Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Great Weekend

Allan and I had a fantastic weekend.  Allan had meetings in Regina so we flew there Saturday morning.  When we arrived the weather was beautiful.  There is something amazing about the clouds you get on the prairies.

We went to the temple Saturday afternoon, than enjoyed a wonderful lunch with a great group of people.  In fact we were with them all weekend.  Whenever I am with this group I learn so much.

On Sunday while Allan had his training meetings, I went to regular church meetings with the ladies.  The topic for the talks at Sacrament Meeting was worship.  The speakers were great, but I want to tell you about one of the talks.  It was given by a member of the Temple Presidency.  I just want to tell you about one of the things he said in his talk that really hit me.  He talked about the commandments.  He said that all the commandments have to do with relationships:  Relationships with God, with others and with ourselves.  He then asked a funny question:  How many of the commandments are about how others treat you?  And, many of us laughed--OBVIOUSLY NOT ONE!!!  They are all about how we treat others.  That is our test.  The Lord wants us to give our gift of love to everyone.

His talk just wanted me to learn to love others more.  It is very easy for me to love people I like, but I need to learn to love everyone.  One of my DIL's told me that I have expectations.  (I know she was trying to be helpful, but it hurt, and I'm trying to let that go)  It was probably something I needed to hear.  I know it is a challenge for me (and for them).  I'm working on it--I am striving to be a better person and let people be themselves and love them no matter what they do in relationship to WHAT I THINK THEY SHOULD DO ; )

We sometimes think when we go to Church we hear the same thing over and over again, but if we really listen we will hear just what we need to hear.  I know I did.

BTW, I mentioned the beautiful weather on Saturday--Sunday, not so beautiful.  This is what they had to do to our plane before take-off.  (We were sitting quite forward of the wing, and this is the best I could do from that little window)   It wasn't all that cold, but the pilot still wanted to do it.  (I'm happy when they do anything to make the flight safe ; )  The thing that surprised me was I didn't know the de-icing stuff was orange--it's usually too cold to see it)

Sidenote:  Regarding Elder Rob's birthday:  Many months ago I had the mother of a missionary send me an e-mail asking if I would order a pizza for her son who was serving here.  (We ended up talking on the phone and she explained that she had called around and no one would take her credit card)  I ordered the pizza for her.  So I decided I wanted to order a pizza for Elder Rob.  After several phone calls, I found a place that would deliver.  The only problem they closed at 9:00 pm.  Friday night about 8:45 Idaho time, I get a phone call from this sweet delivery girl who said the apartment was dark and she asked if I knew what time they would be in.  I told her I did not.  She said she would wait around until 9:00 and if they didn't get there, what did I want her to do.  I asked her if anyone else was home at one of the other apartments.  She said they were all dark. I told her to just leave it at the front door--if he got it great, if not, oh well ; )  A couple of minutes until 9 she calls me back and said they got there and she gave it to him.  I thought it was so sweet of her to go to so much trouble.

In his e-mail Monday he said they really enjoyed the pizza ; )

As well, I received a note on FB on Monday from one of the young girls in an outlying branch in our Stake.  She said she and her sister walked into her sister's YSA Ward in Blackfoot and there was Elder Rob.  They were able to wish him a happy belated birthday.  (He thought it was so cool that he got to see them)

Friday, April 13, 2012


I am feeling a little nostalgic today.  It is my little Elder's 21st birthday.  I was hoping for a photo CD in the mail so I'd have some new pics to put here, but nothing.  Here's a picture from October.

