Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Photo Challenge--Day 13 & 14

There is a reason that this post will encompass two different challenges.

I really don't know how to capture this--A PICTURE OF SOMETHING YOU HATE. (Honestly, when I think of something I hate, the thing that comes to mind is being sick. I hate being sick. And when I think of being sick, I think the sickest I ever get is when I'm pregnant. And so, I give you....

Now this was when we were playing the game at my baby shower when I was pregnant with Heidi, where everyone tried to guess how BIG I WAS ; )

I guess it could have been worse--it could have been a picture of me worshiping the porcelain throne, but fortunately, I didn't have one of those ; )

As I was thinking about my pregnancies and being sick, I thought about when we lived in Toronto and I was pregnant with my little Elder. I went in the hospital over Labor Day and was released Halloween--so I was in for almost 2 months. I remember our former Bishop from North Carolina came to the hospital to visit and as we were talking he knew from the look on my face that he needed to leave RIGHT THEN--I think he was very glad he did (and so was I)

So how does SOMETHING I HATE tie into SOMETHING I LOVE--well, because being pregnant is SOMETHING I LOVE. So, that is my Day 14 challenge and I'm going to write about that, too.

I have been pregnant 5 times. The first time I was pregnant was when I was 19 and the last time was when I was 40. Can I just say talk about NIGHT AND DAY. With Stephen I gained 7 pounds, with Kyle--well, we won't talk about how many pounds I gained ; ) The other thing is when I had Stephen I was in the hospital for 3 days, with Kyle I went into the hospital about midnight Saturday morning and he was born at 2:30 and I was at Church on Sunday morning. Another thing I remember was when I had Stephen I was told I couldn't drive for 6 weeks??? (And, just to clarify, there was no C-section involved)

I remember how excited Allan and I were when we discovered I was pregnant with Heidi--iI usually know fairly quickly and I don't usually need to take a pregnancy test--being sick is usually my first clue ; ) I can remember driving to the doctor's office for my first appointment with a roll of paper towels so I didn't get sick all over the car. And, of course, with Kyle I remember getting ready to go to the hospital and getting sick all over the bathroom--poor Allan, I'm sure it wasn't fun for him to have to come home in the middle of the night and clean it up.

There was one pregnancy when I didn't get sick and that was the baby I lost.

Those days are behind me, but I'm so grateful for wonderful memories of carrying babies. There is nothing quite like feeling the movement inside of you. And, of course, I have fabulous memories of my deliveries. The most sacred delivery would have to be when Richard delivered Brent. A memory I will cherish forever. And, of course, the best thing about carrying those babies is they have grown up to be fabulous adults. (As well, I am very privileged to be the "mom" of some other fabulous adults who I may not have carried inside of me, but I sure love them)

SIDENOTE #1: So grateful to have heard from my little Elder in his new area. I appreciate his positive attitude. He is in an area where he is going to be biking and it is fairly hot, but he wrote: "So tons of biking and sweating on bikes, but it's all good." SURE DO LOVE THAT BOY.


kierste @ brown paper packages said...

I can totally appreciate this post--and relate as well.

I LOVE the picture of you!!! I was horrible about taking pictures while I was pregnant, and now I wish I would have been better.

Garden of Egan said...

That is a cute pregger post. You weren't big at all!

WHere did the Elder get shipped to?

It has been hot. Finally.

ShEiLa said...

I guess pregnancy really is a love-hate relationship. Love most of it... hate what it does to our bodies and the whole sickness part. Morning, noon and night for me. Yuck!


ps. loved your photo share.

Cherie said...

You were a tiny pregnant person! Love the picture :-D

There are definately good and bad things about being pregnant.
I hate being sick too.

OK now I am wondering where your Elder is.

Nancy Face said...

I need to be VERY grateful that I never got sick with my pregnancies - just a bit queasy was all!

What I hated were the frequent and painful charley horses that woke me up at night!

Lana said...

sorry you got sick every time :(, glad you have those great kids though!!

carolyne b said...

I can relate to the being pregnant sick and not needing to go to the Dr to do a pregnancy test. The being sick confirmed everything. I was sick pretty much from the day I conceived until I had them. Five kids in total 4 pregancies.
I can't believe its July and your little Elder has been out for over a year. Next May will come so quickly and he'll be home. Then the last 2 missionaries need to go. There called mom and dad. And you two would be fab MP's.

Natalie said...

Cute post. You were a cute preggo Mommy. I was so thrilled each time I was preg because I so wanted each little baby. I actually miscarried 4 or 5 times each time going a little longer. That was too sad.

Why were you in hosp. so long?

Connie said...

That first picture makes me smile!

I too have said the same thing about the love/hate relationship with being pregnant!

Heffalump said...

I get sick during pregnancy too. But it sure is worth it!

Valerie said...

What a darling picture!

I'm one of those lucky people that barely got sick when I was pregnant. I only threw up one time and that was on accident. (I was brushing my teeth.)

I assume Elder didn't get transferred to an area closer to me? I saw a couple on bikes the other day, but I didn't recognize a face. I'm still looking though!

Sheri said...

A true love hate relationship! I think that is why mom's are so ready to sacrifice their all for their babies cause we do it from the moment we know about them!

Heidi said...

Mom--you are AMAZING!!! If I get sick like you did I don't think I could do it:/ You are so strong and I think that is amazing that you loved being pregnant--I HATE being sick too! You are the bestest most fabulous mom EVER and I feel very privileged to have you as my mother and dearest friend:)