Thursday, March 29, 2012

Photo Class

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I had another Photo Class last Monday night.  It was great fun.  I love that it is a small class--only 7 of us in the class and sometimes only 6.

A couple of the BIG things I am learning:
  • You really should read your manual--I was actually pretty happy I could find mine ; )  I have had my camera since June 2010 and had never read my manual.  I did actually look at it, but I never read through it.
  • It is so important to practice. 
  • Check what is in the frame--look it over.
  • Take a whole lot of pictures--you can't just take one and hope that one is good enough.  I do know that I just have to learn to trash the ones that don't work instead of saving them on my computer.  What in the world am I saving them for???

And on a little sidenote, I really don't like when I have to travel to the class through the crazy Jets fans heading to the game ; )  Actually, it hasn't been as bad as I would have thought.
    We have had interesting homework assignments.  The second week we were to take a picture depicting "loneliness"--that was tough.  I had a few ideas.  Allan was out of town and so I decided to take one of me sitting at the big dining room table ALL ALONE.

    Here are a few shots I've taken over the past few weeks:

    Class #1:  It's always hard for me to take pictures into class and have people critique them.  I'm not very confident, but I just make sure I put my "thick skin on that night" and try to remember that it is all about LEARNING!!!  I was happy with this one.  We were to set our camera in Program mode and focus on our grip and make the intent of our photo clear.  It was to be a picture of a tree.  (Do you think it was CLEAR ENOUGH???)

    Class #2 we talked about aperture, ISO and shutter speed and MAKING OUR METER HAPPY.  We also talked about composition and avoid collisions and the rule of thirds.  (I still struggle with both of those)nnThis was also the class where we were to take a picture depicting loneliness and one of the horizon emphasizing the sky or the ground.

    Class #3 was about shutter priority.  I was pretty excited about  this picture.  I took my tripod and went over to this little mill and captured this one.   When I saw it, I thought--IT WORKED

    In that same class, I went to the dog park.  I just thought this was the cutest little doggie.  It almost (and I mean ALMOST) made me want a dog.  (I think puppies are cute, but as much traveling as we do, can you imagine if we had to find a dog sitter every time we went out of town???)

    We also were to take a picture using motion blur, and we would get "bonus points" if we could combine a motion blur with natural framing.  How do you think I did???

    Class #4 this past Monday was learning about aperture priority.  The couple of days the weather was cloudy and, in fact, we had flurries, so I decided to go to the Conservatory and take some pictures of flowers.  I was quite happy with this one.

    I smiled when I saw this.  Doesn't it look like it should be a mailbox outside of a little hut in the middle of Fiji ; )

    I am definitely having  a good time in my class and look forward to learning lots more.

    SIDENOTE:  Do you realize we will be picking up Elder Rob two months from tomorrow ; )


    ShEiLa said...

    You are doing so very well with the photography thing... kudos to you Miss Yvonne.


    Janice said...

    fun! I think it would be fun to take a photography class, but I only have a point and shoot that fits in my purse:)

    Brent said...

    Those Photos look great!

    Heffalump said...

    Beautiful pics!

    kierste said...

    I love all of you pictures, well done! I'm so excited for you, and definitely a little jealous too. :) I am waiting for my new camera (Hopefully to come in the next couple of months) and then I'll be learning too! yay!

    Valerie said...

    I like what your techer is teaching you! My class was online and a beginning class as well. One of the classes was taking a picture of a drop of water. It's a cool skill to know, but I wonder if a beginner is ready for that. I would have preferred more work on lighting. Oh well....

    I LOVE LOVE the pics from the conservatory! You captured the detail beautifully! Keep up the great work!

    Melissa said...

    Awesome!! I would love to take a photography class! But my owners manual is long gone. We bought this camera 2 or 3 moves ago! I have no idea where that thing is!! Your pictures are awesome! Love the one you took by the mill...

    Neal said...

    Love the class #3 shot - way to go!