Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Update and a Can You Believe This Moment

The Update:  I've said it before and I'll say it again I LOVE BEING A MOM, but sometimes it is so hard.

I have been here in Utah for 3 weeks--Heidi has been in the hospital for all but 3 of those days. I arrived on the evening of the 29th. She went in on the 31st. I took her home on the 13th and she was back in on the 15th.

This last admittance was entirely unrelated to the other surgeries and involved a female problem--that required another surgery, but thankfully didn't require a removal of anything!!! As I was with her the night before her surgery, my heart just broke as she said, "Mom, I just can't do this again." She has tried to maintain such a positive attitude, but there is a point when your body just can't keep doing it. As I was patting her face with cool water, it took everything I had not to sit there and burst into tears. I love this little girl so much and hate watching her in pain--and honestly, of these five surgeries she has had in, this last hospitalization she was in more pain than in any other. I'm hoping she recovers quickly and regains her strength.

I have changed my ticket to go home again and will not be leaving until the end of the month.

Heidi does a great job with her hair--a gift she did not inherit from her mother ; )  On Friday she wanted me to do a french braid.  I haven't done one for years, so thank goodness for a google tutorial--I redid it yesterday and was happy it turned out better than my first attempt.

Now for my Can you Believe This--Heidi loves rice cakes and asked me to get some for her.  You may be wondering what that is she is putting in her mouth--well, that was the extra surprise that was in the bag.

We couldn't believe what she found in the bag.


I have been busy working on a baby blanket--it has been good therapy ; )  It is white with subtle colors.

Sidenote:  I may have been away from my sweetheart for Valentine's Day, but he made sure I knew he was thinking of me.  He knew I would be mad if he ordered flowers from a florist--Valentine's Day is such a rip-off--so he sent Brent to buy me roses.  They were beautiful and very much appreciated.


Natalie said...

Oh Yvonne! Heidi is in my constant prayers. I'm so glad she's doing better and I'm praying for a steady recovery with no more complications. Hope to see you both soon.

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady. I'm sure your hubby misses you and you him, but you are where you need to be.

Can't believe the "surprise" in the rice cakes. I think you should write to the company and see what they have to say about it.

I know this is so tough for you and especially for Heidi. You are amazing in your support and in all you do.


Heffalump said...

At least that bolt or whatever it was in the rice cakes looks fairly clean...
I hope Heidi's health improves and that she feels better soon!

Nancy Face said...

My heart hurts for sweet Heidi, also for you and the pain you're feeling on her behalf. (((((HUGS)))))

I am pretty sure that THING is not made of rice. Just in case you were wondering. ;)

Beautiful blankie and Valentine roses!

Lana said...

those are lovely flowers! I am sorry Heidi is still sick, she is in our prayers too!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Yvonne, you are living proof that children need their mothers even when they are all grown up. I think there's a deep lesson in that about our relationship with God, too.

ShEiLa said...

It is one of the hardest things... seeing your child suffer and staying positive when times get harder and harder. I am glad you are changing your ticket and staying longer.

That is a HUGE bolt... what on earth... the packaging machine falling apart???

Hang in there Miss Heidi... and Miss Yvonne.


Garden of Egan said...

Oh Heidi! She's such a cutie! I hope she gets feeling TONS better. I haven't stopped thinking about her and wondering how you were getting along.
Bless you both. I bet she's so happy she could have her mom.

gigi said...

I am so sorry that your sweet girl is still having so many problems. It is so hard to watch our babies in pain. Hope much better days are ahead for her. All our prayers!

Neal said...

Nice use of Google ; ) To prepare for doing L's hair, you'll need to practice on a tasmanian devil ; )

Connie said...

Breaks my heart to know she has suffered so much.

I'm all thumbs when it comes to doing hair. You did a great job on her French braid.

Weird rice cake! I hope she didn't attempt to eat it!

Your baby blanket is beautiful.

Hope you can get out of that hospital room soon!

Doran & Jody said...

Oh my gosh! What trials!

I'm sure you have been a blessing for being there for Heidi.

So nice of daddy to make sure you knew you are his sweetheart!

Sheri said...

WOW! I have been reading lately about enduring well and let me say you and Heidi have been such a great example of that. Hang in there and know you are loved!

Cherie said...

Seriously?? There was a bolt in the rice cakes? That is freaky.

At some point you will have to tell us what she went through if she'll let you and it is blog appropriate. This has been one heck of a time for such a young girl. So many surgeries. I think she is holding on marvelously - she is strong.

I am glad you can be there.

Betty said...

I haven't been reading blogs for a while. I'm sorry that Heidi had even more problems! But look at that picture! She's still smiling and looks GREAT! However, I'd definitely refrain from eating the long metal thing. Hmmm.... I'm thinking a letter to the Quaker Company might answer a few questions as to what it is... and might snag a few free bags of rice cakes as well.

kierste said...

Gosh, I've been gone for awhile it seems like! Life is crazy sometimes...

Anyway, I can't believe that that bolt was in the rice cakes package! Yikes!

So glad you're there with Heidi, and I'm sure it means the world to her. ♥