Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring

Happy Spring, everyone.

We have lived here in Winnipeg, aka Winterpeg or Windypeg, for 16 years.  We have gotten used to the routine--snow comes around Halloween and is on the ground until the 3rd week of April.  In fact, they usually take out the snow by truckloads so it doesn't pile up.

In that 16 years we have NEVER had a March 19th like yesterday--high was 75 degrees!!!!!  Highly unusual.  We even had thunder and lightning and rain last night.  CRAZY.

Just to give you an idea here are a couple of March days in the past few years:

This is Elder Rob at Fort White on March 22, 2003,

Here we have one of the YSA's "drilling" a whole for ice fishing March 12, 2004

And the yard March 3, 2007--look at that trampoline ; )

And the house (when we had a basketball standard) March 24, 2008:

Doesn't show much as far as figuring out how much snow, but believe me there was a fair amount--March 26, 20009

And here's what it looks like today:

The biggest drawback is that the mosquitoes will be out in full force.  But then maybe they'll all hatch and then DIED WHEN IT IS FREEZING AGAIN ; )  (Hey, I can hope, can't I????)

Yes, I do know that even though today is the first day of Spring, it is still VERY POSSIBLE that we'll get snow.  Take a look at this--April 1, 2009

I have decided I'm just going to enjoy the beautiful weather, but I won't pack up the heavy jacket, scarf, gloves and toque.  I'LL BE READY!!!!

Sidenote #1:  For those who have asked about Heidi--she is doing great.  She is back to teaching and the kids are so happy to have her back.  Look at the socks she wore for St. Patrick's Day ; )

Sidenote #2:  I love my March Madness, but last weekend almost did me in.  I still have my final team--Michigan State and their opponent in the final game is Ohio State ; )  In fact, I still have all of my final four teams.  We'll see how I'm doing after this week.


Heffalump said...

Michigan St. is my final team too! I already lost at least one of my final four though.

ShEiLa said...

I love Heidi's socks... and the weather is not typical and very odd indeed.


ShEiLa said...

ps. I went for a consult with a surgeon yesterday... she is from Michigan and under her fancy sweater she was wearing a FINAL FOUR 2010 t-shirt... she is routing for Michigan to go all the way!!! She was so cool!

Cherie said...

I say enjoy the weather while you can. It has been kind of different (warmer) here also. Although we did get snow today on the first day of Spring but it is supposed to be 67 tomorrow???Go figure!

SOO SOOO glad to hear that Heidi is well and teaching again - Wonderful news and the socks are so cute!

I am behind on everyone's blogs so I am going to catch up on the rest of your posts now!

Natalie said...

Sooooo glad Heidi is doing better. Love the fun socks. I was just thinking about her today as I drove past her little area.

Enjoy the weather while you can.

Lana said...

Cute socks!

gigi said...

Such good news about Heidi. :)

We have really had a crazy winter here if you can even call it that? I think we have only had 5 nights of below freezing all season. And I can't even open the door to the back yard with out the mosquitoes are swarming in! They are worse than I have ever seen. With it being so warm already this spring I am dreading the summer high temps. Yes, enjoy it while it lasts.

Melissa said...

Love the socks and so glad to hear she's doing well!!

I don't know if I could move back to snow... I've become a desert rat!

I still have 3 out of my final 4 teams... we'll see how long that lasts :)

Garden of Egan said...

Heidi's socks RocK!
So glad she is doing better.

The winter pictures make me freeze.
I'm enjoying some warmth here. It's been a strange Spring but I am not complaining.

Valerie said...

Happy, happy spring! I hope it's here to stay, but like you, don't have grand hopes that it will.

I'm so glad Heidi is feeling better!