Before I put pictures from his growing up years, let me share a favorite story:

The day he broke his leg.  A couple of great stories from this.  First, when the school called, the secretary said, "Mrs. Rob...this is C-wood Jr. High, the ambulance is on it's way.  We think Kyle has broken his leg."  When I got to the school I suggested in the future it might be better to reverse what they told me.  Second:  When we got to the hospital and Allan got there they had given Kyle a whole lot of morphine to deal with the pain (his bone was just about pushing through the skin).  Kyle was pretty much out of it.  Well, we waited for quite a while and Allan said something to the effect that they take those with injuries that are "life threatening" first.  Kyle immediately sat up and said, "LIFE THREATENING"????  And then immediately laid back down ; )

And then there are a few favorite Kyle words:  When he was little he couldn't say "actually" but would say actchickly--and even today we all say it that way whenever we use the word.  And the other word was electrocuted--he would say electroluted.  (Now, this is not a word we use all the time, but there is a booster station near our house and for some reason he would say, "That's where people go to get electroluted" ; )  And lastly, when we would come across the phrase "exceedingly sore" in the scriptures he loved it.  (I couldn't help thinking of him when Elder Cook gave his Conference Address about children reading the scriptures)

And, of course, who could forget his love for ssssssscccccccccchhhhhhhnakes!!!!

I guess he still loves them:

Now for more pics:

The day he was born.

Christmas long ago

An all-time favorite.  
Such a handsome little guy.

With his Tank at a piano recital 

First day of school

His baptism:

He was excited when Brent got his mission call to Arizona.  He was 13--the next 6 years sure flew by.

So glad to have the braces off

Sibling trip to Disneyland:

Lots of sports shots:

With Jaws in Hawaii ; )
His Senior Picture:
With his buddies at Grad:

I guess we'll have to put the trampoline back up when he gets home ; )

"Dancing" with Heidi at Amanda and Darren's wedding:

In the dorms at BYU

One of my favorite shots of Allan and the three youngest when we left him at BYU:

Loved running my 10k with him.  

Before taking him to the MTC, we stopped at the Mission Office. 

At the MTC with his proud Mom and Dad

I really need a good caption for this for when I put his mission book together ; )

It's still so hard for me to believe he'll be home in about 6 weeks.  It is going to be GREAT to see him again.  Sure love that boy.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Memories of Easter's Past

It's Easter and there haven't been any egg huts or Easter baskets--well, except the one I carried to Church with the treats for my Sunday School class.  I also had little plastic eggs filled with treats for those who answered my General Conference trivia questions correctly.

I'm so grateful for pictures that help me remember the fun times that we have enjoyed throughout the years.  Poor older kids, I don't have many pictures of them when they were younger ; (  So these start with 1984 and Heidi's first Easter--Gee, I wonder who REALLY ate that sucker.

A couple from 1986.  First I made them start early looking for their baskets ; )

And that backyard had lots of great hiding places.  Stephen helping Heidi.

I had to put this one on our family website--Easter 1987.

I really think Chris liked the chocolate--really he did.

Heidi dying eggs 1988--look at that smile ; )

So fun to celebrate with Neal and the kids--Easter 1994.  I really don't know why Heidi and Chris were so unhappy ; )  We left right after Easter to head out on a Spring break trip.

Dying eggs together 1996--our first Easter in Winnipeg.  I think we had to hide our eggs in the house--no way we could go outside to hunt for eggs.

Easter 1998--So fun--at least I thought it was fun ; )

Easter 1999--We all got together in Reno to spend Spring Break together.   Amanda, Kiah, and Josh. 

Easter 2003--some of their eggs were very creative.

Easter 2004.  

Easter 2005--it must have been tough dying them all by yourself ; )

He was always such a good sport about looking for his basket.  I had some pretty good hiding places.

In fact, speaking of good hiding places.  Don't worry, it was all cleaned out.  I would (I mean the Easter Bunny) would never give him something dirty ; )

And look at this little family--Easter 2007.  Drew, I'd cry, too, if I had to sit with THAT bunny!!!

This was Easter 2010.  Easter was General Conference Weekend and the Easter Bunny AKA Allan filled baskets for them.  What a guy.  And boy does that little Elder need a haircut OR WHAT!!!!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter--we certainly did.  

Sidenote:  I'm only eight days into my self-imposed one treat a day 30 day challenge and I'M SCREAMING FOR CANDY!!!