Monday, February 6, 2012

What Is Love: Valentine Post #6

For this post,  I've decided I will write about a young couple who have been such a great example of LOVE.

As you know, I am in Utah because Heidi has just had another surgery.  Having three surgeries in 33 days has been hard on her body.  Her recovery has not been as easy as the other surgeries.  Again, I am so grateful I have been here to support her and Daniel at this time.

I have been privileged to watch the love that has been shown to her by her sweet husband.   It was a big part of why I didn't need to be there when she had her second surgery on January 5th.  I knew he was there to take care of her.  But because he is a student, I felt I wanted to be here to alleviate some of the pressure off of him so he could study.  And, of course, as my sweet little granddaughter, Amanda, said, "even though husbands are great, some times we just need our mom's" ; )  You are so right, Amanda.

The surgery that Heidi has had involves a lot of changes in their lives.  Their positive attitude has continued, and I am amazed at how well they have dealt with it all.  When I first wrote about Heidi's surgery I said that this was multi-stage surgery--so there will still be two more scheduled surgeries involved, but not for several months.  Her body needs a chance to rest.

This little couple began dating in April 2008.  I could tell immediately that Heidi was head over heels in love.

In October, Daniel became Elder F. and left for a two year mission to the Georgia Macon Mission.  And Heidi waited, and thought those two years were going to take forever ; )  He was released and he proposed:

They wasted no time and were married six weeks later:

It was a wonderful day, and it didn't take long before we knew she definitely married into the right family ; )  They are crazy JUST LIKE US.

And, of course, I have to include a couple of beautiful photos taken by Macy.

And we know that although they have this challenge, their love for one another and, of course, their faith, will help them get through this and the will certainly--LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!

I hope by this afternoon, her doctor will have given her the okay to leave the hospital, and I will have taken her back home to their apartment.


Sharon said...

Love your posts Yvonne! I hope you can bring Heidi back home today! You always feel better at home!!!! :) Love ya!

Nancy Face said...

This is so, so sweet. ♥

Valerie said...

I'm so sorry that things are tough for you all right now. I'd bring dinner if I was down there...

I agree with Amanda. She nailed the mommy comment right on the head. And Heidi is very lucky to have you as her mommy.

Hang in there!! You are in my prayers!

Connie said...

Beautiful pictures. I hope things start looking up for Heidi. Will continue to pray for her.

Heffalump said...

They are such a sweet looking couple. You can tell that they really love each other.

Catherine said...

What a great love story! Thanks for sharing.

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ShEiLa said...

What a sweet couple... so in love.

I hope our Father in Heaven continues to bless them both... trials like this can be so tough. But their love will keep them strong... and their faith will get them through.