Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Look Back at 2011--REVISED

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.  Looking forward to a wonderful 2012.  So many things to look forward to.

2011 was a pretty good year.

JANUARY--The month began with the arrival of Baby L.

And she just celebrated her 1st birthday yesterday.

Heidi and Daniel came to Winnipeg and we had a reception here.

On my 60th birthday I got on a plane for Texas to meet my newest granddaughter.

FEBRUARY--Baby Blessing Tour begins.  It was so wonderful to see family and to be in California when Georgia was blessed.

So glad to have Neal there for the blessing.

MARCH--The second leg of the Baby Blessing Tour continued with a trip to Texas.  Such a great trip.  So much to see and the culmination of the trip was Baby L's blessing.

APRIL--The announcement of the Winnipeg Temple. So exciting.

MAY--The highlight of Mother's Day was skyping with our Elder.  Such a treat.

JUNE--My very first half-marathon.  All I could think of was--I DID IT!!!!

And then a few days later poor Brent had hernia surgery--glad I was there ; )

JULY--Our first visit to Minot to help with the flooding--overwhelming to see the devastation.  It was so great to be part of the service project.

AUGUST--Going back to Minot to help with the clean-up.

SEPTEMBER--Another marathon, but the best part was getting to see family in Indiana, especially my little great grandson.  By the way, there will be another one coming this year!!!!  So very excited.

OCTOBER--Our fabulous trip to Switzerland.  Such a great trip to visit the sites and see Amanda and Darren.

NOVEMBER--Celebrating American Thanksgiving with Elder Rob's buddies.  I've had some great Thanksgivings, but there was something special about this one with them.

DECEMBER--A couple of things made for a great December:

Our missionary Christmas dinner

Spending time with family in Utah is always a treat.  Allan's two sisters are always so great to open up their home to us.  There was lots going on.  We ate way too much, but it was worth every calorie and every pound ; )  So many fun conversations and great laughs.

Christmas Eve--

And Christmas Day--

Being able to skype with our little Elder

A trip to Temple Square to see the lights.

All in all it was a great year.  Still trying to decide on my word for 2012!!!

Update on Heidi:  She was released from the hospital on Monday and is now home recovering.  It's hard being so far away, but I know she is in good hands.

Update on Our Elder:  In his e-mail on Monday he told us he had jammed his pinky finger playing basketball on New Years Eve.  After review of the x-rays the doctors determined he had a slight fracture.  

REVISED UPDATE ON HEIDI:  Unfortunately, her doctor has readmitted her into the hospital.  I will wait until tomorrow to determine if I will get on a plane and head back to Utah.  Things are not working like they should and we may be looking at an emergency surgery ; (  Grateful for prayer, but sure wish I wasn't so far away.


Heffalump said...

Lovely recap!
I'm glad Heidi is home and recovering. I hope you have a wonderful 2012!

ShEiLa said...

I have been thinking about doing a re-cap... and you did an amazing one. Maybe I can get one done... procrastination station here lately. I have a case of the blah's. Got to drag myself out of it.

I am glad to hear Heidi home... it is hard being far away when your instinct is to be with our children.

Love you Yvonne!


Cherie said...

You had such a wonderful year!!
Your first marathon and trip to Switzerland Awesome!! And so much family time. You do such a great job our having a well rounded life - You are an example to me.

Glad Heidi and the Elder are doing good.