Monday, January 9, 2012


Let me begin by thanking you all for your concern for Heidi.  She is still in the hospital recovering and we are hoping and praying that things will start working soon.

My sister-in-law, Bev, who was with Heidi most of the day on Thursday before Daniel could get to the hospital, took this picture right before Heidi went into surgery.

(Goodness, if you could see pictures of me whenever I have been in the hospital you'd know I NEVER LOOKED THAT GOOD.  (Face it, my hair never looks that good.  Heidi has always been GREAT with her hair--actually, she was forced to learn to do something, after all she had a mother that did a horrible job with her hair when she was young ; )

On Saturday, one of my friends who along with her husband is serving a mission at the Family History Center, went up to the hospital to visit her.  She sent me an e-mail and wrote:

"We were able to see Heidi this evening and were expecting to see her lying there looking pale and ill but instead we walked in and she looked like she was going to a prom!  She was sitting up in bed and had her hair all cute in an updo and earrings and was reading her scriptures!  How is that for a picture."

Thanks, Elder and Sister W., for going up there and visiting her.  Thanks also to my sister-in-law, Bev, who has been right there.  It's wonderful to have family and friends who are willing to be your hands when you can't be there.  

I love this girl so much.  While she has been in the hospital, she has had to embrace several words and phrases:  patience, hopefully, give it time, etc.  I know it has been difficult but she and Daniel have maintained such a positive attitude.  (I am so grateful he is right there with her)

SIDENOTE:  I received a photo CD from Elder Rob.  Love this picture of he and his Zone on P Day when they went to play Laser Tag.  (He's in the back in the yellow shirt ; )

Also, just to assure me that he is getting plenty to eat, he sent this one:


Heffalump said...

A good attitude helps a lot in my opinion! Good for Heidi!
Time is going by fast! Your Little Elder is past the halfway mark now right?

ShEiLa said...

I am so glad that Heidi is being well taken care of... even though you cannot be there. Family and friends scattered all around is a good thing.
That was one comfort I had when Celestial announced that she was moving to Indiana... that my baby sister is just 3 1/2 hours away.

Love the photos of your Elder. *Ü*

Yesterday a young Mother passed away... she grew up in the same town as me... was my sister's age... 45 years young. Her son is on a mission in Puerto Rico. I am glad that he is not alone there. What a tough time for this sweet family.


Cherie said...

I am so happy to hear that Heidi is doing well and that she is being looked after by many loving family and friends - not to mention her sweet husband (You can just see in his face how he adores her!). I never looked that good in a hospital picture either.
Love the picture of the Elders - boys will be boys right? So cute.

Connie said...

She is such a beauty! I was going to email today to check her status. I hope she can leave the hospital soon.

It's good Elder Robb is getting plenty to eat!

Sheri said...

I hope she can leave soon! I think she is very much like you in her attitude!! Elder Rob looks great!! Lov ethe missionary pictures!! God Bless your family.

Valerie said...

You can tell by Heidi's countenance that she is a peaceful person. She radiates something special... even through photographs. I will continue praying for her and your family.

Elder Rob looks good! Still wishing I could help fatten him up! When will he get transferred here?!?!

Heidi said...

Oh mom--you are WAY TOO SWEET as always!!! YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! Thank you to everyone for your prayers and kindness--I have definitely felt it! Thank you mom for always being there for me and reminding me I am never alone--I love you TONS:)

Garden of Egan said...

So glad that Heidi is doing OK. Her attitude will be the best thing she can do to heal.
Family and friends are wonderful and it sounds like yours are the best.

Elder Rob looks like he is surviving in our cold frozen tundra!

Ally said...

Yvonne, I am so sorry to hear that Heidi has been having health issues and is requiring so much surgery. I hope and pray that she will be blessed in all of this to do well through it all, and to heal and recover well afterward. She looks a lot more cheerful than I've ever been a hospital! :-S

Cheers and hugs to all of you.

It's good to see your Elder doing so well, too. ;-)

kierste said...

I'm so glad that Heidi is doing well, and has people there to look after her. I hope everything is okay...

Kim said...

Hi, I came across your blog while perusing my BBFF, Tauna's blog. going down and looking at your stories I looked at Heidi and said "I know her!" I will only give you hints as to how (due to HIPPA) she and her Daniel made my day during the holiday season with the lights that hung at her bedside.

I sure did enjoy getting know her and hear about her brother serving his mission. I too have a son a mission that will be coming home soon 63 days.

Your daughter is beautiful. Tell Heidi and Daniel "hi" from Kim.

Have a great day. :)

Nancy Face said...

Heidi is so darling! I hope she is doing better this week.

Love the pictures of your cute Elder Rob!