Thursday, November 17, 2011

Grandchildren--Pride and Joy #1, Christopher

A couple of years ago I did pride and joy posts on my kids and it was so fun for me.  I've decided to do them about my grandchildren.

So let's start at the beginning with #1 Grandson.  (The hardest part of this, deciding which pictures to use--I almost have as many pictures of Chris as I do of own children)

What can I say about this guy?  I still remember the day he was born--we were in Hawaii.  Look at his daddy, he is just a young kid himself.

You really need a better look at Christopher

And then a few months later:

Such a handsome guy ; )

When we lived in California, we spent a lot of time together.  There were so many little trips that we have taken through the years, family vacations, family reunions.  It was wonderful to spend holidays together.

Now the above picture needs an explanation ; )  We brought the kids in for a little Grandma/Grandpa time with them.  We drove out to Kenora because Allan was there for a fishing trip, and when he flew in on one of these small planes we thought it would be fun if we took a picture of Chris running into the plane--he was always a good sport ; )

On that same trip, Chris posed for one of my all-time favorite pictures of him--with Brent's Mega Man helmet.  I always thought I could use it to blackmail him one day--oh well.

Some of my favorite stories about him:
  • he and Heidi "dancing"when we were in Disneyland.  So funny ; )

  • the way he would eat/dip his french fries (which we still tease him about).  He would dip his fry in ketchup, take a bite, dip it again, take another bite, etc.  Now you have to eat a meal with us to know, we don't dilly dally when we eat.  WE GET IT DONE!!!!  
  • having family pictures taken and the photographer referring to him as "Pony Boy" ; )
  • when he and his dad and sister came to Winnipeg for Christmas 1997 and he had his little Penny Hardaway doll.  I can still remember sitting at the table eating dinner and there was little Penny--it still makes me smile.  

That gives you a great picture of "Little Penny" but in the one below you can really see that "Little Penny" was EVERYWHERE ; )

He and Heidi are only 6 months apart.   They have always had such a good time together.  Funny thing, Chris and Heidi's husband, Daniel,  share the same birthday.

Some fun shots of Chris and his Aunt Heidi:

A number of years ago he began dating this beautiful girl.  She is a real sweetheart.  I just love this girl. She is such a delight to be around.

I love this picture of the two of them when we were all in Hawaii.

Chris and Heather were married a couple of years ago--talk about a good looking couple.  I know it meant a great deal to Allan to be able to perform the marriage.

Today this young man is so very handsome and so very tall.  I think he loves being the tallest one in the family.   He is such a sweetheart.

He and Heather bought a house a few months ago.  They are amazing.  She is a school teacher and he works as an I.T. guy for the School District.  He told me that one day as he was walking down the halls the little kids were whispering about him being a GIANT ; )

He is a great big brother.  Family is very important to them.  When Neal and Macy went to Zurich to visit Amanda and Darren and took baby L with them, Chris and Heather watched G-Man while they were gone.  I think G-Man had a ball--and I have a feeling Chris and Heather did, too.

I am so very proud that he is my grandson and that Heather is part of our family.


Natalie said...

Chris is soooooo handsome and he has such a beautiful wife. Such a beautiful couple and it's great that they are so nice.

Neal said...

Awesome post. Made me smile, here in Shanghai ; )

Garden of Egan said...

Beautiful pictures.
It looks like your family is all so absolutely beautiful and so much fun.
Thanks for sharing!

ShEiLa said...

I always enjoy the walk down memory lane in honor of your wonderful family... actually I think it warms my heart witnessing the love you have for your family.


Heffalump said...

You are a good Grandma!

Melissa said...

What a fun post!! I look forward to reading about more of your sweet grandkids!!

Connie said...

What a great post. He is very handsome and I love the pictures of him with Heidi, especially the one playing pool and he's waving to the camera.

Cherie said...

He is very handsome and what a beautiful couple!! Definately a man to be proud of!!
I also enjoyed that Heidi is his aunt. So cute.

Valerie said...

I can't wait to get to know your grandchildren better! Thanks for sharing!

gigi said...

What a great post! Lucky you and your family!