00 PM! It was pretty fun walking out after the movie and seeing all those hundreds of people in line who still had almost four more hours of waiting! ;)