Friday, August 12, 2011

Some Special Treats

Treat #1:Anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows one thing about me: I LOVE CHOCOLATE. And my weakness with chocolate is that if I make a plate of brownies I can't stop at one, or two, or well, you get the picture.

The other day, I found a wonderful recipe for a Low-Fat Brownie in a Mug. I love it. (I have to admit I put a little scoop of ice cream on top so the 83 calories becomes a little higher, but it's okay.)

1 tbsp Plain Flour
1 tbsp Granular Low Calorie Sweetener
1 tbsp Cocoa (natural, Unsweetened)
1/8 tsp All Purpose Baking Soda
1/8 tsp Salt
1 1/2 tbsp Unsweetened Applesauce
1/4 tsp Cinnamon Ground

Combine and pour into mug then pop into microwave for 1 minute!

I'd love to post a picture of the brownie in the mug, but this is the best I can do--an empty cup

TREAT #2: Allan and I took a lovely drive out to Girls Camp yesterday morning. He gave a Devotional and as always, did a wonderful job. Last year was the first year the Young Women went to this camp--it is in such a beautiful setting in Ontario--it is about a 2 1/2 hour drive.

It was so fun to see what they have been doing. YW Leaders are amazing to me. They had these on display--the girls' designs. Apparently this week they had a modesty fashion show--complete with a runway.

TREAT #3: I was so happy to receive an e-mail last night from a woman in Idaho who had just had Elder Rob and his companion in her home. She just wanted us to know he was doing well.

I loved that she included a picture.

SIDENOTE: I just can't resist including this picture of my little great grandson. Isn't this such a precious picture.


Cherie said...

Those are all wonderful treats!!

Brownie in a cup - Now that is genious I will definately try this. I have the same problem with brownies that you do. I can never stop at 1 or 2 or 6 - Ha ha.

Girls Camp - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Elder - I love that this woman did that for you. We had someone do that for us only once when my son was on his mission and it was so neat!! Great to get some feedback from someone who has seen him recently and the picture is a huge bonus (and really cute too!!).

Grandson picture is adorable. I love that he has his Buzz and Woody - they are great pals!!

Lana said...

Yumm, sounds delish!!
Kyle sure is a handsome elder:)

ShEiLa said...

I am definitely going to try your recipe. Love your cup!

Also cute grandson... I just started singing... 'you've got a friend in me' and your little guy has lots of friends to nap with. *Ü*


Garden of Egan said...

Those are all wonderful pictures!

Yay for the picture of your Elder. We were in Idaho Falls today and saw two missionaries. I couldn't remember where you said he was, but I thought of your sweet Elder.

The fashion show at Girls Camp looks awesome.
Can't teach that enough.

Sheri said...

Yummy and wonderful treats!! Love the picture of your grandson!!

Natalie said...

Yummy on the chocolate. I'm with you. I LOVE chocolate. Will have to try your recipe.

Girls camp looks great and what a wonderful fashion show.

Your Elder is so handsome and it's so nice that you have a bonus picture of him. It's awesome that he is serving the Lord.

Cute,cute grandson. Grandkids are the best. :)

kierste @ brown paper packages said...

That brownie looks so yummy!!! For 83 calories and being chocolate, it sounds perfect!

I love girls' camp, and that picture looks just like the place where ours is at here. LOVE the lake. So fun!

Valerie said...

Those are some DELICIOUS treats! Brownies (and what a cute mug!!!), mission pictures, girl's camp and a great grandson. Life doesn't get much better than that?

Why, oh why can't I send a picture of Elder Rob to you?!?!

gigi said...

I'm gonna copy that recipe, thanks!

Love that, that Sister was so thoughtful to send the note and a picture! I think I will try to remember to do that. We have some outstanding Missionaries right now. I sat with them as they taught my DIL's friend last night. The spirit was so strong.

That is a most precious picture!