Tuesday, January 17, 2012


TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!  And I can't believe it is my 61st!!!  (I decided to use this picture that one of my sister's posted on our family website.  She thinks it was taken at my high school graduation celebration.  It's funny I still remember that mohair sweater ; )

When we were in Utah my SIL's called me upstairs and wanted to talk to me.  They seemed very serious and were all concerned because they didn't want to step on my toes.  They wondered why everyone else's birthday is on the calendar on the family website and NOT MINE.  I told them, it felt funny to put my own on there ; )


So I put it on, and in fact, it reads "Happy Birthday to Me--Yvonne".  I am the administrator of our family website.  On most everyone's birthday I get up early and try to post a picture and a birthday message.  I appreciate Neal who has posted mine in the past--thanks, Neal.  (I had every intention of getting on our family website this morning and posting a message, but Neal did it last night.  Thanks, Neal ; )

Heidi asked me what I was doing for my birthday and I told her Allan is out of town so we won't be going to dinner until Saturday.  It really is okay.  I have a fairly busy day planned--Boot Camp at 6 am--at least I've had a week to get back into Boot Camp mode;  Doctor appointment;  lunch with a couple of friends and then PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS.  All in all a GREAT DAY.  So, I may have to just relax on Wednesday--after all, at my age, I need lots of rest.

Let me just add some memories of growing up.  This will show you how old I really am:
  • I still remember the first time my sisters and I went out to dinner at a restaurant.  We had the best laugh ever when they brought us our ice cream for dessert--the tiniest scoop of ice cream we had ever seen.  We laughed and laughed and laughed.
  • Walking to the grocery store with my mother to buy a hot dog and a drink for a dime--yes, a dime.
  • Going to the Five and Dime to get penny candy.
  • Some guys from NASA coming to our school and announcing one day we'd walk on the moon--MY FRIENDS AND I LAUGHED SO HARD.  We thought--SURE WE WILL!!!!
  • Being so scared when we thought we were going to war--Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • My dad dying.
  • The assassination of President Kennedy--what were going to do without a President.   (It was only a few months after my dad had died and life had changed so much.)
  • The first time we saw color on TV--BONANZA.  I still remember Little Joe and the gang riding up on their horses.
  • My mom getting sick and my sisters and I being taken away from home and becoming "Wards of the County".
  • Junior High School--YUCK!!!!
  • My mom dying and not knowing what was going to happen to us.
  • Helen and Les rescuing us.
  • Starting high school.  Friday night football games.
  • Going to get my driver's license--after failing the first time. 
  • Summer jobs--working at the Naval Air Station and the Nut House (no, not that kind of Nut House) 
  • Cruising the strip on the weekends--thank goodness gas was so cheap.
  • Graduating from high school and flying to Florida to visit my sister, Judy--my first plane ride.
  • Apollo 11 landing on the moon.
  • Becoming a mom and not knowing the first thing about taking care of a baby.
There have been many wonderful memories since I became a mom the first time.  There have been a lot of firsts in my life--a lot of great adventures.

It's funny when I think about the things that we would see in the future--things that were so amazing when they first came out:
  • Contact lenses
  • Clothes dryers
  • Computers--it's crazy when you think about how the first computers were HUGE and now look at what we have
  • Internet
  • HBO and Showtime--I remember when I first heard about pay TV, in my mind all I could see was a TV with coin slots where we would put in money to watch ; )
  • Microwave ovens--I love microwave popcorn--can't tell you how much popcorn I burned trying to pop it on the stove.
  • Bottled water:  I wonder what my folks would think about our paying for water?
  • Digital cameras
  • Cell phones--Who'd have thought that one day we would be texting one another???
  • Record players to 8 tracks to Cassette Tapes to CD's to iPods
  • Fast food
  • Travel
  • Dishwashers--THANK GOODNESS FOR DISHWASHERS, but seriously, can't they figure out a way to have them load and unload by themselves???
  • TIVO
  • eBooks
It's so exciting to see how the world has changed.  (I'm sure I'm forgetting so many things--these are just the ones that have come to my mind)   I didn't even touch on how many advances there have been in medicine.  I am so grateful for them, and I pray that there will continue to be great advances.

