Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Grandchildren--Pride & Joy #6, Kiah

Time to get back to these posts--let me introduce you to my beautiful granddaughter, Kiah.  Such an unusual name, but it totally fits her.   I love this little girl so much--she means the world to me.  I have so many great memories of her.  I remember being in the hospital (pregnant and suffering from severe dehydration with Kyle when I got the phone call that this new little granddaughter was born)
A few months later, I flew out to California to meet her.  As you can she, she was happy to spend time with me--SHE REALLY WAS!!!!

Probably the reason we get along so well--SHE LOVES CHOCOLATE--just like someone else I KNOW.

She loves sports--of course, she comes from a family of sports enthusiasts.

She began cheerleading as a little girl, and continued all through high school.  She also competed with her little sister, Hannah.

I love that she competed in the powder puff football game--something her grandma did her Senior year, too.

I loved when we competed in a 5K together.

What can I tell you about some of my favorite memories of this little girl:
  • The one we will always laugh about happened when she was in Kindergarten--Allan was picking her up.  She didn't want to leave school so Grandpa basically had to pry her fingers off the fence.  She was not happy so when he put her in the car and he walked around to the driver's side, she decided to push the automatic lock and lock him out of the car.  HE WAS NOT HAPPY.
  • She has a LOT OF HAIR and when she was little combing her hair was tough--tangled, tangled, tangled.
  • Waking her up in the morning was so very hard--grumpy comes to mind ; )  As she got older, somehow she outgrow that--I was amazed at how early she would get herself up each morning to get ready for Seminary--it took a long time to comb through that hair ; )
Her baptism.

I loved her Senior picture

I was so happy to be there for her high school graduation

So glad we got a picture of their whole family with Grandma Rob when we were all there for her 90th birthday.

She loves her brothers and sisters--Her first Halloween with her brother, J.

This is when little Miss Hannah was born

And with Mr. Drew.

And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE when she writes about Miss Georgia on FB and refers to her as her little "Peach"--I guess the whole Georgia Peach thing ; )

This is Miss Kiah with her brother, B--for some reason I don't have one of her with him as a baby.

It's going to be so fun in June when Elder Rob is home and these two can be together again--it's been a long time.

I am so happy she is my granddaughter.  She is incredibly bright and very talented.  She has a strong testimony and made a decision a long time ago that she would be married in the temple.  I am so proud of her and her strong conviction.  In fact here she is with her little "Peach" at the Sacramento Temple.  I know she will be a great example for her brothers and sisters.

SIDENOTE:  Heidi is doing well and should be returning to teaching tomorrow.   


Lana said...

wow! i can't believe Heidi is going back tomorrow, that is so fast. i am glad she is feeling better though! hopefully no more problems for her!

Natalie said...

You have a beautiful granddaughter.

So glad Heidi is doing well.

Garden of Egan said...

She is beautiful!
Such a great post about her.

SO glad Heidi is doing better. She's sure been through so much.

Heffalump said...

Great pics! I can sympathize with the tangled hair.
Glad Heidi is doing better!

Valerie said...

She is beautiful! What a nice post!

I can't believe Elder Rob only has a little more than 3 months left! What?!?