Sunday, February 5, 2012

What is Love: Valentine Post #5

If you are ever going to post about love, you have to write about the most important LOVE of all--the LOVE of our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ for each of us.

I am so grateful that I have a testimony that their love is real.  I am so grateful that I can feel it.

With that being said, let me post here the words to one of my favorites Primary songs:

I feel my Savior's love,
In all the world around me,
His Spirit warms my soul,
Through everything I see.

He knows I will follow Him,
Give all my life to Him.
I feel my Savior's love,
The love He freely gives me.

What a blessing it is to feel that love--I know how very blessed I am to know that I am a daughter of God.


Heffalump said...

It makes me sad that there are a lot of people in the world who really are unaware of their Savior's love. I don't think I could make it without that knowledge.

Sheri said...

I too am so thankful for the times that I feel my Saviors love! WE are blessed to have this knowledge!

gigi said...

I feel my Savior's love every day and I too am oh so grateful!

I think we could live a great life with the songs from Primary as a guide :)

Garden of Egan said...

So perfect and well said.
Thank you for sharing that.

Connie said...

The love of all loves. What a blessing to feel that love.