Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Memories

I will post more on my Switzerland trip, but just wanted to put this up today.

I have heard a few people talk about pinterest and I had to check it out.  I now have an invite and will have to start "pinning" ; )

I found this quote and LOVED IT: "Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory".  (Unfortunately, I saw it before I understood how it works, so I can't link back to the person's board where I saw it)

I love memories. I have some great ones (and a few not so great ones). Sometimes I worry that one day the memory will go--maybe that's why I'm so fanatical about pictures--hoping that will help bring back the memory.  It's funny when we were in Switzerland, every so often I would look at Amanda and my mind would be flooded with memories of her as a little girl.  I remember that day in September when we got the phone call that she was born.  We got in our car and left our little ones at home with the bigger ones and drove to Utah to meet our first little granddaughter.  When I held her, she had me--what a sweetie.  I knew it IMMEDIATELY.  It seems like just yesterday.  Here she is on the day of her blessing.

 There was a time when we lived fairly close to one another and we saw her quite often.  It was so great.

We have visited many times with our grandchildren.  In fact, in 2000 we brought several of them to Winnipeg to have time with them without their parents.  It was a blast.  I know our little Hannah (who was born that same year so obviously missed out on that trip) wants to come here to see us--I would love  to bring her here this summer after our reunion.   But our trip to Zurich was the first time we have visited with a grandchild alone--without parents or their siblings around.  AND I LOVED IT.

It has convinced me that I want to make more memories with my grandchildren--I'm afraid they won't remember the things we did through the years--things like this:

We've made some great memories--and I have loved each and every minute we have spent together.   I'm so looking to making more memories with these great kids.



Heffalump said...

I hope I get to enjoy my grandchildren as much as you enjoy yours someday!

Connie said...

You look young enough to be Amanda's mother in that picture!
Great pictures of the activities you've had with your grandchildren.

Lana said...


Cherie said...

Great memories and I understand because I am a little fanatical about pictures too - I don't want to forget, I don't want anyone to forget the good things we have had in life together!!!

Loved your pictures. You are such a wonderful grandma.

Valerie said...

If I have the opportunity to be a grandma, I hope I'm as good of one as you!

I hope you enjoy Pinterest! I'll look for you on there!

ShEiLa said...

What a wonderful family you have. I love it when you share your memories.