Sunday, January 22, 2012

Grandchildren--Pride & Joy #5, Josh

It has been well over a month since I did my last grandchild pride and joy post???  So much has been going on, but I decided it was time to get back to these.  I still have several grandchildren to go so I thought I better get busy ; )

So now it is time to present Pride & Joy #5--Joshua Allan Lee.  Here he is with Uncle Brent just a little over a month after he was born in November of 1989

We were living in North Carolina when he was born, so we had a chance to visit with his folks on a few occasions while we lived there.  Fun times.  (We have been able to spend more time with some of our children and grandchildren than with others.  I guess that's just a part of life--a tough part.

Josh was about 8 months old when we had a big reunion in Idaho and then one with just our little family where we went to Utah.

He and his brother had lots of pictures taken together throughout the years.  They were just the cutest little boys.

He had the cutest little smile and today he is a very handsome young man ; )

One of my favorite pictures of me with Josh and his big brother, Evan.  This was 1994 when they came to Reno.

A few years later we had another reunion in Utah--this time we went to Park City.

Now before I talk about the little incident at Park City, I need to explain that he is incredibly athletic and coordinated.  He is an amazing basketball player:

He participated in most sports.

The real problem is he is fearless!!!!

In the last Pride & Joy post, when I wrote about our trip to Park City, I said I would tell you about Josh and his "fun" on the Skeleton.  Something I don't like to think about--not a fun memory because I don't like to watch people in pain.  As I said, this boy is fearless and decided to go down the hill without EVER USING THE BREAK and that meant DISASTER.   And the result was UGLY.  He was pretty much covered in little pieces of gravel.  Thank goodness his Uncle Stephen was willing to sit there and pick those pebbles out--for whatever reason Stephen wasn't squeamish ; )  This picture was before and shows mistake #1--A SLEEVELESS SHIRT ; (

This gives you a pretty good idea of what it was like coming down that hill--it's not Josh.

I wasn't going to put an "after" picture, but here it is.  Yes, we can all say OUCH!!!!

This boy is not a member of the Church but has a GREAT testimony of the power of the Priesthood.  His Grandpa gave him a blessing after the accident and he knows how quickly he healed.  When people asked him about the accident he told them, I got a blessing and it "worked"--I healed quickly.

In 2003 we brought all the kids to Winnipeg to celebrate Allan's 60th.  Such a fun time--one day I took the kids to the beach.

In 2006 we took this picture of him with his mom and his brother when we had a mini reunion.

Here is one of his graduation photos--he is such a handsome young man.

The day of his high school graduation.  (And that little Sadie is such a beauty ; )

We had a great trip to Hawaii in 2008 to celebrate Grandma's 90th birthday.

Enjoying the luau:

He is such a fun kid.  This picture makes me laugh.  Yes, we were at a restaurant, but Josh didn't care--notice the look the woman at the other table is giving him ; )

He loves his nephew, Xander.  There are so many pictures of the two of them together, but I love this one of him helping Xander.  This was taken when Allan and I drove down to Indiana for a visit in September.

And, he loves his Papa Allan.

He is currently working for a small packaging company--no not the ones with the Brown trucks--THE OTHER GUYS ; )  I wish I had a chance to see him more often.  He knows how to give GREAT hugs. Sure do love this young man.


Garden of Egan said...

Great pictures! Looks like you are a little bit proud. And you should be.

I hope you had a great birthday week!
Did you blow out 29 candles?

ShEiLa said...

Nice post.

the OUCH photo can make you hurt looking at it.


Heffalump said...

I love reading about your extended family!

aubrey said...

love your family posts! and yowza on the after pic. even in that pic, he looks he was almost proud of the scars he was going to have! boys!

Natalie said...

Oh yes, he is a very handsome young man.

Ouch for his fall. Reminds me so much of one of my boys who fell off a motorcycle and skid quite a distance.