Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Allan

Saturday was my sweetheart's 68th birthday.

Besides Allan's birthday, it was also my sweet little granddaughter, Hannah's birthday. I love that she and her grandpa share a birthday. When I was a little girl I shared a birthday with my Uncle Stan and I LOVED IT. It always made me feel close to him. I'm sure Hannah thinks it's pretty neat that she shares her special day with her Grandpa. (This was when everyone came to Winnipeg to celebrate Allan's 60th

But back to my hubby. We went to Regina and got back in time to head off to a wedding reception, so this post is a little late.

Last year I did a post about some of his great qualities. You can read it here.

He is an amazing man. I wish I was better at writing so I could really help you all to see what an incredible guy he is. I still remember being so excited the day he called me up to ask me out. I really wanted to keep pinching myself. And to this day I still know how lucky I am to be his wife.

Some of my favorite photos.

What a face. Yes, at one time he did have hair.And when I think of him having a hair I remember a story from many years ago. He was the Bishop in our ward in Brampton and was conducting during our Primary Program and was talking about when he was in Primary. And one of my friend's daughters said, I can't help but think of this little bald primary kid ; )

Look at that smile. I don't care what is going on all around us, he has that smile. He can always see the positive in everything--and believe me there are days that is very helpful.

He is such a family man. He loves his family. Here he is with his dad--he and his dad were so close. I know he still misses him.

And, of course, with his mom--his "angel mother". Goodness we miss her.

And I think he is a great brother. He has two sisters who look up to him--LITERALLY ; )

OBVIOUSLY, I have to include pictures with his kids. There are way, way too many to choose from. Neal did a really fun video for Allan with some great shots. Here are pictures of him with the kids:

A favorite of mine--he and Neal when we were visiting in Boston. They are so much alike. In fact, the older Neal gets the more he looks like his dad (and it's not just because he's getting "the hairline" ; )

With his daughters, Wendy and Nancy.

With Stephen many, many years ago.

And with the youngest three. They sure love their dad.

Now a few fun shots that make me smile:

Seriously, could Stephen's shorts be any shorter????

Allan is always ready to dive right into whatever is needed

Heidi has always known she was safe in her dad's arms (or hands ; )

Will always be one of Heidi's favorite moments with her dad.

And a very special day for all of us--the day the Winnipeg Temple was announced.

And for me, one of the most special days of my life--the day we were married FOREVER.

We were at the temple this past weekend and that made it the perfect birthday. We stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home and he got a BIG CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE, so he was HAPPY : )


Garden of Egan said...

That is an awesome tribute.
He does sound wonderful.

Darling pictures.

Valerie said...

When I first opened this post and saw that picture I thought, "ooo.... who's the model?"

I always love your birthday posts! Happy birthday, Allan!

Melissa said...

Love the photos! You seem to have such a wonderful family! Happy Birthday Allan!

Sheri said...

Happy Birthday Allan!! Love all the pictures! What a great couple you are!!

Nancy Face said...

Hope it was a great burp-day for him!

Dairy Queen is yum!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday to Allan. What an awesome man!

Love all the photos and the tribute.

D.Q.= Yummy

ShEiLa said...

August is a busy month for you... Happy Birthday Allan!

Yvonne you have the best display of family photos. I love the 'ready to dive into' [fantastic shot].


kierste @ brown paper packages said...

Happy Birthday Allan!! As usual, love all the pictures.

Cherie said...

I can tell by your words of love that he is a magnificent husband and father and definately the love of your life!

He has an awesome smile!!!

Happy Birthday to your sweet husband.