Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Photo Challenge--Day 18

Today's challenge: A Picture of Something You Wish You Were Better At or Something I Wish I Could Overcome

Well, in actuality, this is more of an explanation (or an excuse) as to why I blink each and every time a picture is taken. I can now BLAME MY MOM ; ) for my blinking habit. I think the little girl closest to the fireplace is me, although it really makes sense that it is my two oldest sisters, but it just doesn't look like them. It looks like me and my sister, Gayle.

Sidenote #1: A little genealogy update: Over the past few weeks I've learned some really great stuff, but recently learned something a part of me wishes I never knew ;

Sidenote #2: I love being with Allan when missionaries are set apart. (I go to take pictures) The other night he set apart a young man from one of our outlying wards. He is a great young man and will be a FABULOUS missionary. He comes from a wonderful family. There were lots of family and friends there for his setting apart and it was so fun to stand around after and listen to all the wonderful stories-especially from former missionaries who have served in various parts of the world. Allan was the Bishop to a couple of these missionaries when they went on their missions and now some of them are married with children. Where is the time going?


Deena said...

Jeff and I both have problems with blinking in pictures. Our wedding pictures are comical. Sometimes I just keep the sunglasses on and smile big. Then the blinking won't matter. :)

Cherie said...

I am a squinter - It bugs me but when I try to keep my eyes open a little more I look a little too overly surprised - Ha Ha!

OK now we are all going to wonder what skeleton you found in the family closet - Hope it wasn't too awful!

Is your husband the Stake President? I think it would be so neat to watch missionaries be set apart. The only one I have ever been to is my own sons and it was awesome!

ShEiLa said...

Love your 'OLD' photo.


Heffalump said...

A couple of my kids blink in pics a lot. I have tried all kinds of techniques, but usually if they try too hard not to blink they just look psycho instead.

Nancy Face said...
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Nancy Face said...

You're cute when you blink!

Sheri said...

Smile and say hello right before they snap the picture!! I've heard it works?! We have found some not fabulous things in our heritage too - I think everyone does!

Suzanne said...

I always blink too! Your mom is so beautiful. You look a lot like her. :)

Sharon said...

Thanks for posting the pic of Elder Beaumont and his family! I love it! I so love your blog! It is very inspiring!

Garden of Egan said...

Next time you go to take pictures count backwards to everyone.
Tell them count on 1
Do 3-2-1 THEN take the picture.

That is such a great service to take pictures of all the departing missionaries.

Connie said...

How often do we have smiling pictures with our eyes closed? (Alot!) Love that you had that picture of your Mom!
Genealogy is so fascinating! Are you going to share what you didn't want to find out about?
What a fun "calling" you have taking missionary's pictures.

kierste @ brown paper packages said...

I'm always worried about squinting too!!! Especially with a flash, so I try not to use it, lol.

Love the pic---

Natalie said...

What a wonderful picture of your Mom.

So great that you can take the pictures of the Elders.

Now we want to know what you found out. We all have something, don't we?