Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Allan knew I wanted to carve a pumpkin so he got me one at the store.  I was working on it this morning when Stephen called.   When I answered the phone I said, "WHY AREN'T YOU HERE TO CARVE MY PUMPKIN???"  He has had lots of experience through the years carving pumpkins--he is so meticulous and does a great job.  The other night they had a pack meeting and he got pumpkins for all the families to carve--he even cleaned them out (my least favorite thing to do).  Here is my finished product:

I enjoy Halloween--have great memories of going out trick or treating as a kid.  Yes, I remember and we're talking 55 years ago.  We never had to worry about going through the candy, could eat ANYTHING--EVEN THE HOMEMADE STUFF.   We used to get TONS of candy.

I miss those days of getting kids ready for Halloween.  It was always so fun.

A few of my favorite costumes through the years:

About 30 years ago:

Our little rocker.

I think Brent was a little uncomfortable in his dinosaur costume.  He didn't like anything around his neck.    I can't figure out why it looks blue--the costume actually was green???  It took me quite awhile to sew it, but it was put to good use--he wore it for THREE YEARS--and not just for Halloween, he loved wearing it around the house  ; )

My all-time favorite has to be the year Brent went as a robot and someone thought he was a refrigerator. Kyle's response to the person has to be a classic that I will never forget, "Lady, have you ever seen a refrigerator with arms????"

I think everyone has one of these pictures--actually, I have two, well kind of.  

While at BYU he went as Luigi:

And a few years ago when we headed for a youth activity while I was serving in Young Women:

Love this little pirate ; )

I've been waiting to see what the little grandkids would be, and I was not disappointed.  Macy got some great shots of G-Man and baby L.  I had to laugh when I got my e-mail today from Elder Rob and he said that they will be watching Captain America tonight.  (I thought G-Man would love that ; )  These two are such cute kids:

The other night Stephen and Daphne and the younger ones went to trunk or treat.  Loved the costumes.  Miss Georgia was a little skunk--such a cute little costume.  I guess the two older ones had other plans ; (

It's almost 7:00 and we are sitting here with lots of candy and so far just a fewTRICK OR TREATERS ; (  Our house is not too spooky, the weather is decent, so I'm not sure what's going on.  I really don't want to eat all the candy (can you imagine the big smile on my face as I say that ; )

And, I think I'm going to have to go and see if I can find a new banner for my door--this one is looking pretty shabby, but it still makes me smile.  Whenever I first put it up, it takes Allan a few days to realize there's not someone there ; )


Natalie said...

Awesome carving. Love the pumpkin.

We've been celebrating and celebrating and this year we are having tons of kids come. It's only 7:00 and half of my candy is gone. AND I got a lot----like about 400 pieces or more.

Cherie said...

Happy Halloween Yvonne!

I am enjoying the little trick or treaters tonight they are all so cute.

Your pictures are wonderful! I love all the costumes especially the Mario's :-D

Your grandkids are super adorable and we love Captain America around here!!

P.S. I am slowly eating all the Almond Joy's out of my bowl of candy - hee hee.

Cherie said...

P.P.S. I forgot to say that you did a fantastic job on your pumpkin!

ShEiLa said...

Such wonderful memory shares. Love it. I have been thinking tons about when my kiddos were little too... and all the fun WE had over the years.


Garden of Egan said...

That is an awesome pumpkin.

The pictures are a fabulous trip down memory lane. Where do the years go?

Hopefully you got rid of the candy....or not.

kierste @ brown paper packages said...

That is a seriously awesome pumpkin!!! I love Halloween too!

It was so fun to see your pictures and trip down memory lane!

Heffalump said...

I didn't carve one this year, but the kids did!