Friday, September 23, 2011

Trip to Zurich--Chocolate, Cheese and Olympic Museum

We got up early on Wednesday morning--it felt very early.   Allan and Darren headed to Hertz to pick up our rental car.   

When Amanda sent us our itinerary, I was very excited to see that we were going to go to a chocolate factory--AND THE REAL DRAW, you could have all the free samples of chocolate you wanted at the end of the tour.  (I'm happy to report that I didn't eat so much that they had to ask me to leave ; )

Notice my yellow jacket, I packed it because I wanted to make sure the gang didn't lose me in the Alps somewhere.  Actually, it came in handy in the chocolate factory--I was in the "store" which was so big and full of SO MANY CHOICES that I think Allan and Amanda lost me for a moment ; )

The tour was a little cheesy but I was willing to do whatever to make sure I could get my free samples.  So many choices.  Of course I HAD TO TRY THEM ALL!!!!

You have to love Amanda's answer to their question:

In case you can't see it, she wrote ANY TIME!!!

From there we headed to the town of Gruyeres to go on a tour of the cheese factory.  I sure learned a lot about making cheese.  Gruyere is apparently one of the finest cheeses for baking and a great cheese for melting--used in fondues.   I didn't know anything about the process so it was quite an interesting thing for me.  I learned that cows consume 100 kg. of food and 80 litres of water.

Then it was time for lunch.  Amanda knew about this cute little place.

To make sure I got in all my veggies for the day, we shared this yummy salad.  They have the best "French" dressing--it is nothing like normal French dressing.  It is green and we loved it.  It is the only dressing I had on all the salads we had while we were there.

We also had some wonderful fondue.  I have not had a lot of fondue, but this was by far the best fondue I have ever had.  The cheese was so yummy--that Gruyere cheese.

Walking around the town was so fun.  (With all the chocolate I ate, I really should have RAN AROUND THE TOWN ; )

 Amanda and Allan enjoying the view.
The Chateau de Gruyeres was apparently built in the 13th century.

We then headed to Lausanne to go to the Olympic museum.  I love the Olympics so this was a real treat for me.

The only thing that was disappointing was that I could not take photos inside.  The displays were wonderful.  They had the torches from the Olympics.  It was fun to see the different styles--who'd of thought they were all so different.  As well, all the medals.  Again, so very different.  I loved seeing all the uniforms, shoes, skis, hockey sticks, helmets, etc. Our time was limited but it would have been wonderful to have been able to go through it more slowly--to have been able to watch all the videos they showed and to have been able to read EVERYTHING.

Allan and Amanda both did high jump in high school--Allan has always been very disappointed that the Fosbury Flop wasn't "invented" until after he graduated from high school.  He was still doing the Western roll, which wasn't nearly as effective.

I guess they figured this might be the ONLY way they'd give over that bar ; )

I loved this statue--no, I wasn't inspired to think about perhaps a gold medal in the marathon at the next Olympics in London ; )

I loved this statue which is across the street.  That is Lake Geneva in the background.

We walked down to a little restaurant for dinner--it must seem like all we do is eat ; )

We had yummy crepes for dinner.  I had a delicious mushroom and cheese crepe.  It was HUGE and so tasty.  Fortunately, Allan had a dessert crepe so he helped me finish mine.  I decided to have a dessert crepe AFTER my meal.   No, I didn't need ANY help finishing that ; )

A few more pictures--

Some random guy waterskiing on Lake Geneva.

It truly was a perfect day.  


Heffalump said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! Maybe someday I will become more adventurous...

Valerie said...

What a wonderful vacation! It's pretty awesome that Amanda lives in Europe so you "have" to go visit! :)

Cheese, chocolate, crepes and an amazing salad... oh man. I'd have to buy an extra seat to get myself home! Was that a petunia in your salad?

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness what a wonderful time you are having. I love all the pictures. You are looking awesome.

All the food looks yummy too. Love, love chocolate anytime too.:) Love crepes also.

I'm so glad you are having this great time together.

Sheri said...

What a great day!! Glad you are having such a fabulous time!! Thanks for sharing it with us!! I love the random shot of the water-skier... it was so random and normal!

Sue said...

The food looks heavenly.
I love crepes! and pretty much anything with cheese on it.
And chocolate...I shouldn't even go there.

What an awesome trip.
Wonderful pictures.

Melissa said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating all the time :)

Your pictures are so awesome! What a wonderful time!!

Connie said...

Beautiful pictures of a fun, fun time. Amanda is a doll! How wonderful to be able to visit her and see all the sights!

ShEiLa said...

gorgeous scenery...

YOU have it made Miss Yvonne!!!!