Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Brent

This post is a little early, but I want to make sure it gets done.

Tomorrow is Brent's 26th Birthday.

I am so blessed to be his mother. He is an amazing young man. All through his growing up years I learned so much. Most of all I learned about faith and hope.

He was such a fun little guy.Yes, there were lots of speech therapy and occupational therapy appointments, but they were definitely worth it.

It has been so fun to watch him grow up. I have some great memories of some pretty fun things. I remember visiting with one of his teachers when he was young and she told us that when he would take a spelling test he would spell the words out loud. All the kids would listen and write them down ; ) One day he slammed the door of the van on his finger and was in the office during the time that the spelling test would be held. He knew the words and sat down and wrote them all out just as he knew the teacher would read them. Yes, he got them all right ; )


His first birthday.

First day of pre-school in So. California.

This is one of my favorite pictures--when he got home from pre-school one day.

He has always been helpful. This was after Hurricane Hugo--with everyone preparing for Hurricane Irene, I remember how unprepared we were.

He participated in Scouts Canada and earned his Chief Scout Award. One of the things he did was go on a canoe trip down the Blood Vein River. They used float planes to get to the River so it was a pretty exciting trip. Here he is all with his mosquito netting. I think some of the boys thought it was a little over the top, but he didn't have any bites, so I don't think they were laughing at the end of the 9-day trip ; )

He is a great young man. With Pres. and Sister B. When he was on his mission, President B. told us "he was without guile". He is so loving. He was a great missionary. He just can't be unkind. When I would ask him about a companion that I sense he was struggling with, he would write, "He is interesting". I came to know what that meant.

Birthday in the mission field.

This picture so makes me laugh.He is so supportive of Elder Rob while he's on his mission. He is always sending him ideas that worked while he was serving. (I wonder if he sent this picture ; )

Family is so very important to him.

With Heidi and "Kyle" a couple of years ago on a trip they took to Disneyland.

He really enjoys talking with Neal. They both love movies and Neal and him speak the same language ; )
I love this picture of Brent and Stephen. Brent will always have a special place in Stephen's heart.
He loves his nieces and nephews and they love him.

Elder Rob and Brent the day Elder Rob entered the MTC

His birthday a couple of years ago.

I'm so glad we ran our race together in June. It was so fun. I wish some of his speed had worked on me.

Happy Birthday, Bud. I love you. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Wish we were there to celebrate with you. Whatever you do, I hope it's fun.


ShEiLa said...

Happy 26th tomorrow Brent!!!

My sister is scheduled for an induction in the morning... so if her baby doesn't come before mid-night she and Brent will share a birthday.


Cherie said...

Happy Birthday to Brent!!

I loved reading this post Yvonne - What a wonderful guy. I noticed he does not seem to be married yet. I so wish I had another daughter (wink!). He will make a great catch!

You know all kids are different and come with different personalities but some just have a specialness about them. I love the "without guile" - that is a great quality!

Nancy Face said...

I love the $100 Per Referral picture!

Hope his birthday is great!

Sheri said...

I love your birthday blogs!! I feel like I actually know your family! Happy Birthday Brent!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday to a great, loving guy--Brent.

I lov ed reading all about him and i especially loved the photos. Handsome young man!!!!!

Neal said...

Awesome post...loved it.

Garden of Egan said...

Happy Birthday to a handsome young man!
You should be so proud.

Love the pictures of him and your family as a boy!

Valerie said...

Awwww... what a great guy! Happy birthday, Brent!

Roxanne said...

HI Yvonne as well as inspirational I also think INSANE lol. I really appreciated the 2 blogs you gave me on Vt. I am in the YW's presidency and wonder if you could suggest some good blogs for that. Take care