Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Some months ago I went through a bit of a scare, and I didn't write about it on my blog.  (I felt bad that I had even told me kids/grandkids (except for Elder Rob).  I really didn't want any of them to go through the roller coaster ride with Allan and me, but I knew I wanted the prayers.  Without going into a lot of detail, I found a lump.  When I went in to see my doctor after he examined me he said, "I can't tell you not to worry".  Note to self:  Next time find a doctor who'll lie to you ; )

To summarize the whole thing, after several months of waiting (you have to know PATIENCE IS NOT ONE OF MY VIRTUES),  and blessings and tears, two mammograms and a couple of ultrasounds, the Breast Cancer Clinic told me, there was nothing to worry about.

At the same time I was going through all of this, I called my former piano teacher just to check in with her and was shocked to find out that about the same time she had also found a lump.  I'm sad to say that she has not had the same outcome as I have.   She will have her second chemotherapy treatment this week.  My prayers are with her.    I appreciate so much her positive attitude.  I think she is amazing.

My thoughts and prayers are with all the families who face this horrible disease and everything associated with it.  I hope and pray that research will lead to a cure.


Sheri said...

It is a scary one... they all are and I am so glad to hear you are not one who has to go through it.

ShEiLa said...

My Mother was a breast cancer survivor... I too have had a scare with the family history... actually underwent a lumpectomy. All was ok.
It is so hard to realize just how many this disease affects... too many. WE do need a cure! So glad you are alright.


carolyne b said...

I can't imagine waiting for the results as long as you did. I went for a mamogram earlier this summer and when they sent me to another clinc for a intense manogram I still wasn't to worrried. However, before I was able to change they asked me to hold on. I had to go and have an ultrasound. Then is when I got worried. As I sat waiting, I prayed, not that the results would be okay; but rather if they weren't we'd be okay and handle it.
Needless to say everything is fine. But with breast cancer being very prevealent in our family. I have to make some changes.
Thank goodness your results were successful, and I too pray for those with a different outcome.

Heffalump said...

Cancer is a horrific thing. I'm glad you are not having to go through it, and I am sorry that your friend is.

Garden of Egan said...

Great reminder.
I have a friend who is just beginning her battle for the second time.

Glad your outcome was good.
Will keep your friend in my prayers.

Natalie said...

SOooooooo glad your ok. What a scare!!!!!!

Lana is a cancer survivor. That was a very scary time.

Nancy Face said...

I'm so happy that you are okay!

Lauren is seeing a surgeon this week about another mass in her breast. Although her doctor believes it's probably not a danger to her, it still needs further examination by the specialist. (I'm grateful she has good insurance!)

Valerie said...

I'm very glad things worked out positively for you!! That is very scary! I have a good friend who is a breast cancer survivor and my aunt is fighting it right now. I haven't had the courage to go in and have my first "squeeze" but I know I'm going to have to, sooner or later. EEEK!!