Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our First Day in Zurich

As I mentioned on my last post, our flight from Toronto to Zurich was delayed by four hours.  But who cares--we weren't going to let that ruin our trip.  I think both of us got about 3 or 4  hours sleep on the plane, so we felt pretty  good when we landed.

I should add that we were very surprised as we were coming in to land.  It was so beautiful and green.  We took a sort of people mover to the main part of the airport.  It was so funny because as you ride it, you hear all sorts of sounds I guess from the Alps--cows mooing, yodeling, etc.  As well, there is what looks like pictures moving on the walls of the tunnel.  It is so cool.   Allan and I were laughing.

When we arrived at baggage claim, there was our cute little tour guide.  We took a train to the hotel where we were staying, "The D&B Hotel and Suites"--which included free high speed internet, free breakfast, hey, let's face it FREE EVERYTHING ; )  Darren and Amanda were so kind to let us stay at their apartment which is so lovely.  I always love visiting family and seeing where they live.  When I talk to them on the phone or read e-mails and they talk about their place I can then picture it in my mind--same thing when I visit their cities.  I know what they are talking about and it makes it all so much better.

We had planned to arrive around but didn't get there til around 3 p.m.  Before we headed out to tour the city, Amanda made sure we had swiss chocolate.  Apparently that is something she has given to each of the tour groups that have visited them this summer.

We went to the downtown area and walked around.  We saw so many beautiful things.  I just recently started a new challenge with some friends so I have to burn 250 calories exercising a day--fortunately walking around in some of the places we visited on this trip made that part of the challenge fairly easy.

Allan and I have been on several cruises and have taken many tours, but there is nothing quite like having your own personal tour guide who seems to know everything.  I know Amanda has done this several times, but she was great.  I carried my little notebook and she was quite patient spelling everything and explaining things.

The temperatures were perfect.  She took us to a couple of Churches.  The one with the two "towers" is Grossmunster--which is a Romanesque style Church.  We went inside--I love stain glass windows and this one had some beautiful ones.  We also went to Fraumunster, another beautiful Church.

We met up with Darren and walked around and then headed to our restaurant--Zeughaskellar--for a lovely dinner.  Amanda had sent us an itinerary before we arrived and so I used google to check out the restaurants she suggested.  Allan loves Wienerschnitzel  and was quite happy to see they had it on the menu.  HE LOVED IT.  I had a delicious sausage with some wonderful gravy and yummy potato salad.

In fact, we went back to this same place for our meal our last evening in Switzerland.  You can see our tiny little portions ; )

After dinner we headed back to the "hotel"--Allan and I were a little (ha, ha) tired.  Slept pretty good that night even though I was excited about our plans to go to the Chocolate factory the next day ; )


Natalie said...

What a wonderful tour guide you have. :)

So much fun and such a beautiful country.

I'm glad you're enjoying yourselves.

Garden of Egan said...

That is so beautiful!
Have a blast.

Heffalump said...

I think travelling would be so fun if I wasn't so afraid of the flying!

Connie said...

I've been thinking about you and wondering how your trip went. Looks like a beautiful place!
You're right, there is nothing better than having your own personal tour guide who knows the ropes and won't charge you for their time and knowledge.
Excited to see more.
Did you mention chocolate factory? It would be well worth doing more exercises to burn off an extra 250 calories from the visit!

Cherie said...

How fun to have your own personal tour guide!!
It will be great to go on this trip with you - I hope you post lots of pictures. It looks beautiful so far.

Valerie said...

A personal tour guide in Switzerland... I bet that made the hills seem even more alive!! :)

Amanda is so beautiful and I bet she loved having you there!

I'm loving the pictures and can't wait to see more!

Melissa said...

I missed this post! How did that happen? Looks like a lot of fun!! That's so awesome that you had your own tour guide :)