Sunday, March 11, 2012

Getting Back Into the Groove

Even though my leg isn't completely healed, I know I need to slowly get back into a running routine because I am going to attempt to do something this fall that I haven't done before and have to start training NOW.  So I finally got back out there.  It was almost like starting from scratch

It sure felt good.  I am trying to get my training program all lined up--and I think I will take another class.  It is funny, there are a couple of things I forgot about running in the cold--obviously I need to make sure I dress for the cold, but there is one thing I should never forger--DON'T HEAD OUT THE DOOR WITHOUT KLEENEX!!!!  It really was a beautiful day.  I'm so looking forward to next week when the temps are even going to be BETTER.

Some Updates:

My 30-day challenge:  I have learned a lot of things about Indexing.  First of all, I guess people that recorded information didn't really think that one day people would be trying to decipher their handwriting--SERIOUSLY, people ; )

My genealogy is getting more and more frustrating.  I get so excited when I think I find someone and then so disappointed when it doesn't pan out.  I would love to tell you that these lines are back into the 1400's or 1500's, but nope I'm talking about the late 1800's and even early 1900's.  It doesn't help when your maiden name is JONES!!!!

Photography Class:

I am re-taking my Photo 1 Class, since I missed half the classes.  I have been very grateful for my DIL Macy's help.  She is such a great resource and has been so kind to offer me tips.  I just wish I could grab my camera and run to her house and have her show me things.  She knows pretty much everything about photography and is more than happy to answer my questions.  The big problem, sometimes I don't understand what she is trying to tell me.  But at least she is just an e-mail away.  

Elder Rob:

They just had transfers and he is training a brand new missionary.  Do you realize he will have just one more transfer, and then Allan and I will be heading to Idaho to pick him up.  CRAZY.  I laughed when I wrote about his release on a FB page with his buddies and one of them wrote: "Time moves so slowly" and another said, "I'm so excited, but it's so far away".  They must think I haven't missed him at all because I wrote:  "It will be here before we know it."

They loved it when I posted this picture--of them joking around. 

March Madness:

I will miss our Elder this week as I watch basketball--IT'S TOURNAMENT TIME!!!  Have I mentioned that I love College Basketball???  This picture was taken 5 years ago when Florida was in the final game.  By the way can you tell they are the "Florida Gators"???

Now that the selections have been announced, I have to get busy and make my pics.  I rarely pic a number one team to win it all (that isn't any fun)--and really I have a feeling this year will not be any different, but we'll see. 


ShEiLa said...

Either I missed it... or forgot it... but what happened to your leg. More than likely it's my memory and maybe brain fog. If anyone can do it... YOU can!!!!

Glad Heidi is doing well enough to get back to work.

Looking forward to March Madness too!I don't know that I am as hooked as you... but it's always fun.


Nancy Face said...

You look super cute in that picture, running in the snow! I'm pretty sure I will never do that, ha!

What a fun post! :)

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness you are awesome. Running in the snow can't be easy. Actually any running can't be easy.

Your picture is so good. You look great.

Love, love, love the picture of Elder Rob.

gigi said...

Soundds like a good plan you have laid out. Good luck and glad you are back :)

Heffalump said...

Elder Rob's friend saying that time moves slowly is an indicator that he is young! The older I get, the fast the time seems to move!

Garden of Egan said...

Good for you for getting into the groove of everything!
Photography, indexing, exercising???

So glad Heidi is doing better. Looks like Elder Rob is having a good time.
I can't believe it's been that long!

kierste said...

I've been thinking of you...MARCH MADNESS!!!!

There is one #1 that should be picked to win...Go Michigan State!

What happened to your leg? I missed it. I LOVE winter running--so much better than running in the heat.

Connie said...

Love your running picture! So...what are you doing in the fall? Did I miss that announcement?
I'm doing indexing too! I know what you mean about the handwriting. There are some that do a nice job filling out the death/birth certificates and others that are TERRIBLE! I wonder what the arbitrators are thinking of my interpretation some of those names, especially the ones from Mexico!
So glad Heidi is doing better. I understand she'll have a new principal next year. Always changes!

Heidi said...

WAY TO GO MOM!!! You are amazing!!! I admire you (for MANY reasons!!) for going out in that crazy cold!!! I LOVE YOU:)

Cherie said...

I love that picture of the boys - It is hilarious!
I cannot believe your Elder is almost done. It seems like he just went out.

Valerie said...

One of the things that I love about you is your willingness to take classes. I love that you're taking a photography class. I'm anxious to see what you've been learning!
I also love your running classes. You have some really great opportunities for learning there!

Elder Rob... two years and I haven't seen him or baked him one cookie... I feel so sad! But I LOVE that you will be bringing him home! June will be the best month EVER!