And, of course, there have been so many changes in TV, movies and music.  Everything is so different.
Not to mention, there have been so many changes in fashion.

For me, the greatest change that took place in my life, took place in 1974 when I was baptized.  Coming to realize that I am a daughter of God and that my life has a purpose has brought me so much joy and peace.  I AM SO VERY GRATEFUL.

And, obvously, meeting my knight in shining armor has been such a great blessing.  I SO LOVE THIS MAN AND LOVE OUR LIFE TOGETHER.

And becoming a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother has brought me so much joy.  I HAVE A GREAT FAMILY who makes each and every day of my life EVEN BETTER.

Here's to another 30 or 40 years. 


gigi said...

Happy, happy birthday, Yvonne, dear;
Happy days will come to you all year.
If I had one wish, then it would be
A happy, happy birthday to you from me!

I love that you are taking a photography class!! So fun!
Hope your day is just fantastic!!

Deena said...

Happy birthday Yvonne. I really enjoyed this post. I'm grateful to count you as a friend.

Cherie said...

Yvonne ~ Happy Happy Birthday!!

You are still a young chick - 61 is the new 40 ya know and I think it is even younger when you are a runner!!!

I hope you have the most wonderful and Happy Birthday!!!

Sheri said...

Happy Happy Birthday! So glad you were born!! I hope you have a fabulous day, year ,and another 40!! :)

lesa said...

Happy Birthday!

Natalie said...

Happy Happy Birthday Yvonne dear. Hope your day and your whole year are great.

You are awesome and I'm so happy to have you for a friend.

Phaedra said...

My daughter is so NOT loving Jr high. I read your blog, and see your hubby, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren! Your life is so full and good. I just want to rush home and tell my daughter...see, life is SO MUCH MORE GRANDEUR than JR HIGH...so much more is out there and waiting for you! :D Happy Birthday Beautiful Yvonne!

Garden of Egan said...

Happy Birthday! It seems like you did just have a birthday. Years do go that fast don't they.

It does sound like you have a fun and full day planned. Camera class sounds totally awesome.

Have a wonderful day!

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday to the MOST AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, STRONG, FAITHFUL, CHARITABLE, LOVING, SELFLESS mother EVER!!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH and wish I was there to celebrate with you--have fun at lunch and photography class--I am excited to see you in 2ish months:)

Nancy Face said...

Happy, happy birthday! HOORAY!

Nancy Face said...

How amazing to be a great grandma at such a young age! I will turn 50 before my first grandchild is born, so I could very well be 75 before any great grandchildren come along!

ShEiLa said...

Happy Birthday Miss Yvonne!!!!

I am blessed to know you by reading about you through your blog... may you have many more healthy and happy years to come.


Connie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend! Being able to go out to dinner on Saturday with Allan just extends your birthday celebration for the whole week!
Your remembrances are the same as mine. We must be close to the same age! ;)

Valerie said...

I can't think of a better way to spend a birthday than in a photography class! I'm so anxious to hear and see what you're learning!

It's amazing how technology is advancing at such a rapid pace. I tell Inigo frequently that I didn't have a microwave or VCR in my house until I was a teenager (or older) and he just can't grasp that. I wonder what will change for him as he grows?

I'm glad you had a happy birthday!Enjoy your husband and your night out when he comes home!

Lana said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

kierste said...

Happy, happy birthday! I'm so glad our lives/paths crossed--I think it was fate. :) Do you know, I can't even remember how we "met"? I think you're absolutely amazing!

I would love to meet irl--I think we would have TONS to talk about, and become fast friends. ♥

aubrey said...

oh yvonne! happy happy birthday to you! i loved this birthday post. you are such a wonderful example and inspiration to me. love you!